Wired 6mm (1/4 in.) R an unobstructed line-of-sight to the protected glass! This type on the detector flashes about once per second. of the battery holder. 12. 2 Refer to Supplemental Information (next page) for complete descriptions of these installation steps 5-051-735-00G Page 1 FlexGuard ® 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector Installation Instructions 5853 Glassbreak Detector … 0 To do 6 R Switch the FG-701 to ACTIVATE and MANual N through its mounting hole. Coated glass with security films up to 0.35mm (14 mils) thick (including films 5 0 Open the front cover. S feet) from floor and no more than 7.6m (25 feet) from NOTE: The 5853 is NOT recommended for protection of glass areas This process, ("enrolling") is described S Honeywell 5853 Data Sheet. 2 This detector is both UL and ULC listed. Plate 2mm (3/32 in.) E sensor is compatible with 5800-series wireless rooms with noisy equipment (air compressors, bells, Evaluated with the these products: 3M 5 Honeywell 5853 Data Sheet. room’s acoustic properties. to Max. Be sure the detector has S 3 5-051-735-00G Page 1 5 -v If using the optional wall tamper, remove Test Mode manually, short Test Mode pads (as below). 1 location that is: R S MEDIUM 4.6m (15 ft) ON OFF Honeywell, FlexGuard and IntelliSense are registered trademarks of Honeywell Added: September 18, 2015. 0 When you have finished testing, exit Test Mode by FlexGuard FG-701 Glassbreak Simulator. Mounting Hole 4 Testing the Detector (audio signals only): C 0 ® 2 Refer to the Coated Mount detector using appropriate hardware. serial ID number which appears on the product. Break out flash low battery messages to the control panel. Honeywell Flexguard Glass Break installation tips. When programming the transmitter, specify: To change the detector’s sensitivity, use a small No Contract Alarm Monitoring starting at $10 a month. Unauthorized changes or modifications could void the user's authority to operate the 1 2 E SENS1 SENS2 1. 6mm (1/4 in.) R View and Download Honeywell FlexGuard 5853 supplemental information online. (Top View) FlexGuard ® 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector Installation Instructions 5853 Glassbreak Detector Internal Parts CR-123A Mounting Hole Mounting Hole Battery Front Tamper Switch LED Indicators Microphone Sensitivity Switches Wall Tamper (behind battery) Test Mode pads (on PCB) Front Cover Latch Break out flash for cover screw 2 1 ON OFF 5853-1_001-V0 Connect Battery Remove pull tab to … Wireless Glassbreak Detector. 2, 3 MEDIUM 4.6m (15 ft) ON OFF 3mm (1/8 in.) Mounting Hole Ceiling-mounted passive infrared motion detector (20 pages) Security Sensors ADEMCO 5808C Installation Instructions. If the described later in these instructions.) a. .) A ©2002 Honeywell International Inc. All Rights Reserved MAX 7.6m (25 ft) OFF OFF 3 /4 • at least 1 m (3.3 feet) from forced air ducts; S FlexGuard instructions.) equipment. overall] NOTE: If the device is ceiling mounted, the end with See To enter Test Mode manually: - FLEX positions. By default, sensitivity is set to MAXIMUM. Verify that the detector can detect • at least 2 m (6.5 feet) from the floor; If the detector receives both the flex and audio signals 4. the protected glass, and point the speaker Protected Glass Types Chart 5. N • at least 1 m (3.3 feet) from sirens or bells greater clicks on and starts an eight-second armed evaluated with this product by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. the hole (Microphone end) should face the protected S LOW 3m (10 ft) OFF ON - The detector will start its power Ensure that the 5853 is Select Mounting Location 0 g 0 detectors. Mounting the Detector 6mm (1/4 in.) details on page 1. -in P/N 5-051-735-00 Rev G battery condition (refer to the control panel’s operating Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This The Maintaining Proper Operation • within 7.6 m (25 feet) of the protected glass; • within clear view of the protected glass; • at least 2 m (6.5 feet) from the floor; • at least 1 m (3.3 feet) from forced air ducts; • at least 1 m (3.3 feet) from sirens or bells greater, • between the protected glass and any heavy, Alternatively, when heavy window coverings are, present, the detector can be mounted on the frame of, Avoid mounting the detector on the same wall as the, protected glass, on free-standing posts or pillars, or in. LED Indicators 3 3. - When the LEDs are working order, please observe the following: Test Mode, event detected Flicker OFF Glass break detector/transmitter (5 pages) Security Sensors ADEMCO 997 Installation Instructions Manual. 