To dream of a sailor or sailors indicates that a message from overseas may be on it’s way to you. If we go to an eye doctor it indicates the desire to find one we can to involve our problems and help us…. • Golden Calf • To see a golden calf in the spirit speaks of heresy and doctrine that is not of God. It is also interpreted as violent passions that seized us and if the fire is dreamed of in the form of fire, can speak of an intense desire to end past issues. Saint George’s appearance in a dream may signify the necessity for self-sacnficc in service. Dreaming of a saint may indicate that a special message is being given to the dreamer from the spiritual realm, and therefore may be an especially significant dream.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia. 1- When we dream of sailing, we are highlighting how we feel we are handling our lives. You begin to seek their affection and their direction for your life more than the Lord’s. Dreaming you are sailing on calm waters predicts you will have an easy time as you make your fortune. Your dream may be urging you to develop your spirituality. If it is elusive it is a wicked person who will try to rob. If one sees sails being raised to honor him in a dream, it means that he will attain power, leadership, honor and exaltation. One’s ability to meet the storms and calms of life. Seeing us lose weight in a dream is a warning that we must care for the health, as we round the disease. This dream could also be suggesting that it is time to get off the couch and onto the stage. Have a question about China? Damaged justified fears of seeing their financial resources…. With thousand of years’ history, Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. Often when • these things take priority in your life, the Lord will ask you to sacrifice them just like He asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. You will not lack in money or friends, so it would be reckless to choose the wrong path. By association, they can also signify how a woman will use her intellect. If you dream of seeing friends worship idols this presage much trouble for them and a break in your friendship. The object of your worship. Young people who dream of a field of ears, they announced a pleasing future. To dream that you are sailing on peaceful waters suggests that you are living life with ease. To see others worshiping idols, great differences will rise up between you and warm friends. An idol of steel, iron or copper means his single obsession in life is to seek the wealth and pleasures of the world.... Islamic Dream Interpretation. Be sure to analyze the significance of what is being dropped or smashed. If the one who is walking between the two hills in the dream is a judge, it means that he will be just and equitable. In city people and business, this same dream indicates favorable business and prosperity in the near future. Dreaming of sailors indicates a desire to take a long vacation.... Psycho Dream Interpretation, Symbolic of the empowering of the Holy Spirit or prophecy, 2 Peter 1:21... Christian Dream Symbols, One whose virtue is highly esteemed may be substituted by a saint; research name... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. Symbolizes the character and value. …Seeing them, indiscretion. In the same way, in India it is said that through dreams, a live wise man can equally serve their followers as one who has died can. Indicates fear of seeing their ideas rejected…. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Complete Dream Book. • Unfortunately in a church age of ‘super leaders’ there are many that turn the attention away from the Lord and onto them and ‘their gifts.’ It was unacceptable for the Children of Israel and it is still unacceptable in the church. If the idol is of silver it means he will either be in close proximity with sins or he will say falsehood (lie) to his wife. If you dream of a sailor you will be bound for a long and exiting ocean voyage. But if the dream of God comes to you it means you are a blessed person and God happy with you and your Karma.. What could dreaming about God mean. Some authors suggest that if flicker show disease problems or duels…. By association, they can also signify how a woman will use her intellect.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. The first is more to do with one-to-one relationships, while the second suggests more of a group effort. Start your journey for the meanings of your dreams here: Dreamed admiring idols of any age, religion or ideology warns that is stopping progress itself, which will prevent you succeed in business, excel in their jobs and achieve advantageous changes, which may result in disrepute. A mast under sail means everything is going well. To see a sailor in your dream signifies your desires for adventure and exploration. Do you see only pans of it? 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The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, (see also Guru, Holy / Holiness, Sacred, Wise Old Man / Woman). A symbol of the Jungian archetypal hero, the soldier is a symbol of the desire to succeed in life. Kiss the ground, it is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared to arrive penalties. This dream is a prevention against exaggerated impatience. You may be relocating or it may just be a journey away and back home again. Restlessness and a thirst for adventure gets you out of a rut, but you must not let the desire get out of hand. Sailing suggests a sense of spiritual freedom and the ability to use our intellect.... Dream Meanings of Versatile. One feels that a spiritual message is going to be presented. There are two explanations. When the two are perpendicular, it represents the balance of mind and body.... Ariadne's Book of Dream, To sail on a small vessel, denotes that your desires will not excel your power of possessing them. It may be the intuition of new possibilities in the immediate future…. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in our dream have close relationship with what have happened within our body (e.g. 49 – leprosy – A lucky number sleep leprosy – 49…. Your email address will not be published. Consider making a change or taking a vacation. Money, power, addiction, etc. When dreams stare down into the eyes of those before us reveals the fear to betray something we want to keep hidden. Spiritually, the sailor can signify communication. 2- If a sailor does appear in a dream, particularly in a woman’s, he is usually a somewhat romanticised figure and can represent the Hero (see Archetypes). -To Dream that we suffer from sight without wearing glasses shows a lack of courage that prevents us look straight facts. The Dream Books Symbols, If you are acclaimed as an idol but don’t see the faces of those who congratulate you, it means you are in danger (vanity is harming you). In spiritual terms, angels also symbolize pure beings and freedom from earthly matters. Also in this dream must take into account that can estarse showing sexual tendencies repressed…. Indicative of journeys. To dream of a saint signifies that you are about to receive an important and significant spiritual message.... Dream Symbols and Analysis, Dreams of a saint represent your connection to your own wisdom, unconditional love, and spirituality.