For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. They just started using veneers recently on the Craft Series Bacchus LPs,which still have the "Classic" logo on the headstock. If the instrument is not a part of the Universe series and still has no serial number, even if you contact us directly with this question we can not give a statement confirming the instrument's legitimacy without looking at it in person due to the implications this could have. There are a few things that make it different from the later Vintage Series models including lack of serial number and a medium offset tenon. Let's spread the image of the Amabie to protect everyone in these daunting times Status: 606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed. The H serial is an early Classic and C-serial one would be part of the Craft series. They didn't use veneers on the Classic series LPs with the H serials AFAIK. 606 - Abandoned - No Statement Of Use Filed. 2015 Catalog. BACCHUS. We have two different order made options to offer, in both cases you should contact a dealer in your country with your request, you can search for the dealer closest to you. 4000 - Standard character mark Typeset. Hi can anyone tell me how the Bacchus Classic serial codes work? 2008 catalog. Bacchus Guitars and Basses: Bacchus Guitars and Basses were founded by a company named “Headway,” that started making acoustic guitars back in 1977. It seems like yours may be close to the same batch as the one in pictures here. What Type Of Middle Position Tone Do You Prefer? What is your number? H00142 is my classic and the black bacchus custom that i bought in 2014 is C30257 [Source: Guitars Japan]. I also have a crews ktr ls 01 and im almost positive that is a solid top but the same thing they paint the cavities black in these!!! 2013 Woodline brochure. However, please keep in mind that. H00142 is my classic and the black bacchus custom that i bought in 2014 is C30257. 2011-04-13. When treating the body of your instrument, our builder recommends to apply clear, natural. Share post - … Images eBay. Also because the pickup cavities are black does anyone know if the classics had a real maple cap? fingerboards, rubbing Lemon oil every 3 or 4 months is recommended to prevent the humidity levels from going haywire. 2014 TF LTD Brochure. My Les Paul is the leading online community and marketplace for Les Paul guitar fans. Filing Date. JavaScript is disabled. Different brands of pickguards should not fit so you can try this at your own risk. Dating Bacchus Guitars, catalogs and brochures. Bacchus Classic Series LP's didn't have veneers. 2011 BLS700 brochure. In 2005, Bacchus (sadly) discontinued their Fender and Gibson replica lines for unknown (at this time) reasons. 31 Ways To Start Any Guitar Solo (1-Month Creative Guitar Solo Workout For Intermediate Guitarists). Published for Opposition Date. Bacchus guitars started production in 1994 at the Asuka factory in Japan. The main purpose of our series is to give you a rough idea of the price range of the instrument, they do not represent the inclusion or lack of any particular feature. This Bacchus Live Road is the oldest one I have seen up close. *Please make sure to type in the number "0", the letter "o" should not be included in your serial. Status. Not the easiest thing to figure out but it makes it interesting. Mark Drawing. see Headway. Japan Vintage Guitars at internet archive. 2012-05-28. specifications or modifications to the original model. Copyright © 2019.Deviser Co Ltd. All Right Reserved. 2014 Bacchus brochure. 85293951. 2009 catalog. Word Mark. The Crews are also made by Deviser and they put the shielding paint in there which i think is a good thing and keeps noise out. Status Date. By 1981, they decided to join the ranks of Japanese electric guitar makers, and build lawsuit Stratocasters, to start. If your instrument does not have a serial number chances of it being an illegitimate reproduction are considerable. They went over the 1000 range for Classics. We do produce and sell pickguards for our Craft, Custom, and Handmade Series only. Bacchus Global Series - WL-434 Purple Heart Limited - 4 String Bass - Metallic Purple H serials belong to the Classic lineup. its a plaintop and i can see a tiny colour flip in the top, i sont think you would see a colour flip on a veneer. The series order goes as follows from most accessible to highest-end. The information obtained through this page DOES NOT hold any official or legal validity and can not be used as proof of authenticity of any product. BACCHUS - Trademark Details. I have one that i bought that has 6 digits that starts with an H but i cant tell when it was made. If you have a Universe or Global series pickguard that needs changing, your best choice is using it as a mold to make a new one with a local repairman. However, please keep in mind that Universe series models do not have serial numbers. In the case of having a finished fingerboard, just using a cleaning cloth without any additive should do the trick, for glossy finished wood you can use polisher instead. Note the Guitars Japan site is an awesome resource for Bacchus Guitars.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'jedistar_com-box-3','ezslot_0',116,'0','0'])); Dating Bacchus Guitars, catalogs and brochures, Japan Vintage Guitars at internet archive, Copyright 2007-19 P Carroll Jedistar | All Rights Reserved | GAS: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, Note the Guitars Japan site is an awesome resource for Bacchus Guitars. Furthermore, while manufacture dates are accurate for the most part, they might vary sligthly from reality in some cases. It looks like they restarted the Classic line after i thought it was finished in 2012. Serial Number. I was in Japan at the time of the announcement and it lead to a final collecting "craze" by the Japanese, a final attempt to buy up any and all existing Bacchus … Have any pics?