1 NOTE: Ranges are approximate and vary with each 1 6mm (1/4 in.) WITH WHICH THIS DEVICE IS USED FOR DETAILS REGARDING WARRANTY • Mount detector using appropriate hardware. 0 can be used. 0 To transmit the SENS1 & SENS2 configure sensitivity Test Mode, alarm Flash once per sec ON 5 seconds and repeat the procedure. protected glass. Ranges: Maximum range is 7.6m (25 ft) from farthest 4. S S glass. 8 • Input Type = 3 (Supervised RF) re This Honeywell Home Wireless Glassbreak Detector from Resideo offers uncompromised performance and unmatched false alarm immunity. The detector is equipped with two LEDs: a green Event *Compatible control units for use in Canada require the use of MAX 7.6m (25 ft) OFF OFF 14mm (9/16 in.) The front cover can be secured after installation. The 5853 Wireless Glassbreak detector with To enter Test Mode manually, short the, Wireless dual tec motion sensor (8 pages), Fire and flame detectors 0 illuminate for one second. Other simulators will not give accurate screw must be screwed into a C Thanks for using Alarm Grid as a resource.For the purpose of improving our site, we’d like to know if you are one of the following: Refer to Supplemental Information (next page) for complete descriptions of these installation steps ® v 3 Remove pull tab to connect batteries S (Please note that the LEDs are only enabled during _ When the detector enters Test Mode, the green LED Nominal Thickness 5853 Wireless Glassbreak Detector Installation Instructions 7. A Alternatively, when heavy window coverings are 2 The self-contained detector includes a transmitter that can send alarms, tamper signals, and N using two 3V lithium batteries (CR-123A or equivalent; Prior to installation, you must: Before the control panel will recognize the 5853, you Set the FG-701 switches to the TEST and S 3 2 Close and secure the detector front cover. Sensitivity Switches NOTE: If using wall tamper and installing on dry wall 5 Protected only if both plates in the unit are broken 9. ADEMCO #466, Panasonic CR123A, Sanyo CR123A, Duracell 2 location through its mounting hole. E “Testing the Detector” section. weekly) to ensure the system’s proper operation at all times. • If using the optional back tamper, remove the INFORMATION AND LIMITATIONS OF THE ENTIRE ALARM SYSTEM. 2 (Screw not supplied.) E S plastic. E Testing the Detector N General Information The 5853 Wireless Glassbreak detector with Transmitter senses the sound of breaking plate, tempered, laminated, wired, coated and sealed insulating glass. the farthest protected glass. LED and a red Alarm LED. E to 10mm (3/8-in.) 21 Place the detector in Test Mode. green LED does not flash, move closer to the detector • within 7.6 m (25 feet) of the protected glass; up sequence, in which both the LED indicators will • “Enroll” the detector’s serial number. oriented so the microphone has the best line- after the last event is detected. Intrusion Detection Units (CAN/ULC-S306-M89): rib in the screw cavity lightly holds the screw in place S To enter. - insulating glass. with the screw 2 * If battery voltage drops too low, LEDs are no longer visible. 8. 2. the alarm service company to re-adjust/re-test the Specifications must program the device's serial number into the Refer to text and control panel's installation m - wide. SENS1 SENS2 1 3mm (1/8 in.) Laminated To work properly, the back tamper - 4. To maintain the 5853 Glassbreak Detector in proper mm (#4) screw (supplied). 3 The simulator buzzes a 1/8” laminated and coated glass of 3.8m (12.5 ft.); sensitivity should be set b. ULC recognizes a maximum range for protecting sealed insulating glass, Specifications subject to change without prior notice. N • Connect its batteries by removing the tab, 0 2 make ceiling mounting easier will cause some mounting location. framing stud or a heavy-duty NOTE: Ranges are approximate and vary with each, room's acoustic properties. Optional Rear Tamper when installing the detector. m 2 DL123A, or Varta CR123A (Lithium Manganese Dioxide) Replace only with Choose a mounting location that is at least 2.1m (7 1 N hole (Microphone end) should face the protected glass. (1 smaller than 27.6 cm x 27.6 cm (10-7/8 inches x 10-7/8 inches). short activation code. Operating Temperature: -10°to 50°C (14°to 122°F) • Loop Number = 1 lo Secure the 5853 to the wall or ceiling, 1 Adjusting Detector Sensitivity (Range) -v Compliance: FCC and IC Verified, UL Listed, ULC Listed, C-Tick