The only exception to this rule is if you are going to hit an off-GCD action in that period of time after Disembowel wears off. The decision forces you to ask the simple question: “Will my Nastrond and Stardiver fall under more buffs (Lance Charge and Dragon Sight, primarily) by entering Life now, or if I enter in 30 more seconds, instead?” You should be considering the remaining time on the recast timers for your buff actions when making this decision. Armorer — Plate armor. This section requires playtesting. Because our buff actions fall into a rather static rotation (as seen above), we can extrapolate these concepts over the course of six minutes and get a general “Life of the Dragon Rotation” so to speak, which shows us when we hold it and when we don’t. After the final buff window, the rotation repeats from the 30s column, quite obviously. Our buffs fall on timers that function pretty well together in the duration of an encounter. As you can see, the only place we currently even employ this strategy is for our very first Life entry. This opener causes High Jump and Geirskogul to be separated enough so they don’t accidentally collide too easily. When re-engaging (be it after forced disengages or because you felt like taking a lap around the arena), you always only have two options for what you will lead with. Unlike other Jobs – especially other melee – which rely upon a priority system for their basic GCD rotation, Dragoon instead has static buttons to press in a specific order with very little variance. This is done by a simple modification to our basic rotation: When dealing with any more than two targets, we want to roll into our Coerthan Torment Combo. The formula to directly generate the potency needed per enemy column, knowing the amount of enemies (n) is: Because of the nature of this formula, it has an absolute maximum value of 1600 – meaning that, no matter how many enemies you are facing, if you have over 1600 in per-target area-of-effect off gcd actions available to use in those 30 seconds, Disembowel is always worth using. At 4, you just need 75 potency! You need to be close to the target of your affections to properly give them a buff. Everything is placed so that this speed tier feels more comfy than it would with things in different places. Up until Patch 2.45, most of the armor for Lancers and Dragoons traded off magic defense for higher defense. Spark Spear 5. lvl 20: Platoon Lance 6. lvl 28: Military Spear 7. lvl 30: Royal Squire's Halberd 8. lvl 34: Lance (Lance +1) 9. lvl 38: Obelisk Lance (Obelisk Lance +1) 10. lvl 4… (previous page) 5. Yeah, it is. 4. The way I’ve organized the melds is very particular in that they meld the exact same materia into every piece they share, so you’ll just need to swap which pieces you have equipped to change between the sets! Eve Malqir (Ultros) – the primary writer of this guide; always open to answering questions! If at least one buff has less than 30s remaining, If all buffs have more than 30s remaining, but at least one has less than 60s, If all buffs have more than 60s remaining. In other words: You should always strive to land every positional in any situation where it is easy to do so, however, there is a priority system to what you should be focused on while learning to optimize a fight. Soft targeting (up/down on d-pad) without a macro if you play with a controller. The short answer is yes, you should be using Disembowel during trash. The numbers beneath it would shift in favor of covering that Full Thrust quite significantly. Otherwise, you will get 8. These two effects are essential to dishing out proper amounts of damage. It’s slow enough for easy double weaves, but fast enough for 9 GCDs in buffs if you push for it. The latter two (2.45 and 2.38) can actually both be built on one character and freely swapped between. Dragoon is a very static melee dps Job. They’re broken down into several combo chains with various effects and uses.