I assumed that since I had purchased a fishing license on the first of April on my computer for a few years now, it would be a piece of cake. This can take up to 60 seconds. Hunters who are 11 years old may apply in the draws for licences if they meet the above criteria, but they must be 12 years old anytime before or during the open season for that draw. See 2020 Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations for dates and restrictions. Store all your AlbertaRELM hunting and fishing licences here for convenient licence management.Features:● Manage and carry all your hunting and fishing licences on your mobile device● Present your licence details to law enforcement for verification in the field● Plus, more new features are on the way! Licence Issuers I’ve owned 45 annual fishing licenses in the province of Alberta and from that information you can accurately guess how old I am. Draws for Special Licences The contents of this website are provided free-of-charge to all hunters in Alberta. You must have the WiN(s) of the non-resident(s) at the time of purchase. A Resident Adult may obtain only one of the first two licences. Download the AlbertaRelm APP and easily store your licences and WiN card electronically. Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit, may contract the holder of a valid Big Game Outfitter Permit, be guided by a Big Game Designated Guide, and hunt under the authority of a licence allocated to an outfitter (for information on outfitters, contact the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society at. Copyright 2020 AppAdvice LLC. Hunters wishing to hunt with a bow and arrow (but not a cross-bow) must also purchase a Bowhunting Permit. To Designate a Partner – The Partner Licence is available online at albertarelm.com or at any licence issuer. (Click here to view Definitions) Draw Application Deadline Dates - Hunters interested in special licence hunts for fall 2020 must have applied by June 18. Results for antelope and goat draws are available August 7. Trophy Sheep, Cougar and Trophy Antelope Special Licences are available to Non-resident Aliens only through an outfitter. This course must be taken after the beginning of the suspension period. A Non-resident may obtain only one of these two licences. The following Partner Licences are available: Blindman Brewing Five of Diamonds Pilsner, RICK'S RETROSPECT: THE NEW ALBERTA RELM WEBSITE. SUNRISE/SUNSET TABLE  |  FURTHER INQUIRIES  |  REPORT A POACHER, Aspira manages the sale of all recreational hunting and fishing licences in Alberta. A Non-resident Alien must not hunt bighorn sheep, cougar or trophy antelope while accompanied by a Hunter Host. Refer to the 2020 Alberta Hunting Draws Booklet for more information on draws. This licence is only valid in the following WMUs where 2 black bear licences may be used: 224, 250, 258, 260, 320-360, 429, 445, 500-544 and 841. Hunters must possess a valid Wildlife Certificate and the applicable hunting licence to hunt big game or game birds. These licences are only vaild during the seasons that do not require one of the special licences obtained through a draw. big game, wolf and coyote must be accompanied by a licensed guide or a Hunter Host. Please refer to the sections that deal with Non-resident (Canadian) Licence Availability (page 22) and Outfitting and Guiding Requirements (page 18). Non-residents who hunt with a Hunter Host may obtain White-tailed Deer, Antlered Mule Deer, Antlered Moose, Antlered Elk, Black Bear, Supplemental Black Bear, Cougar, and Wolf/Coyote Licences (see table below) from private licence issuers or online at albertarelm.ca. For Online Purchases: If you don’t have a WIN, you can apply for a Wildlife Identification Number online (or renew a 1. A resident who wishes to be a Hunter Host may purchase a Hunter Host Licence online at albertarelm.com or at any licence issuer. Please remember that the onus remains on the hunter to be able to produce their licence, whether electronic or paper, and associated paper tags when requested by an officer during field compliance checks. A Non-resident Alien who killed a sheep in 2019 may not purchase a Trophy Sheep Special Licence in 2020. AlbertaRELM is the official hunting and fishing licence management App for the Government of Alberta. To qualify for a Partner Licence in a particular WMU, the non-resident (Canadian) must have been eligible to apply for the Special Licence in that WMU. Non-resident and non-resident alien hunters (12 years of age or older) are exempt from the first-time hunter eligibility requirement if they are accompanied by a Hunter Host or a Designated Guide while hunting in Alberta. Non-resident Aliens contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter must obtain Special Licences by using an allocation, available from their outfitter. Non-residents must purchase this licence through an outfitter. Both tags are valid for tagging a deer(s) hunted in any of the following WMUs: 350, 353, 355, 440-446, 511, 512, 515-520, 524, 525, 528-531, 534, 536, 539-542 and 544. Licensing requirements for first-time hunters These licences are available through the draw system or through an outfitter. See Outfitting and Guiding Requirements for a summary of the circumstances under which these licences may be used and the limitations that apply. The intended partner must provide the licence issuer with the number of the Special Licence held by the primary hunter along with his or her own WiN. To purchase an online licence you will need a valid credit card, an email address, access to a computer with an internet connection and a printer to print your licences. (NOTE: Merriam’s Turkey Special Licences are available only through a draw. must accompany the hunter(s) named on his or her Hunter Host Licence while they are hunting big game under the authority of the Hunter Host Licence. Partner Licences are also available to resident youths if designated by the holder of any special licence. Some special licences may be obtained through the draw system that are described in the 2020 Alberta Hunting Draws booklet which was made available in June 2020. Non-resident Trophy Antelope Special Licences are available through an outfitter or through a draw. Wildlife Certificate Special WMU 300 Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Either Sex Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Antlerless Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Antlered Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Calf Moose Partner Licence (Youth/Senior). This is why old guys don’t get along well with computers. Once application is approved, go online at. These opportunities go on sale August 1st each year – visit albertarelm.com for more information. Costs of licences are the same online or at an issuer, no service fees are added. Hunters wishing to hunt with a bow and arrow must also purchase a Bowhunting Permit (not required for hunting with a cross-bow). All purchased licences can be reprinted either at a licence issuer for a $2.00 fee or online at no charge. Tags are available by calling 1-888-944-5494 and at Licence Issuers Have I mentioned it’s the “new” RELM website? Resident game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident (Canadian) game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident Alien game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Non-Resident Alien Wildlife Certificate and: NOTE: The 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the costs listed below. Non-residents contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter-guide, Non-resident Aliens contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter, Outfitting and Guide Requirements for Non-Residents, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Availability, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Costs and Combinations, Non-Resident Alien Licence Costs and Combinations, Additional Special Licence Draw Hunts. Such as integration of harvest and effort reporting directly in the App.Important information:● The only acceptable form of electronic licence is through the AlbertaRELM App and hunters must be able to produce the electronic app or paper licence when requested by an Officer during field compliance checks.● For licences that require tags please remember that the associated tag forms part of the licence and must be physically produced when requested.● Alberta’s Hunting and Sportfishing Regulations prohibit the carrying of someone else’s licence. Special Antlerless Mule Deer Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Camp Wainwright Deer Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special WMU 212 Antlerless Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Goat Partner Licence (Youth/Senior). Wildlife Identification Number (WiN)