Try to buy seasonal produce when you can and make sure your store cupboard is stacked. We like French green lentils, which hold their shape when cooked. No washing, peeling or chopping required! Between the fatty sausage and bacon, the potatoes, and the nutrient-dense kale, having a cup of this Zuppa Toscana will truly leave you feeling full for hours. LOG IN") }}. To save time, we're using a bag of frozen grilled and marinated vegetables, then adding big flavor with marinated goat cheese. Freezable feasts like Chicken Chilli to serve over jacket potatoes, with rice or baked between fresh lasagne sheets. Paired with beans, it makes a filling vegetarian meal. We love the unique combination of blueberries, edamame, and goat cheese. Greens on greens on greens! Warm roasted mushroom, kale and pumpkin salad with... Chicken and roast vege salad with lemon chilli... Orechiette with roast cauliflower and garlic-lemon crumb, Herby rice salad with grilled chicken and kalettes. Although, in this light and healthy recipe the kale remains the main star when it comes to capturing flavor. This champion of all leafy greens is so versatile and incredibly good for you. By Heidirs. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Plus, it's dairy-free! is part of the AllRecipes Food Group. This champion of all leafy greens is so versatile and incredibly good for you. Perfect party dips for sharing with friends and family. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. For convenience, you can make this soup with frozen kale without the need to thaw it beforehand. This unique kale smoothie recipe is jam-packed with healthy ingredients but it's too heavy so it's perfect for breakfast or a post-workout meal. The salad dressing ties all the flavors together. Enjoy this salad on its own as a side dish or add cooked chicken, shrimp or steak to make it a full meal. The crunchy seed topping is the perfect textural juxtaposition to a creamy dressing, soft pears and tender massaged kale salad. This kale recipe was made to make your taste buds sing! Mediterranean kale and freekeh stew 1 … This kale and quinoa bowl is the perfect swap for when you're craving a rice bowl, but the mix of bright flavors and different textures might even make it your new favorite kind of bowl to reach for. In this healthy kale salad recipe, you massage the dressing into the kale, tenderizing the leaves and infusing the salad with sweet balsamic flavor. Serve with wild rice or roasted potatoes. Kale and mushroom rice bowl Mains. The addition of mashed potatoes gives this an upside-down shepherd's pie feel. The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. Prepare a week's worth of lunches in about 10 minutes using a handful of ingredients from your local specialty grocery store. © 2020 Healthy Food Guide. RELATED: The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. You won't have to think twice next time you're contemplating a comfort food feast. Swapping out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes adds a sweet, unique taste that blends so well with the kale, tangy barbeque sauce, and seasoned ground beef. Everyone loves to snack, so why not use your kale to make a healthier option? Tips that mean you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time chillaxing with friends. Most importantly, the creamy pesto is tasty and vegan. When it comes to the health and weight loss benefits, does one green fare better than the other? Not only is this one of our favorite meal prep-friendly kale recipes, but it also has an exceptional source of protein (with 24 grams) and natural fibers (11 grams). And does Ina Garten really own every Taylor Swift album out there? This healthy mason jar salad is a great staple for all kale lovers! This Mediterranean fish recipe makes a tasty and healthful weeknight meal.