Smart branding masters know how to leverage every copy opportunity to align with their messaging. A study by Return Path found that 45% of recipients who had received win-back emails read subsequent messages. Check Out What’s New…, The motto for your re-engagement email campaigns should be “Near, far, wherever you are.”. Virtual events covering the latest eCommerce trends. Our clients earn a 38X monthly ROI from their email program. 20% off. With effective re-engagement campaigns, you can get customers back, and it costs cheaper than acquiring new ones. ReturnPath builds a GIF animated re-engagement email so subscribers can select their preferences. Why we recommend this customer engagement strategy: Readers oftentimes decide whether or not to read an article solely based on the headline alone. Reassure them that your product is worth keeping. For those who did not open your email, add “ Unengaged” tag to them. Glad to have you back {{firstname}} 3. And adding reviews to Twitter boosts time on site by 35%. 1. Highly personal and targeted, these emails show off your product’s core value, ferry your users to their “aha moments”, and get people engaging with your product and brand again and again. Here’s 15% OFF EVERYTHING — even furniture! Create custom-tailored loyalty and referral programs. Do you find our updates/suggestions/info valuable? It may be tempting to simply send an automatic response to unsatisfied customers, but the best company knows that putting the most effort into these customers gets the real rewards. Why should you use a re-engagement email campaign, 12 of the best re-engagement email examples, How to create a re-engagement email campaign to win back customers, 34 re-engagement email subject lines to win back inactive email subscribers, 5 Invaluable Welcome Email Templates For Your Fitness Boutique, Jim Katzaman - Get Debt-Free One Family at a Time, Why the W Hotels and Rent the Runway Partnership Is Brilliant, How to Avoid Depression That Hits in the Afternoon, Why You Should Pretend the Instagram Algorithm Doesn’t Exist, 7 Changes I Experienced After Pitching As a Duo For 3 Years, How COVID Will Change the Way We Prioritize Content Marketing, Submits a registration form on your website. From Facebook Ads to Google Shopping, and more. We miss you emails 1. at what our customers are saying about Yotpo. They feel a sense of ownership to seeing your company succeed, which is one of the main reasons we love this strategy tactic so much. Your new email subscribers show a high engagement with your brand, yet, some subscribers turn to inactive contacts after some time. For example, if you're trying to re-engage customers with an email list that includes your company's most recent blog posts, include a "blog posts you might have missed" section in your re-engagement email. See how industry-leading brands use Yotpo. We Want You Back! Speaking of re-engagement, will you come back for another blog article? This re-engagement message from Splitwise is minimalist and easy on the eyes. Subject Line: 20% Off. Integrate seamlessly with the tech you already use. The anniversary re-engagement email below has a playful design and shows that the sender cares about the customer. Using their mobile app avatar, with a sad crying face to draw emotional interest from their inactive users. Additionally, adding customer reviews to social channels increases on-site engagement. Today, we’ve all got digital fever and often forget that to rise above the noise and stand out, it may just mean going back to the basics. Have a great coupon idea? After you click, select the tag you want to add to contacts who opens your re-engagement email. They infuse it into microcontent because they know the small details add up to make the big picture. Effective customer engagement strategies primarily consist of advocacy and involvement. If you already run re-engagement campaigns, feel free to share with us your emails so we can add it to our email collection here. Busy bee? 1. Chubbies’ playful and spot-on frat bro marketing has tapped into their Millennial market. If people like your brand, they may come back to buy again. We don’t want your great content to go to waste. Birchbox does a great job of retaining its customers by offering rewards to previous purchasers. Put extra attention into unhappy customers. Solid branding starts with excellent copy. The latest on Yotpo announcements & product updates. 1. Are we on the same page? They open the email and respond to the customer, and remember how much they loved wearing the shoes at their sister’s wedding. At least you’ll be able to clean up your email list. (And you still have 20% OFF!) With a short and a creative CTA button “ GO”, they cracked the ingredients of a winner re-engagement email campaign. The best way to build continued customer engagement is through strong eCommerce branding. How to Squeeze More Engagement Out of Your Emails, 5 Email Personalization Tips to Increase Customer Engagement, Key Steps in Setting Up a Profitable Email Marketing Program. Clickbait headlines are so last year. Happy first anniversary to us 4. It’s very engaging. Instead, you MUST wake the sleeping contacts in your mailing list and try to re-activate them back again with re-engagement email campaigns. You’ll be surprised at just how willing they are to give their insight, and in doing so, become engaged with your product and brands. In the meantime, take a look To get you inspired, here are a few awesome ways different brands have approached re-engagement emails. 7. 1. But as an email marketer, you shouldn’t accept the fact that some contacts lose touch. That’s right, we’re investing all this time and money into trying to improve something mushy gushy: feelings. marketing consultants. Showcase customer photos and videos across the buyer journey. You can prove to them that they are wrong with a re-engagement campaign. Or if you want to give them a second chance to re-engage, resend your email to non-openers. Schedule a call with one of our marketing consultants to learn more. Instead of increasing your budget to increase your customer acquisition, you could start creating re-engagement email campaigns and achieve the same objective with fewer resources. Let’s Catch Up….2. There are all sorts of metrics to measure it, whether it be page views, time on site, or email open rates, but if we take away all the marketing mumbo jumbo, what is customer engagement and why does it matter? The example above shows how the lifecycle process works for social Q&A. Contact who do not click the CTA to remain in your email list will get “Unengaged” tag. You might need to create drip email campaign. They’ll want to unsubscribe and that’s all right too. Here is a video from Hubspot that pops up when somebody tries to unsubscribe. We have collected a list of 12 of the best re-engagement email campaign examples, let’s go through it one by one. 2. Subscribers turn inactive, that is a reality. If you’ve used different subject lines, tried different send times, mixed up your content, and your subscribers still won’t engage with your emails – it’s time to launch some re-engagement email campaigns. For one, people can relate to content written by real customers more than brand messaging. Because employee engagement is not just down to the leader or company – each person is responsible for his/her own level of engagement. Taking a page from Facebook, here are 5 kinds of engagement messages that work to activate, retain, and grow customers. According to a study by Salesforce, 63% of marketers said that re-engagement campaigns are “very effective”. You can create responsive email templates without any coding knowledge. The latest trends and strategies to drive sales this Black Friday. But customer reviews are a powerful way to re-engage current customers while also increasing your eCommerce conversion rates from social and raising brand awareness. 4. increasing your eCommerce conversion rates, gamification also builds customer loyalty, 20% of people who see a headline will click, how to get your brand fans to work for you, A Practical Playbook for Customer Loyalty Programs, Use a progress bar during sign up to keep new users engaged, Create leadership boards to ignite competition among new customers, Infuse standard post sign-up emails with challenges and rewards for continued participation.