Use room temperature filtered or spring water. I searched on online Japanese pages but it looks like there’s no specific guidelines (in regards to tea/ice ratio) for ice brewing. Knowing this up front makes a world of difference. Add water. You can’t use an infusing basket, but something like the Vivd Brewpot would work. As the brewing temperature is so low, preheating is an important part of the brewing process. The components of the flavor are so massive that some people describe the taste similar to a Japanese soup stock. Brewing Instructions The First Infusion—Cold Brew. Pass a small amount of hot water through your teaware before pouring in the water you will use to brew. If brewed like sencha, although it may taste "okay", it will taste completely different than it should. The first step in brewing gyokuro tea is to make sure that your … It grows in the shade, which causes an increase in the amino acids (theanine), caffeine and nutrients in the leaves, resulting in a sweet, vegetal flavor and a distinct aroma. This is the first time that I try it. Observe th… Scoop one heaping tablespoon of Gyokuro into a 12 ounce teapot with built-in mesh strainer. Once the water is ready, pour it into the teapot and leave the lid off. Prepare your tools and tea leaves. Place your pre-measured leaf into the teapot while waiting for the water to cool to a couple degrees hotter than the desired temperature. “The key point of brewing Gyokuro is to take enough time with a tender care.” Gyokuro is the best qualified tea produced with special technic which minimizes bitterness and pulls out sweetness from tea leaves. The science behind ice brewing Gyokuro is one of the most expensive Japanese teas available and also one of the healthiest. The brewing temperature, brew time, and proportion of tea to water are quite different. I’ll be ice brewing gyokuro, but you can ice brew sencha as well. Add tea. Ice brewing, or ice steeping, is called kooridashi (氷出し) in Japanese. Gyokuro is not brewed like the normal sencha green tea one may normally encounter. Dispose of this water and pass the brewing water from your cups to your teapot, and back to the cups.