Mountains: I saw Mount Fuji from the aeroplane. Try an exercise about articles with geographical names here. Mountains: I saw Mount Fuji from the aeroplane. As well as Article 35A also indirectly invalid from that day. So it is highly recommended to gain knowledge of the constitution of India. In this article, we have updated the latest version of the constitution of India pdf in English. Most countries: She travelled to Chile last year. All (448) Articles of the Indian Constitution (465) English [PDF], Chromosome – Important Points + GK Notes [PDF], NCERT Class-6> Hisab – Riyazi-VI Urdu Math Textbook [PDF], Articles of Indian constitution in Hindi language pdf, GK> 22 Parts of The Constitution of India – List [PDF], GK> Preamble of Indian Constitution – Study Notes, Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams [Set-5], All 448 Articles of Indian Constitution BENGALI [PDF], Articles of Indian Constitution Urdu PDF Download, [MCQ] Rowlatt Act 1919 Objective Question Answer, [Set-4] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams, [Set-3] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams, [Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams, GK> List of Significant Newspaper in Indian History [PDF], [Set-1] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams, GK> List of National Parks in West Bengal [pdf], Math-Magic Class 1 | Math-Magic NCERT Textbook Single pdf, Download> NCERT Class 1 Urdu Text “Ibtedai”. There is no way a shortcut way. And you don’t have to worry about ever running out of articles to read. Article 370 is no longer remains valid from 6th August 2019. English Grammar Lessons. Welcome to English-Online . I am sure it will help you to remember all the articles about our constitution. Need more practice? There isn't a lot of logic! Each article has a vocabulary list at the end. Presently there are a thousand topics and special news articles in various categories. Rivers: The River Nile flows through Egypt. The English article system presents many problems for non-native speakers of English, particularly when they do not have an equivalent structure in their first language. 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