3D - selected data for 3D artists, Book Tab-delimited data file for unrestricted use: © Copyright 2020 KLA Corporation. Compare glass types with our Interactive Abbe Diagram. OHARA - FTL SCHOTT - LaSF (Lanthanum dense flint) CDGM - BAF (Barium flint) CDGM - LAK (Lanthanum crown) (24 Hr. SUMITA - BPG BSC7 (HOYA) Soda-lime glass - Bronze LZOS - KF (Crownflint), Page BARBERINI - Moulds ;S�����E{\Y��47�W�Ԭ���W��uu+��4Y�a�E�"��I?u�9R+߻V�ilWE����5]w]�)�ƵP5wЏ��}�z��� h��[�Ǒ��J_��| dk�օg�f�F_�GC�"�����o�o�WM�JZY�x1�錊/+*+��QO�|��j�˩��zWָ��.�]�]�w��R��0��yW�]�k�O˄=M��J˽�53��jw���>��W������4�_��������>����_^���W/_m�? SUMITA - PG OHARA - PBH (Plumbate, high-index) OHARA - LAH (Lanthanum, high-index) Borosilicate glasses are produced from alkali-lime silicates containing approximately 10% boric oxide. ORGANIC - organic materials CORNING - display HOYA - FD (Dense flint) Page. SCHOTT - F (Flint) SCHOTT - LaK (Lanthanum crown) CRYSTALS SCHOTT - BaSF (Barium dense flint) From Schott Optical Glass Catalogue of August 2010 For a typical sample of Schott N-BK7 the refractive index and extinction coefficient at 632.8 nm are 1.51509 and 0. SUMITA - PBK Find the right filter glass for your requirements with our Interactive Filter Diagram and Filter Calculation Tool. By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. LZOS - OK (Special crown) It has relatively low refractive index (≈1.52) and low dispersion (with Abbe numbers around 60). OHARA - TIM (Titanate, medium-index) Optical constants of GLASS BK7 optical glass (crown) Wavelength: µm (0.3 – 2.5) Complex refractive index (n+ik) = = n k LogX LogY eV Derived optical constants = ... BK7 optical glass BK7 is a very popular crown glass. Tab-delimited data file for unrestricted use: © Copyright 2020 KLA Corporation. MISCELLANEOUS, Page (24 Hr. BARBERINI - Normal Crown SUMITA - PSK (Dense phosphate crown) SCHOTT - KzFS (Special short flint) No guarantee of accuracy - use at your own risk. 3D - selected data for 3D artists, Book at 632.8 nm are OHARA - PBL (Plumbate, low-index) HOYA - BaCED (Extra dense barium crown) OHARA - NPH (Niobophosphate, high-index) (24 Hr. Below are files of complete refractive index and extinction coefficients. Soda lime glass From this measurement result, we can see that both the refractive index and the Abbe number can be measured with the accuracy (resolution, 6 decimal places) necessary for grasping the optical performance. For cut blanks, pressings and finished components please contact us here info.optics@schott.com  (for Americas: info.optics@us.schott.com ) or via your responsible Sales Manager, One of the world’s broadest portfolios of optical filter glasses for a full spectral solution. SUMITA - LaSK (Lanthanum dense crown) SCHOTT - PSK (Dense phosphate crown) HOYA - FDS (Special dense flint) OHARA - TPH Temperature Coefficients of Refractive Index nrel/ T[10-6/K] n abs/ T[10-6/K] [°C]1060.0e g 1060.0e g-40/ -202.4 2.9 3.3 0.3 0.8 1.2 +20/ +402.4 3.0 3.5 1.1 1.6 2.1 +60/ +802.5 3.1 3.7 1.5 2.1 2.7 Please try again or contact us if you feel this is in error. OHARA - BAL (Barium, low-index) OHARA - BAH (Barium, high-index) CDGM - QF (Light flint) HIKARI - F (Flint) Our filter glass is currently available online as matt plates in the standard format of 165x165mm. LASF9 SUMITA - SKLD HIKARI - LLF (Very light flint) HOYA - LaC (Lanthanum crown) OHARA - BAM (Barium, medium-index) K-BK7 (SUMITA) Soda-lime glass - Green, SCHOTT Zemax catalog 2017-01-20b (obtained from http://www.schott.com)See also SCHOTT glass data sheets, [Expressions for n] It is one of the most standard glass types used to produce high-quality optics, mainly for the visible spectrum. SUMITA - PMK [CSV - comma separated] Fused silica (fused quartz) OHARA - TIH (Titanate, high-index) SCHOTT - LF (Light flint) FK51A HIKARI - SK (Dense crown) Furthermore, you can find answers to FAQ and our Data Protection Policy. OTHER - miscellaneous materials Because BK7 has been available for years, its refractive indices, index dispersion, Abbe number, and other properties have been well-characterized. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (≈3 × 10 −6 K −1 at 20 °C), making them more resistant to thermal shock than any other common glass. HIKARI - SSK (Very dense crown) HIKARI - KzF (Special short flint) SUMITA - FK (Fluor crown) SCHOTT - BK (Borosilicate crown) Soda-lime glass - Grey OHARA - PBM (Plumbate, medium-index) SF10 SUMITA - BaF (Barium flint) OHARA - TIL (Titanate, low-index) HIKARI - BaK (Barium crown) LZOS - OF (Special flint) All rights reserved. SCHOTT - KF (Crownflint) OHARA - SSL OHARA - PHL (Phosphate, low-index) BAF10 optical glass (flint) SCHOTT - K (Crown) SF11 Refractive Index Reference - Generated using Sellmeier dispersion model with coefficents listed in Schott Glass Catalogue of August 2010. Shelf BAK1 SCHOTT - BaF (Barium flint) LZOS - K (Crown) HOYA - F (Flint) LZOS - BK (Barium crown) LZOS - LK (Light crown) HIKARI - KF (Crownflint) Refractive index database [about] Shelf. SF5 TIE-29: Refractive Index and Dispersion-February 2016 TIE-30: Chemical properties of Optical Glass-February 2016 TIE-31: Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Optical Glass-July 2004 The designation "BK7" originates with Schott AG: B indicates a borosilicate glass, while K comes from the German krone (= crown) as this is also referred to as a crown glass. [CSV - comma separated] OHARA - NBM (Niobate, medium-index)   METALS SUMITA - LCV OHARA - YGH Our fine annealed optical glass is currently available online as a strip, rod and block, which can be used for cold post-processing. When calculating a respective refractive index, please bear in mind that each wavelength is expressed in m units. SUMITA - CD HIKARI - LF (Light flint) MAIN - simple inorganic materials Find the right glass for your requirements with our, • Glasses suitable for precision molding (low Tg glass), • Classical glass types with lead oxide as an essential component for outstanding optical properties, • High transmission glasses ("HT" or "HTultra") with superior transmission, Our fine annealed optical glass is currently available online as a strip, rod and block, which can be used for cold post-processing.