ESP combines subject matter and English language teaching. This article highlights the difference between EGP and ESP i.e. The language learning abilities of the adults in the ESP classroom are potential immense. People should be aware of ESP and General English difference. h�Ԙ�k�6��=�����A�6�� �z��71�a?®����j������ ג���F�H���Jx�8^1Q��fR���� ˄�A���x���FɴT.��Lk'�]�����֏AɃ���>�ۇz�2��+.��_���e��⧺S����ZTO[�tq�^���Ό��c�s��Q{U-�ŷn�e�e�����zY�~D�u�����~��-�n�M�>��ͲZ`ח��y�����iQ3^ܴ���yq���ơ��yiכ�������!�CF����a�ج��/��|�m��U�ٶ���&|�o�"�]�kGHc��������k�>%ǂ���y{�g��HÙR*,�g&��t �N��)�nΜ�Xl�h�Y)sR��r(�)l��6��t>�Ah̅6�IW�Ԇ~�;������v���b�}�m77��� ��`S����O��?&΍kJ��:Bt������fS$�}��AQ�V�D�ZXR�} Education is always included in the curriculum of each school be it comprehensive or specialized secondary or higher. Student learns the English through a field which is already known and relevant to them so that they can able to use what they learn in ESP in their work and studies.An experienced teacher in English as a Secondary language (ESL) can exploit her background in language teaching.The teacher is a resource that helps students identify their language learning problems, find out the skills they need to focus and take responsibility for making choices, which determines what and how to learn.The students come to the ESP class with a specific interest for learning English, subject matter knowledge. An ESP teacher is not the ‘primary knower’ of the carrier content of the material (ibid). People learn languages when they have opportunities to understand and work with language in the context that they comprehend and find interesting. Without communication skills, one cannot interact with others. ESL and ESP is not only different from the medium of instruction and nature of learner but it is also different from the point of language skills as general English focus on all four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing but ESP is based on need analysis and so it focus on language skills which is most needed by the learner and syllabus is designed accordingly. It is motivating because students are able to apply what they learn in their English classes in their main field like accounting, business management, computer science or etc. And in ESP it is need based of students that which language skills are most needed by the students and the syllabus is designed accordingly.In ESl the subject matter knowledge gives them the context they need to understand the english of the classroom.and in ESP class ,students are shown how the subject matter content is expressed in english. The reason is obvious because ESP includes the specific knowledge of the target ESP students can exploit these innate competencies in learning English.Prepared By : Bhargavi & Jagruti. ESP refers “specific” term. What is the Difference Between ESP and General English? It also designs as per the communicative approach of methodology, in specific field like science, management etc. ESP teacher, you must play many roles like; organize courses, goals and objectives, Creating and learning environment in the class room, Evaluate student’s progresses, interest for learning, subject content knowledge and learning Strategies. ESP motivate them to interact with speakers and texts. In ESP where the language taught as per subjects matter for particular professional job. ESP course is for different professional, occupational, social and other needs of other learners. ESP is a short term course and ESL is long term course. Such activity is profitable as it makes him think and share his ideas expressing them in English. Distinct Features of ESP: In ESP, the term ‘Specific’ refers to precise or peculiar purpose of the learners. ESL consist all the four skills of the languages where as in ESP the skills are as per the needs of the learners. A good communication skill and mediation by the teacher can create a good atmosphere in the classroom. Both are important for students to attain various skills to move confidently in the modern world.  ESP students learning goals are different from EGP learners. Such texts should usually be focused on the communicative needs of the students of a certain higher school. ESP assesses needs and integrates motivation, subject matter and content for the teaching of relevant skills.As an ESP teacher, you must play many roles. In the ESP communicate to professional skills and needs and required function.  ESP students are adults possessing the knowledge of EGP. 3. In foreign language acquires for professional knowledge. ESP is usually for adults. Summary : 2General English and English for specific purpose.This article attempt to survey to link between two types of English, that are general English and specific English. and my point of view is that ESP is more helpful to the students to learn english with the help of several activities so that they can able to learn englis in better way as well as with more interest.with the help of various activities we can teach them english so that if they particiapte in activities so that they can improve with the experiance as well they can expose their inner abilities and for that teachers have to design the activities accordingly. The ESP student is particularly well disposed to focus on meaning in the subject matter field. Being a learning process it encourages him to seek and find ways how to connect what is in the book to what is in his mind. �2�|o�2���mJ�C��O�06�7a�6*9��".�ىζh((�E4�d3��|\~;m4m͈����)�]��{�Q⭴����y+�i�=�X/g��&�+��O]��R��~z�{F�1&�X�q*L�Ofo���NB�xbg�d.