You must be logged in to post a comment or question. Discussion in 'Diet, Nutrition and Supplements' started by gymgurl, Dec 6, 2006. Is Stainless Steel Cookware a Good Choice? I don't agree with what Anna said because I know for a fact that cooked meat and most cheeses will last just fine for many hours (6 hours is perfectly fine). Cottage cheese will generally keep for about one week after the "sell by" or " best before" date on the package, assuming it has been continuously refrigerated. Will the Rules Be Changed? BYOB: It Also Means "Bring your own bag. FAQs Answered By Our Board Scientists: on Chickens, Bananas, Old Salad Dressing, and More, FAQs about Shelf Life: Tortillas, Pancakes, Wine, and More. Can I microwave food in my plastic containers? Is information on food longevity and safety available by phone? How To Freeze Foods: The Quicker The Better, What You Can Freeze And What You Can't--Or Shouldn't. FAQs about Plastic Products Used with Food. What do the terms closed dating and open dating mean? 1 decade ago. IIFYM - Try to get most of your macros from whole foods. Does mold ever grow on nonperishable food? Part I: Non-perishables, How Long Will They REALLY last? Are Ceramic and Enamel Cookware Safe and Practical? Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: CO2 “Pasteurized” Cottage Cheese. What produce needs to be wrapped before refrigerating? FAQ about Pasta Sauce—How Long Dare I Keep the Open Jar? Does the plastic used in water bottles pose a health risk? Is it safe to heat frozen entrées in their plastic containers and with their plastic wrap? FAQs on Reheating Food: Pizza, Chicken, and Everything Else. Crock Pot Cooking Tips for that Ideal Winter Dinner, Cucumbers: for Cool--and "Cool"--Summer Treats, Going Away for All or Part of the Winter? What shouldn’t I do or eat at a farmers’ market? Food/Meat Thermometers—What You Need to Know. Our Board Scientists Talk about 2015 Food Trends, Portabella Mushrooms and Their Relatives: How to Handle Them, Ten Exotic Fruits: Novel Treats to Drink and Eat, Tips on Fishing and on Selecting Healthful Fish, Tips on Making Food Appealing, Food Safety and BPA (again), Want to get some/all of your protein from plants? How Many Bacteria Does It Take to Cause Illness? If you’re cooking a soup or a sauce on the stove, you can toss in the frozen cubes directly, without thawing them first. Will Organic Baby Food Make Baby Healthier? What Brands of Cookware are Recommended by Experts? Can I Still Eat It? Does Organic Food Taste Better than Conventional Food? Why does foil sometimes darken, discolor, and leave black specks on food? You must be logged in to post a comment or question. How Long Should Cheese Be Aged? Part I: Non-perishables, How Long Will They REALLY last? How should fruits be wrapped before refrigeration? Can chemicals leach unto food from plastic wrap or containers? Leftover Fruit and Veggies? Everything You Need to Know about Wrapping Food Right. Soft cheeses such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, shredded cheeses, and goat cheese must be refrigerated for safety. How Often Should You Defrost And Clean Your Freezer? Is Organically Grown Food Better for the Environment? Missing Chickens: Where Have All the Small Ones Gone? And you’re not quite sure how long an opened cottage cheese lasts until it goes bad. What food groups commonly have preservatives in them? Here are predictions from folks in the know, About the Sometimes Unsavory Sources of American Food, It Says "Use By Tomorrow," But You Don't Have To, Food Allergies: Recognizing and Controlling Them, “Is It Spoiled?” When in Doubt, Check It Out, Recent Recalls: Salmonella Threatens 100s of Products, Why You Need a Safe Cooking Temperature Chart and How to Get One Right Now, “Myth-information” about Food Safety: You’d Better Not Believe It, After The Storm: What You Can Save and What You Must Throw Out, How to Protect Your Food During a Power Outage, Organic Food, GMOs, the Safety of American Food, the Value of Use-By Dates, and More--Scientists Tell Us What They Think, Raw chicken, Leftovers, Deli Meats, and More-- What Surveyed Scientists Said, Tips About 4 Popular Beverages: Wine, Coffee, Water, and Soda, Tips on Reheating for Safe, Yummy Leftovers, Tips on Water Safety During and After a Storm, Introducing our Advisory Board Scientists, Dr. Karin Allen, a Food Scientist We’re Glad to Have Aboard Our Board, Scientist Travels to Tajikistan to Help Farmers. Why does refrigeration keep bacteria from multiplying? Syrup from a Tree or from a Lab--Which Should You Pour on Your Pancakes? Are Ceramic and Enamel Cookware Safe and Practical? ), which contain BPA? Will Genetically Engineered Salmon Be Coming to Your Dinner Table? More FAQs about Minimum Safe Cooking Temperatures: Pork and Other Perishables. Certain other things like mayo, however, will not last much longer than a few hours (its tastes changes a bit...and beyond 6-8 hours, it gets nasty). Does Using Aluminum Cookware Increase the Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease? It is time to dispose of your milk if you notice anything but a smooth texture pouring out. Prepare Your Kitchen for your Absence. All rights reserved. FAQ about Pasta Sauce—How Long Dare I Keep the Open Jar?