Have five allies with 100 trust towards you each. Cookies help us deliver our Services. While they rebuild, you will have time to siege down their forts. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. This decreases Imperial Authority tick, as there are fewer princes, but they may be released after 1650 if their cores still exist. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Own and have cores on Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople as Coptic Ethiopia. What can I do to still get the mission? ], Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Is A Really Good Tactical Simulation. ® 2020 Strategy Gamer Trade Marks belong to their respective Owners. Instead, the region is divided between multiple tags, which have their own missions to form the tag. This can fire at any time after their starting king dies. The player will not be eligible to be emperor again until a Holy War has been won or tied (Peace of Westphalia). For this path, taking the Religious Idea group can be very beneficial if not actually required. As Aragon conquer all Mediterranean Centers of Trade. As Novgorod, have 90% trade share in White Sea while it's the world's highest valued trade node. Interestingly, the player may elect to keep the Austrian Archduchy but add a +2 Max Promoted Cultures modifier instead of adopting the Imperial Austrian Monarchy which makes the choice slightly less straight forward. As a Coptic Nation, gain all 5 Blessings. Start as Orissa and own or have a subject own all tropical wood provinces. It is located in Central Europe, bordered by Bohemia and minor German states to the north and west, Hungary and Cilli to the east, and Venice and Trent to the south. Form a Federation of at least six nations as the Iroquois. Additionally, Austria has a mission to receive a CB on Hungary if Austria and subjects development exceeds that of Hungary. If that doesnt work force any revolutionary nations to change govt. Form Bavaria starting as München and have your Subject Bremen own Werder. Let me know if anyone has experience with a similar scenario or more knowledge about how the revolutionary mechanic and mission works in 1.30. Since you as Austria have a guaranteed means of PU Milan, this can further tip solid control of the Empire to the Habsburgs. The powerful groups that deposed the boy king once do not seem disposed to accept him a second time. New Council of Trent mechanics to let Catholics to stem the tide of the Protestant Reformation. One easy way to do this is to revive peripheral nations with cores outside the realm. Own both a Protestant and a Reformed Center of Reformation, As Pueblo, own at least seven provinces with 10 development each. France can demand Burgundy for itself, leading to a war between Austria and Burgundy, against France and its vassal swarm. Own 100 or more provinces with no local autonomy or unrest. Own or have a subject own the entire world. Hungary starts off in an Interregnum, and will soon get the same heir as Austria has. However, it may not be up to you or your ability to keep the Italian Princes in line. Starting as Mzab, Touggourt or Djerid, reform Al-Andalus. Don't start with or own a 10 or more development province, and have the highest income in the world. They may well let their dynamic Hungarian regent Janos Hunyadi lead them instead. As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt. This PU may not last long, as it can be removed if Sforza turns Milan back into a monarchy. The Austrian Archduchy is a unique government type available only for Austria at the standard start that gives a significant bonus to retaining subject nations. That is mine! Go to war in support of a rebel faction and win, enforcing their demands. Poland is another nation that Austria can receive a PU on through its mission chain. The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire may be called into defensive wars against outside aggressors, and is also tasked with maintaining order in the empire and enforcing religious unity. I got the center in my own country, did the disaster and stopped the revolution but the mission is not done. If the Burgundian Succession AND Hungary's Automatic Personal Union doesn't fire, the effort to Reign in Italy will allow the Reformation to run rampant in the HRE and will destroy whatever imperial authority you managed to save in Italy. As Portugal, get owned provinces in Africa, India and Indonesia before 1500. Additionally, the truce time for breaking an alliance can add years of delay if unlucky. Starting as a Duchy, have 1000 development without upgrading your government rank.