A rude businessman soon loses his customers. He finds a redemption of sorts when he recovers his family, The punters understand that when all is said and done, it doesn't really matter who wins or, The real difference between industrial premises and State buildings is that the latter are not rateable and as such the local economy, Yet as soon as the young are hatched out, the bird, If there are any kings in the deal then no one is allowed to trade and whoever was dealt the lowest card, Irresistibly propelled by its walking bass, Mirrors of Fire is a driving, dramatic piece which never, And whether their preferred candidate wins or, The retailer has to refund the costs if it, He tries organizing competing industries, but, She prefers her other suitor, George Neville, but when Griffith, If any one buy the field, garden, and house of a chieftain, man, or one subject to quit-rent, his contract tablet of sale shall be broken and he, The boy is shocked at the old man's death and, Out of greediness to get both, he chops at the shadow, and, You don't want to get on that guy's bad side. He loses his sense of honour, and often his regard for truth. Thus she loses all the charm of the unforeseen. He is a soft-spoken man and never loses his temper. Even when you do not have proper sleep your face looks tired and loses its glow. 4. When a horse is in a blind panic … Let difficulties occur but not the loss of courage. He is a soft spoken man and never loses his temper. He never loses his temper or presence of mind even in the gravest moments. Short Example Sentence for Loses 1. It is in fact an impossibility that loss should go on without regeneration, for if any part of the sun's body loses heat, it will be unable to support the pressure of neighbouring parts upon it; it will therefore be compressed, in a general sense towards the sun's centre, the velocities of its molecules will rise, and its temperature will again tend upwards. He, This means that, should the professor leave the university, he or she also, A government is not required to resign even if it, He must never wait until attacked because he then, I have many times felt pity for the river Alyn at the point where it, If however he does not act or does not put in sufficient effort he, Jones is recorded as having 52 professional fights, with 46 wins, 3, In general, the deep sea is considered to start at the aphotic zone, the point where sunlight, Another subtype is an island or bar formed by deposition of tiny rocks where water current, In sedimentology compaction refers to the process by which a sediment progressively, It is considered to be subtle and more aromatic in flavour than cassia and it, No matter what the size or type of community, you'll have critics, and they are not always just soreheads who are unhappy when a team, Xerotic dermatitis, or dry skin, is caused when skin, The reasonable rear seat remains intact and the trunk, In desperation, he tries to grab the rain gutter, but with his sprained wrist, the pain is too great, and he, In another case observed by Alecu, it has been noted that the handset does not reboot but temporarily, He's cut out of the family photo, shunned at the mosque and he, Luv U Mate also talked about the aphotic zone, the point where sunlight, But the authors cover all the stages and issues thoroughly, even if their approach is so unwaveringly politically correct it occasionally, When a large number of crystallographic defects bind these planes together, graphite, Its dangers are more obvious travelling from Scafell Pike, but travelling from Scafell, the route, Thus, in the reaction, the reductant or reducing agent, If the Court decides that the President is guilty then the President, But a man like Mortimer Sturgis, with thirty-eight golfless years behind him, is swept off his feet. 184+64 sentence examples: 1. A beautiful object like that never loses its value. 6. A correct answer wins six points, but a wrong answer, It seems the perils of plucky Paula are to continue, whether she wins or, He seems most at home when talking about business and, To avoid this accrual, the taxpayer can pay the disputed tax and file a refund claim, preventing interest from accruing if the taxpayer, In fact, the narrative is full of loose ends and red herrings, and the episodic writing frequently, The government responds by sending in the Delta Force, but, It is when he moves to a higher level of argument that Ricks. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lose, By these principles, every considerable father of a family, However, the moment we consider human history more attentively, it, He glories each time you get a promotion, is in gloom each time your side, The lowest savagery scarcely ever, if ever, wholly, When he ain't robbed of 'is money, he wastes it; and when 'e don't do either, he, And you others, I spik to you: somtimes von, A concession in which the governing power of our country, I was like a man who has been buffeted by the sea or by a mob till he, This is the most valuable part of petroleum, and if it be exposed to the sun a single day it, The first day of thaw usually ends tracking because the investigator, In the middle of the picture is a watercourse, which is crossed by a bridge and, We must consider it apart from its German peculiarities, and with respect to what it gains or, The man runs round a ring formed by his own talent, falls into an admiration of it, and, Brother and Mickey try to find a missing gem which their teacher, Whether the owner of the merchandise eventually, Let him get from the Indian what the latter is able to give; for he who tries to get everything, This must be admitted; it cannot fail to be admitted, that when the restriction raises the price of things, the consumer, Before us lies the valley of the Drave, one of those endless wildernesses where even the wild beast.