At face value they’re brilliant action-strategy games in which Captain Olimar, crash-landed on a mysterious planet, has to instruct an army of tiny creatures to fight enemies and carry objects for him to help him survive and then escape. Thankfully, this cute yellow alien has a variety of moves and attack options. What it is: The successors to WWF No Mercy, one of the greatest wrestling games ever made. While this was a bummer for Nintendo, it also meant going back to their roots and revitalizing their relationship with developers. Multiplayer mode is where TimeSplitters 2 really shines, with some calling it the "heir apparent to GoldenEye." While it missed out on Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, the GameCube got this slightly strange remake of the first stealth action classic instead. Vic Hood There are a total of 28 GameCube games on this list which are confirmed to have sold or shipped at least one million units. Olimar is still the main character, but the endearing Pikmins are the most memorable characters, sticking in your head long after gameplay is complete. Why it’s Essential: Exclusive to the GameCube (until recently at least), this fantastic remake of the first Resident Evil gave the survival horror classic a huge visual overhaul. More importantly, it was great as a party game for two to four players. Resident Evil 4 remains an influential game today and outside of Nintendo-developed games, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better GameCube game. There’s no denying that Killer7 is a memorable and important title, not just on GameCube, but in video game history in general. Despite turn-based combat and a host of brand new locations in the Mushroom Kingdom, The Thousand-Year Door still revolves around saving Princess Peach. We still play Toadstool Tour when craving a golf game, because Nintendo hasn’t made a Mario Golf game for a home console since. In Odama, you and your army of warriors take the battle to an enemy clan's gates, attempting to break them down with your secret weapon: a giant stone ball called the Odama. This game revives the first two Metal Gear Solid games--Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty--and combines their best features into one unique experience. The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series was once among gaming’s most iconic sports franchises, and THPS 4 brought the series to new heights. If you get a chance, you should definitely add Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy to your collection. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Continuing off of the principles set in Paper Mario and inspired by Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was one of the most engrossing and charming RPGs on GameCube. First released in Japan on November 21, 2001, it went on to sell just over 7.4 million units worldwide. Super Mario SunshineYes, we all know Sunshine was by no means the best 3D Mario game, especially considering it’s forever sandwiched in history between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. Though the game ended prematurely, its puzzles and delightfully creepy atmosphere engaged enough players to warrant a great 3DS sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and the even better Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch. Since some games are much better than others, we've decided to rank the best GameCube RPGs of all time. Intelligent and original with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, Metal Arms is a great example of game design done right. The winner of this challenge takes the victory and gains major bragging rights. The turn-based 2D Paper Mario games, meanwhile, have been on hiatus since 2016, with developer Intelligent Systems instead focusing its attention on Fire Emblem since then.