Since the food is prepared much more meticulously, Fuddruckers prices are going to be higher than other fast food or fast casual burgers. In 2017, it was also included in the Top 500 Chains in the Burger Category. While hamburgers are the main focus, the Fuddruckers menu also consists of burgers with chicken, fish and exotic meats. Fuddruckers bake their own hamburger buns and ground their own meat. They make their own hamburger patty using 100% fresh beef, they bake their buns on a daily basis, and they make sure that their food is always served fresh. Grilled chicken tops Romaine lettuce, apple slices, Bleu cheese crumbles, dried cranberries and crunchy almonds. Order Online. Fuddruckers is an American fast casual restaurant chain specializing in hamburgers, which was founded in 1979 by Phillip J. Romano in San Antonio, Texas and now possesses over 77 company-operated restaurants and 111 franchises across the United States. You may also try the veggie burger or the chicken breast sandwich that may either be served grilled or fried. You get to add your cool toppings to any burger at Fuddruckers so that you can customize it just to your liking. Fuddruckers Menu Prices Popularly known as the place that creates the World’s Greatest Hamburgers, Fuddruckers is a fast-food chain headquartered in Texas. Fuddruckers Menu Prices Fun Fact: The originally location was previously a bank. Add $3.65 to make your meals a combo which includes fries and a drink. The family friendly atmosphere makes Fuddruckers a great place for the family or for meeting up with friends. World's Greatest Hamburgers. If you love hamburgers, then we strongly recommend you stick to the many choices on the menu that feature this specialty of the house. Company trademarks are the property of the respective company and their presence does not necessarily mean that has an affiliation with the company. $6.39. Whether you stop in for lunch or dinner, there is plenty on the menu for everyone. So Fuddruckers bake ‘em from scratch, in house, just in time for you to eat ‘em warm and melt-in-the-mouth fresh. Fast Food Prices > Fuddruckers Prices. The food is also fast and convenient. View the latest Fuddruckers prices for the entire menu including hamburgers, Fudds favorites, exotics, salads, chicken, specialties, and kids meals. Below are the latest Fuddruckers menu prices. Popularly known as the place that creates the World’s Greatest Hamburgers, Fuddruckers is a fast-food chain headquartered in Texas. You are here: There were 150 locations in the chain by 1988 when Romano left to go on to found Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Although best known for hamburgers, Fuddruckers makes other great foods, including this favorite from the menu. As of 2018, it has over two hundred locations worldwide, particularly in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Our menu offers something for everyone: creamy shakes, onion rings, crispy chicken tenders, awesome salads or nachos. But you a sure to taste the difference in quality and size. In other words, they make their hamburgers from scratch all on the Fuddruckers Menu Prices. The menu at Fuddruckers highlights the best in hamburgers in a fast casual environment. You have come to the right place for the complete menu with prices for Fuddruckers®. Fuddruckers bake their own hamburger buns and ground their own meat. Super fresh, never preserved, pure USDA prime cut beef is the starting point. But their hamburgers are the most popular dish on the menu. These prices range from $1 to $2. In addition to serving the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers”, Fuddruckers also has chicken sandwiches, nachos, shrimp, various salads, and a few different sides. Are you gonna bring the old ones back. This website is not associated with Fuddruckers. Don't Be Surprised By The Cost of Fast Food. One of the most useful kitchen appliances is a high-speed blender, hence it’s important that... Dollar Menu: McDonalds Menu Prices, History & Review. © 2017 The restaurant was started in order to offer customers large hamburgers that used meat and buns that were ground and baked on-site. The … All Rights Reserved. Fuddruckers honors its promise for the World’s Best Hamburger with 100% fresh ground beef with no fillers, buns baked on site, and fresh ingredients on the toppings bar for a customized burger experience. Businessman Philip J. Romano founded the restaurant in Texas in 1979. Top it how you like it for $9.69. $5.39. Fuddruckers is a fast casual restaurant chain that specializes in hamburgers. This is the ‘on the side’ bar where you take your burger for all the fixins’ you can eat. They are always cheerful and will definitely brighten your day! The Original Fudds. Then choose either a specialty burger or customize your toppings. Here is a chance to really try something you probably haven’t had before. The menu is Elk burger, Buffalo burger, and American Kobe burgers. Fuddruckers Menu and Prices. And all these prices are $9.99. This menu option lets you start with a basic burger and select the hot toppings such as bacon, fried egg or chili that you want to add for an additional $1.00 each.