MESH CLOTH and THIN ROPE on TORN SIEVE; earn SIEVE. After the battle Katia will l isn'ten to the last words of her father. Place LILY AMULET; take BLUE CRYSTAL (A). Also, pack as many fire weapon cards as you can, as they are very useful in this level. Tiger Mage, Kitty Trap, Ghost Armor, Chaos Knight, Mole MonsterCards Found: Running Bird, Ghost Armor x2, Mind Flayer, Flying Ray, Ly can'thrope, Cockatrice, Ghoul, Jack-O-Lantern, Sea Monk, FenrilItems Found: 3 red fairies, keyTop Rating: 5 battles, 11 kills, 136 damage, 1 cardRewards: *Chaos Knight*, Ghost Armor x2, Tiger Mage x3. on February 9, 2020, There are no reviews yet. After the battle open the chest to get the Kendarie Runestone. Use FILE; take DOOR KEY and BRIMSTONE (I). Now walk to the center of this area to begin a tough boss battle. Use DAGGER; read note; take HEALER KIT and SUGAR (M). Use FIRE BERRIES; take CLEANSER and MESH CLOTH (N). Hidden-object puzzles are referred to as HOPs. Read note; use rake; take 3/5 POTION INGREDIENT (A). Take them out as soon as possible to give yourself some more room to maneuver in. Go into the room he beyond him and pull the lever. Use WATERING CAN; earn POISONED WATER (J). Search the corpses around the red fairy to find an Evil Eye card, as well as a Gold Butterfly card. Curse of the Pharaoh: Napoleon's Secret Game Walkthrough, Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey Game Walkthrough, Mae Q'West and the Sign of the Stars Walkthrough. Just up the right wall there is a pair of houses. Use HOOK ON A ROPE; open chest; take SCRAPER and SWORD CRYSTAL (T). watch out for them! Real-time action RPG that takes you on a mysterious journey to confront a malevolent force that threatens the future of the world. Use SWORD; select 8 berries (pink); earn FIRE BERRIES. To redo this level, just don\t pick up the herbs. Zoom in and select each crystal area (1-5). Go left from the entrance to find a red fairy. Use CLIPPERS; take HILT, TASKS, and MEDICO IMPERIUM BADGE (G). Behind the two houses there is a bunch of crates. Empire874 12,438 views. Hard solution Ax3-Cx3-Bx3-Dx2-Ex3-Fx2-Gx3-Hx3-I-Ax3-I-Ax3-J-Fx3-J-B-Fx3. Players will also find complete coverage of all Guardian Creature Cards and incredible boss strategy to defeat every enemy. These bosses can be captured, so I suggest capturing some, unless you have a pair of each already. Use GOLDEN KNIFE; take CHISEL and 2/3 MAGICAL AMULET (F). Place STONE AMULET; take INCOMPLETE SHIELD and 4/5 POTION INGREDIENT (C). Make sure to keep the Zombie Dragon between you and the Lich at all times, and hammer away at the dragon first, then the Lich (or for less experience, kill the Lich first and the Zombie Dragon falls automatically). Ignore them and go around the house on the left to find a pair of chests. Place SHIELD INLAY; solution G-I-E-F-G-H-K-L-M-I-K-J. Now return to the first room that had a lift and use the one that you didn?t before. You don?t have to follow the guard, if you don?t want to. Place GEMSTONE INLAY; take 1/2 METAL FINGER and UNCHARGED CRYSTAL (B). Welcome to my First Let's Play Series. Follow the thief there. The Lich and the Zombie Dragon make a great pair of foes to fight at the same time. Use BLOWING HORN; earn 1/3 MAGICAL AMULET (D). Keep going until you encounter a large block of ice in your path. Use BOTTLE OF WATER; take 3/3 MAGICAL AMULET and WATERING CAN (D). You can capture as many Ice Golems as you want, in this manner. provides a comprehensive walkthrough to ensure victory. Lost Kingdoms II Cube Previews | Apr 6, 2003. Leave the dead-end and follow the left wall again. The first Lost Kingdoms was a surprisingly popular RPG on a system that, at the time, had absolutely none. Use DUSTER; take 3/3 CASKET DECORATIONS and MAGNET (S). their long reach makes them a pain to avoid. This mission is now over. Go through it and open the two chests to get a red fairy and a Fenril card. This mini-game is randomly generated (F). Collect the Stone Head card, the Jack-O-Lantern card and the Crystal Rose card before backing out of the dead-end and continuing along the right wall. 3 SWORD PARTS and SWORD CRYSTAL on SWORD HANDLE; earn SWORD. Take 1/5 POTION INGREDIENT; place AMBER'S NECKLACE and BOOSTER POTION (O). Use SHOVEL; take 3/3 IMPERIAL INSIGNIA and OIL CAN (H). use ranged attacks to kill it before it kills you). Go back to the deck point and then go through the nearby narrow canyon. Zoom in; select each of 5 areas with crystals (L). Any cards given by the guards here can be collected every time that you enter the castle. FISHING LINE AND HOOK on BROKEN FISHING ROD; earn FISHING ROD. Talk to the soldier by the throne to finish the level off. Move items; take 1/2 PALETTE AND BRUSH (T). Use HEALING