Vision Sensor. Autonics´s products are as easy to select as they are to operate because Autonics products are based on state-of-the-art electronics with ease of use and flexibility in mind. Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detection. 2010 ~ 1977 - Kuk-Je Electronics (Autonics) established by Hwan-Ki Park 1984 - Introduced the K Series counters, the first South Korean-made digital counters 1985 - Opened new sales office in Seoul, South Korea 1988 - Completed construction of new factory and headquarters in Busan, South Korea 1990 - Government-endorsed... Our Mission For a dettfy more tonvenient worCcf Our mission is to enrich the quality of human lives by delivering new values that will make the world more convenient. Color Mark Sensor Read more giving an exceptional support in the entire process, starting from application of the plant to its maintenance and upgrades, we see to it there are no stone left unturned when it comes to exceeding the expectations of each of our patrons. Sensor … RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device), Aiming at satisfying the customers beyond all doubt, our firm is also widely acknowledged for delivering a highly reliable series of services. We develop and manufacture a wide range of automation-related products which are marketed worldwide. S Accessory (sold separately)• Slit (model: BTS1M-ST) (A) Photoelectric Sensors • Min. -, All Autonics catalogs and technical brochures, Single-Phase,Detachable Heatsink Type SSR. A21K-M596W AUTONICS STEPPER MOTOR. Autonics Corporate Profile For a better, more convenient world Autonics is a globally trusted provider of industrial automation products from South Korea. sensing target and installations (retroreflective type) When installing the retroreflective photoelectric sensor, be sure to... *Prices are pre-tax. Autonics... Autonics Corporate Profile Motion Devices Closed Loop Stepper Motor System • DC pulse input type motor/drivers Motion control involves automation of moving parts of machines in a controlled manner. Cylindrical type Proximity Sensor eration indicator M12x1 2000 Operation an Ica PR12-2AC) PR124AC] • PR18-5AC] PR18-8AC] PR30-10AC] PR30-15AC) Autonics (unit: mm) 2000 48.5 O eration indicator M12x1 2000 41_5 O ration indicator P hoto P SS R/ pa net Switching Ste pp.. Field ø4 M12x1 53.8 358 10 eration indicator M18*1 53.3 2000 25.3 O ration Autonics provides a wide variety of industrial and commercial sensors, ensuring that the most fundamental parts of automation systems are built with quality and performance. Ultra-compact Amplifier Built-in Type Connections (B) Fiber Optic Sensors Load (black) Output ※1: Load connection for NPN output ※2: Load connection for PNP output (G) Connectors/ Connector Cables/ Sensor Distribution Boxes/Sockets (H) Temperature Controllers ● Convergent reflective type (I) SSRs / Power Controllers (brown) +V (black) Load ※1 Output (blue) 0V Load (brown) +V (black) Load ※1 Output (blue) 0V Load (L) Panel Meters (M) Tacho / Speed / Pulse Meters (N) Display Units Control Output Circuit Diagram NPN open collector output Photoelectric sensor circuit PNP open collector output... BTS Series Operation Mode Operation mode Received light Received light Interrupted light Receiver operation Interrupted light Transistor output Dimensions ● Through-beam type Optical axis of receiver Optical axis of emitter Stability indicator (green) ● Retroreflective type / Convergent reflective type Optical axis of emitter Stability indicator (green) Operation indicator (red) Optical axis of receiver Optical axis of emitter Optical axis of receiver Stability indicator (green), Ultra-compact Amplifier Built-in Type • Bracket B (sold separately)1.2 (A) Photoelectric Sensors 10 1.2 • Sub-bracket for through-beam type 1.2 3.2 6.7 11.2 k———w (D) Proximity Sensors (G) Connectors/ Connector Cables/ Sensor Distribution Boxes/Sockets • Sub-bracket for reflective type ^The sub-bracket for each sensing type is included bracket A (B).