[7][8], The current name "Bristol" derives from the Old English form Brycgstow, which is typically etymologised as place at the bridge. Bristol was a major supplier of slaves to South Carolina before 1750. [57] One of his contacts was the owner of the Seven Stars public house, who boarded sailors Clarkson sought to meet. The hospital drama Casualty, formerly filmed in Bristol, moved to Cardiff in 2012. [189], Filton played a key role in the Anglo-French Concorde supersonic airliner project during the 1960s. Most of the medieval stonework, particularly the Elder Lady Chapel, is made from limestone taken from quarries around Dundry and Felton with Bath stone being used in other areas. In 1907, a much larger dock, the Royal Edward Dock, was opened. [98] In the June 2009 council elections the Liberal Democrats gained four seats and, for the first time, overall control of the city council. [2], Wessex Water is owned by the Malaysian power company YTL Corporation. The harbour is now a tourist attraction with museums, galleries, exhibitions, bars and nightclubs. [302] Motion is host to some of the world's top DJs, and leading producers. By 1867, ships were getting larger and the meanders in the river Avon prevented vessels over 300 ft (91 m) from reaching the harbour. 17 secondary schools,[320] and three learning centres. On a ship out of Bristol in 1497 John Cabot, a Venetian, became the first European to land on mainland North America. [8], GENeco is part of the Wessex Water group of companies and operates sewage treatment works. The National Cyclopaedia of Useful Knowledge, Vol III, (1847), London, Charles Knight, p.815, Bristol was heavily damaged by Luftwaffe raids, European Spatial Planning Observation Network, Globalization and World Cities Research Network, 2001 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, "Historical Weather for Bristol, England, United Kingdom", "2011 Census: Ethnicgroup, local authorities in England and Wales", "The Lord-Lieutenant of the County & City of Bristol", https://www.bristol.gov.uk/statistics-census-information/the-population-of-bristol, "Population Estimates for UK, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Mid-2019", "The history of the Bristol region in the Roman period", "Palaeolithic Research Framework for the Bristol Avon Basin", "Abona – Major Romano-British Settlement", "Bristol merchants funded Anglo-Norman invasion", The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, "High Sheriff – City of Bristol County History", "The Ranking of Provincial Towns in England 1066–1861", "Illicit business: accounting for smuggling in mid-sixteenth-century Bristol", "Rear Window: Newfoundland: Where fishes swim, men will fight", "Black Lives in England : The Slave Trade and Abolition", "Marking The End Of The Slave Trade – Abolition 200 Events In Bristol", "John Wesley and George Whitefield: A Study in the Integrity of Two Theologies of Grace", "The Anti-slave Trade Movement in Bristol", "Hannah More (1745-1833): The Poet & Writer", "The Bristol brass industry: Furnace structures and their associated remains", "Bristol's early nineteenth century staple industries", "Industrial Change in Bristol Since 1800. These are located 7 mi (11 km) downstream at the mouth of the River Avon. [7] This was supplemented in Norman times by the stone bridge that still stands today. Bristol Rovers Football Club - klub piłkarski z miasta Bristol w Anglii grający w League One. During the 15th century Bristol was the second most important port in the country, trading with Ireland,[33] Iceland[34] and Gascony. [75] 56.2% of the 209,995 Bristol residents who are employed commute to work using either a car, van, motorbike or taxi, 2.2% commute by rail and 9.8% by bus, while 19.6% walk. Bristol Harbour was the original Port of Bristol, but as ships and their cargo have increased in size, it has now largely been replaced by docks at Avonmouth and Portbury.