Incorporate compost to a depth of 18 inches. Plants need these spaces in the soil so their roots can reach out to get the nutrients and water they require. Susannah Shmurak, Heavy machinery — from the big machines used in new construction to riding lawn mowers and cars parked in the yard, Foot traffic, which is why you don’t want to walk on your growing space, Leaving soil bare so rain water forms a crust on the surface, Soil is hard to dig, whether it’s wet or dry, Standing water puddles up, indicating a drainage problem, Plants’ growth is stunted or leaves are discolored, implying nutrient deficiencies. I am a fan!". Soil test kit. I am a houseplant addict and it’s about that time when so many need to be repotted and I wanted a lighter, well-draining mix. (781) 834-4889. soil. Before tilling a garden or working up the soil, make sure the soil is not too wet. Say goodbye to … If you are not completely satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to ensure your experience with us is positive. Soil Ammending & Conditioning You may also scratch, rake and incorporate your expanded (or dry compressed unexpanded) soil into your existing soil to enhance soil and plant performance. Empower your plants by building a strong nutritious living soil that increases the availability of air, water and nutrients – And the ability of your plants to use them. It will rapidly expand 7 times to full size by adding water at a 3:1 water to soil ratio. How To Enjoy Home Grown Salad In The Winter, You Don’t Need a Miracle, Just the Magic of Science, Quick DIY Tips for Healthier Lawns & Gardens, The Accidental Creation of Sustainable Soil – The Story Behind the Innovation, The Cannabis Industry is Smoking the Market. Expect soil to expand 4x. Using a ratio of 1-part water to 1-part soil, will result in 4 times the volume. In smaller areas, you may also bury your compacted soil or replace it entirely, but be sure to add 1 ½ to 3 feet in depth or your plants’ roots won’t be able to penetrate deeply enough to get available nutrients. Wildflower Farms Eco-Lawn Grass Seed - 5 lb, Natural Cedar L-Shaped Raised Garden Beds, Natural Cedar U-Shaped Raised Garden Beds, Corn Gluten Organic Fertilizer 8-0-0 - 40 lbs, © 2020 - All Rights Reserved, 15 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays, WRITTEN BY Water Less Often. Our Compressed Soil includes fertilizer so you do not need to use additional fertilizer when you plant. Use one 2lb. This soil comes in a two-pound bag, and also expands to… If the damage is already done, there are a few methods you can use to improve your soil’s structure: If you’re trying to fix a compacted lawn, an aerator will help. Soil can become compacted in a variety of ways: Heavy clay soil is especially prone to compaction, as is soil without enough organic matter. package with up to 5 gallons of other soil. Agroecologist and permaculture designer Paula Westmoreland uses long-term strategies to address soil health and remedy compaction. Compressed Organic Potting-Soil for Garden & Plants - Expands up to 4 Times When Mixed with Water - Nutrient Rich Plant Food Derived from Natural Coconut Coir & Worm Castings Fertilizer Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Model #45015430. Because bare soil is prone to surface compaction when rain falls and creates a crust at the surface, covering soil with mulch or growing groundcovers can help as well. She waters the area slowly to help break up the soil and encourage microbes over a period of many months. Do you have an area you think has compacted soil? Resealable Package – Expands up to 7 times when mixed with water. First on the list is the Organic Plant Magic compressed soil. Many years ago, we moved an old house slated for demolition to an empty lot, and several years later we added five wells for a geothermal system. Required fields are marked *. If your compaction is from heavy machinery, freeze-thaw cycles probably won’t be enough. When soil particles get compressed, the space between them diminishes, making it hard for roots to penetrate. No, it does not contain peat moss - we use coconut coir as the base for the product and then add other ingredients that are healthy for your plants and soil. Water and air can’t infiltrate or move through soils without those pore spaces. Nina Bassuk of Cornell’s Urban Horticulture Institute says, “Soil compaction is the single most difficult and harmful… condition that a tree or shrub can experience.”. Before working in the garden in the spring, take a handful of soil and compress it into a ball. Add soil to flower beds, vegetable garden, lawns, raised beds, containers, herb gardens and more. When work on our house was completed the contractors did what they tend to do at the end of construction jobs: they brought in a few inches of topsoil, spread it around with a skid loader, and told me I was all set to plant. Our compressed soil is made by all-natural organic ingredients which creates healthier living for people, plants and the environment. ✔ NOURISH & SEE THEM FLOURISH… this concentrated super soil feeds your plants for months & makes them grow up to 3 x bigger! We derive Organic Plant Magic from the proprietary process we developed for creating exceptionally high quality compost tea and transforming it into a viable powder, without losing the beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, and biostimulants high quality compost contains. Mulching well can help protect the soil against compaction, while helping to retain moisture and reduce weed competition.