Setup was working fine with a D Link media converter but my router has an SFP port so I figured it would be "easier" to go direct. After reading several posts/articles on this issue I thought I would give it a try. Press J to jump to the feed. The browser version you are using appears to be out of date. [ALL] Cannot get TekSavvy DSL - no copper ... apparently. If you require a response please contact us. Is there any way for someone to bypass this restriction? Found this post as I'm starting to look at bypassing my Home Hub 3000 completely. If you don’t have your PPPoE password, you can change it on the MyBell website. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any broken connections or ToS violations from Bell. Meanwhile people continue to look for solutions such as the ES-16-XG, US-16-XG or a firmware fix in the UDM Pro for an off the shelf solution instead of hacking things using broadcom cards. So I just got Bell Gigabit installed, the whole pkg, 1G internet, FibeTV, and home phone. There's not much to look at, but you can search for it here. Ok, this is serious, I've been trying to bypass parental controls for working on my school work, however my parents have been restricting me to around an hour a day, meaning I'll have to go to a public library to work on my school work. Why did you invest on equipment to get the same performance? Press J to jump to the feed. Just keep factory resetting it till they give up. I have done the setup for vlan 35 and 36 and both the Internet and TV work well for a while. Verify your internet is working before proceeding to step 5. It seems that Bell modem/router doesn't have Bridge mode. Finally, if you are using TV with bell, then the HH3000 is a required piece of gear, at least as far as I can tell. Access your modem's settings (only accessible from your home) Don't know your modem's admin password? I still think that it's a modem problem and I certainly don't trust the bell speed test on the website or the modem home page. I have ran the Edgerouter X with SFP.. it works and is stable.. There are some fibre installs where bell provides a Media converter (Home Hub 2000 users) in that case you can just connect the cable going into the WAN port on your modem into your router. Can you explain how? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I can't seem to bypass the homehub. I know there are people saying that Bell will be replacing the 2.5Gbps ONT SFP GPON with 10Gbps SFP+ sometime later this year but what will be the criteria / trick for getting this upgrade or we will have to switch to 5-10Gbps temporarily to get the new GPON and frankly I don't see needing this speed anyway - major overkill but I'd like to fully utilize what I have available. I currently am using an Intel X520-DA2 (from ebay) inside a PFSense box instead of the HH3000. Superior reach (Wi-Fi distance). Do you have Fibre coming into your house into the HH3000? Two weeks ago we switched to Bell Fibe 1.5 and the speeds have been great. Or a myriad of other devices that support 10g (they're prohibitively more expensive though). But my SFP Module is in some kind of Nokia box at my panel and then a Cat5e goes out to the HH3000. If the password and email address have been set, the display will indicate that the settings have been sent by email or text. I have read through the 115 pages of this thread and tried to find a compatible router to use to replace Bell Home Hub 3000 (Sagecom) junk and I guess I've seen it comes down to either using a media converter (TP Link, 10GTek), etc with your own router behind it or people have put SFP specific routers (Edge router X SFP, Edgerouter 4, etc) or switches (Mikrotik CRS switch but not good as a router) or build a pfsense server but can only sync at 1Gbps. I don't know if you will see full speeds with the Edgerouter X and a TPLINK MC220..,,, I see everyone here is well versed in networking, unfortunate not all of us are. Have you ever figured out how to do this? or is it some other username and password that I need to find. Thank you in advance! I just moved into a new apartment and had internet installed by Bell (Home Hub 3000). Is this the login for my sign in? I will be messaging you on 2019-01-13 18:51:06 UTC to remind you of this link. Manage your Bell Aliant Fibe TV, Internet, Home phone and Home security services, Manage your Bell Satellite TV and Mobility services, My services My bills and payments My profile, Mobility, Satellite TV & Wireless Home Internet. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Your Home Hub 3000 can transmit both at the same time to optimize your Wi-Fi performance or you can choose to use only one or the other. It’s likely the MAC that’s blocked. 2.4 GHz. It will be really helpful for noobs like me. That would physically work but you wouldn't have any security really. I doubt people would ask to bypass for school work like come on obviously they limited you for a reason.,,, THis is the required VLAN to get your TV to work and not shown on the video. I’m getting 940/800 now on the HH3K. Your primary Wi-Fi network supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands. What speeds are you getting? I still have it actually.. have you tried the unifi store? This is just a community. Please note that I only have Fibe TV along with Internet, NO HOME PHONE. Yes, I've done it but i don't have time now as I'm out of the country and don't have access to the modem. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Now you should have a WAN IP on your router.