POTION; earn EMPTY BOTTLE (J). Open them to get a Kitty Trap card and a Hand of Pain card. Go through the fence to find the cemetery. Dark Strokes: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom Walkthrough. Place, select CERTIFICATE; take HANDKERCHIEF and DIRTY MAGIC CRYSTAL (R). The first time you?ll have to fight a single Jack-O-Lantern or Caterpoker. Use SCRAPER; earn 2/5 POTION INGREDIENT (N). MAGIC CRYSTALS in UNFINISHED POTION; earn FERTILIZING POTION. Tips to find all magical items … Climb the stairs now and ignore the well, unless you are ready to beat the level. He tells you that the thief ran to the Yyprek Mines. Open them to get three Hobgoblin cards. all you want to do now is find all the treasure anyways. Use SWORD and HAMMER; take EMPEROR CARVEN'S SWORD (B). Go around the bend to find a pair of chests. one of the toughest battles here is against a pair of earth creatures. Follow the right wall until you come to a locked gate. It poisons you and then tries to use a large spinning blade attack ? BRUSH on PALETTE; earn PALETTE AND BRUSH. Controls 3. In LOST KINGDOMS II, you by a peculiar twist of fate are once again the protector of Argwyll from evilpowers. Go into the passage on Katia?s right and open the chest to get a Stone Head card. Take FEATHERS AND ROPE, 1/2 POSTER, and MAP (C). Use STICK WITH ROPE; take STAMENS and 5/5 POTION INGREDIENT (I). Read note; take CERTIFICATE (N). Return to the deck point. There are two red fairies and three chests there. Go through the gate and follow the right wall to find a pair of chests. Use your strongest attacks to take it out - fast. The complete bestiary outlines the strengths and weaknesses of every enemy and boss, while the detailed maps depict every area and pinpoint key items. Use FIREPROOF MITTEN; take 3/5 POTION INGREDIENT (F). Use MAGNET; take SCRAPER and GEMSTONE (N). At this point in time, Gurd has a different set of cards for sale. Open bag; take 3/5 POTION INGREDIENT and SEAWEED (F). See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by This guide will not show HOP solutions. Once you are ready to continue on with the game, simply collect the three herbs. 14:45. Go down the narrow path and pick up the Crystal Rose that is lying by the crevice. Easy solution (B-D)-(B-2)-(1-3)-(F-H)-(I-J). Flying Ray, Sasquatch (bosses), Land Shark, Crystal Rose, Ice Golem, Larval Fly, ElephantCards Found: Giant Crab x4, Flying Ray, Hobgoblin x3, Crystal Rose, Ice Golem, Sand Beetle, Elephant, Land Shark, Fairy, CarbuncleItems Found: 5 red fairies, Fruit of Mandragora, Bark of Treant, Man Trap LeafTop Rating: 6 battles, 11 kills, 95 damage, 3 cardsRewards: Elephant x3, Crystal Rose x2, *Sasquatch*. Go down the left passage now and pick up the red fairy along the way. Dark Parables: The Red Riding Hood Sisters Walkthrough. Open them to get two Dragon Knight cards. Make sure that you get into a few battles, if you want a good rating. 6.2. Keep following the right wall to get to a fence. Place 2 RINGS; take MAGIC PRISM and RAKE (H). Right in the first cart you will find a red fairy. Use SPEAR; take 2/2 TOMB DECORATION and BAG EMBLEM (K). Use HOOK ON A CHAIN; take STONE AMULET and SHIELD EMBLEM (B). They are normally weak, but with the enhancement from the Beelzabub, they deal a lot more damage! Instead continue down the path that was opposite of the stairs. These are the guides I have for Lost Kingdoms 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Use AXE; take 1/2 STONE AMULET and SAW (B). Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. The fourth battle is with a Caterpoker and a Jack-O-Lantern. Use SIEVE; earn 2/3 ELDER AMULET PART (A). Open them to get two Giant Crab cards. Now you can enter the room on the other side of the hall. Open the chest there to get a Caterpoker card. Use HAIR PIN; take FILE and 3/3 CRYSTAL (S). Try to capture the latter monster a few times before beating this level. This independent card will halve the magic stone costs of all cards while in play! SHIELD EMBLEM on INCOMPLETE SHIELD; earn SHIELD. Give APPLE; take MACHETE and FISHING LINE AND HOOK (A). SCISSORS PART and SCREW on BROKEN SCISSORS; earn SCISSORS. PUMP and SPRAYER on BROKEN SYRINGE; earn SYRINGE. Do so to fight an Ice Golem. Congratulations! Place BOWSTRING and ARROW INLAY; take HOOK, 2/5 POTION INGREDIENT, and 3/5 INGREDIENT (A). Place HAT; talk; take HANDLE and AXE (E). This page is designed to be very google friendly; if you're stuck and googling to get past a certain part of the game that's what I am here for! FISHING REEL and HOOK on BROKEN FISHING ROD; earn FISHING ROD. Place GLOBE PART; take BATON and POUCH (G). Grab it and then leave the level. Use SMELLING SALTS; earn BOTTLE OF WATER (C).