Cookies Policy, This report on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Tourism Industry was written and submitted by your fellow student. In the past, it was very difficult and costly to travel because of the numerous tedious paper work processes that people went through. Hospitality and tourism industry is one of the best performing industry, both at regional/domestic and international level. Pro: The Ability to Enable Travelers to Research Travel Options with a Chatbot. Therefore, technology has taken this a notch higher, as everything is done at the comfort of the houses (Dis 2010, p. 9). Germany-based Model One has been using a robot named Sepp to answer practical questions and providing helpful information for guests. Hospitality industry and tourism have used this opportunity to share ideas on various businesses. Wonderful experience to start up with The Oberoi Grand....Thank you BNG, Best platform to start your career as a hotelier...Got an opportunity to build my career and work with Hyatt. Check them out. Sepp Greeting Guests at Motel One. Technology is paramount in the success of Hospitality and tourism industry regardless of having some flaws as evide… However, the coming of information technology has eased the transaction of business besides boosting the customer base. In case it can’t provide an appropriate answer, it redirects the user to a human customer service team member. 2) There are many different uses for computers in hotels. Second in the restaurant, lounge, or bar is a new computer entirely called a Point of Sale System (POS). There’s even a term for that, “AI Stupidity,” and people use it to describe the inability of the technology to make reasonable decisions based on the available data. All of this is possible thanks to the intelligent analysis of thousands of properties and customer preferences based on geography, booking history, site interactions, and other factors impacting the choice of a hotel. "Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Tourism Industry." They therefore use internet to book, check and compare prices, and schedule their travelling to various tourist destinations. Some people may gain entrance to a system hosted on the internet to gain access to any information that may be confidential. People will get information about the tourist destinations and some of the hospitality services provided through such media. The most famous being Opera or Sabre. While this con can be overcome with time as the technology develops, it’s clear that at this point AI can’t be trusted with making important decisions. 19 no. In fact, the use cases of AI in the industry is quite impressive, and the technology seems to be well-positioned to enable people to enjoy their stay. People across the globe are able to access information on their phones even to the extent of communicating with one another. It is not surprising that this industry is ranked among the best performing industry around the world. Therefore, they contribute a lot to the industry. Dis, T. 2010, ‘Information and Communication Technologies in the Hospitality Industry’, Hosteur, vol. The hotel’s staff also has access to its question log to be able to make quick improvements. 22 March. This becomes difficult for potential customers to locate them and even to have confidence in them to the extent of using them. Technology has transformed the lives of many people based on the way it has changed their way of doing things. This shows how technology has transformed the industry. They therefore pay the host country foreign exchange for them to be hosted or to travel across the country visiting any area of attraction like game reserves and game parks. It has turned it into a global village. People can interact in different locations in real time. This allowed fast transfer of information that helped to boost the industry in terms of the number of bookings. Sign up today for industry news delivered to your inbox. Computers have revolutionized the food and beverage industry as they have nearly every other industry. These PMS are used by the each departments from beginning till end of a guest cycle. The capability that has come with technology has been manifested in major sectors of economies. Usages of computer in Hospitality industry. (2020, March 22). Many tourist websites are available on the internet. While it sounds like something that movie directors should consider for their next project, having such an establishment is really much closer than you think. If you are the copyright owner of this paper and no longer wish to have your work published on IvyPanda. It has also helped to bring together people separated by geographical locations, as well as those from different cultures. AI Applications in the Hospitality Industry: Pros Try to imagine an AI-enabled hotel where technology is responsible for everything. Clayton and Criscuolo (2002) argue that technology through the internet has brought about various changes on how people carry out their businesses. Very helpful and well-written article. 57-59. A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information or data. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. World Travel and Tourism Council 2004, Progress and priorities 2004/2005, World Travel and Tourism Council. A friend who. I can see myself being transformed into a hard working and smart hotelier. If these requirements are met, it’s safe to assume that AI will soon begin changing the way the hotels are run. In the past, inter organisational system, which connected organizations, was the most popular form of IT. Humans and AI: How to Improve Guest Services in a New Collaborative Way, The Rise of AI in the Construction Industry. Europe and the U.S. are not the only destinations where AI-enabled robots are starting to make a difference. 2, pp. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. This proliferation is a sign that there is lack of organisation in the market that is already saturated. Many hotels also provide extensive information technology services for their guests. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. Alexis, P. & Buhalis, D. 2007, ‘Exploring the information and communication technologies revolution and visioning the future of tourism, travel and hospitality industries, 6th e-tourism futures forum: ICT revolutionising tourism 26–27 March 2007, Guildford’, International Journal of Tourism Research, vol. While it sounds like something that movie directors should consider for their next project, having such an establishment is really much closer than you think. 2010, ‘The Impact of Virtual Worlds on Word-of-Mouth: improving Social Networking and Services cape in the Hospitality Industry’, Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, vol. Since this industry depends on information, this technology has added a boast because people are able to access information about the locations that they can visit, spent their leisure time, and holidays relaxing. Therefore, in conclusion, technology has contributed greatly to the success of the hospitality and tourism industry across the globe. According to Cristiana (2008), many people in the USA use the internet to book for their trips to various destinations (p. 344). Try to imagine an AI-enabled hotel where technology is responsible for everything. ",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 32 Dr Lal Mohan Bhattacharya Road, Moulali, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014 India. The benefits of IT are manifested almost in every aspect of out lives. According to Jungsun and Hardin (2010), virtual world presents challenges of maintenance and follow up (p. 735). IvyPanda. Retrieved from Your email address will not be published. This means that hotels may face some troubles with getting more customers to use their AI-based tools. The advancement of technology has seen the emergence of internet and the World Wide Web, which have transformed the way people interact and or do their businesses (Cristiana 2008, p. 345). By utilizing AI, the tool brings insights from users’ interactions together and determines the ways to optimize their experience by finding the best hotel or experience.