More info. Clicking the “Sync to Teams” button will then allow Social Squared to be accessed from within a Teams channel. This site lets you sign in with the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in to Windows 10. We analyze the quality of our software products continuously with Rencore. As well as adding Social Squared to a Microsoft Teams Tab, you can also add Social Squared as a Microsoft Teams Personal App. Download and add an forum to your ASP.NET-based site in seconds. .NET Forum: Whether your preference is default, dark or high contrast, Social Squared is designed to work optimally within each display mode. Social Squared is a Microsoft Teams Discussion Board App enabling Microsoft Teams users to benefit from structured forum discussions where topics and replies to topics can be discovered easily. To deploy Social Squared as a personal app, you can add Social Squared to your SharePoint App Catalog, and then click the “Sync to Microsoft Teams” button. Easily integrated into existing .NET-websites (both design and authentication). Other languages can be easily added using ASP.NET resources. Scroll down and click the Discussion Board App button. The Discussion Board search allows you to perform searches relevant to the displayed forum groups. Employee engagement is enhanced through features such as Mark as Answered, Make Sticky, Gamification, Ratings and Voting. Microsoft Teams Members benefit from a structured discussion forum tool allowing questions to be asked and responded to. To try using a discussion board, first go to Microsoft’s site. Jitbit's ASP.NET forum lets users sign in with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social Squared is also available as a SharePoint Client Side Web Part. The Discussion Board layout for posts makes it easier to find answers to questions that may have already been asked before. Within this video, we demonstrate how Social Squared can provide Discussion Board functionality within Microsoft Teams Channels and as a Microsoft Teams Personal App. You’re ready to start a discussion. From the topics view within the Discussion Board, you’ll be able to see which topics have been marked as answered, viewed the most, rated, marked as sticky and more. Social Squared is a Discussion Board App for Microsoft Teams Tab’s and Microsoft Teams Personal Apps. Download and add an forum to your ASP.NET-based site in seconds. The same content repository is shared between Microsoft Teams and SharePoint allowing users to post and reply to posts through their favourite platform. Social Squared is deployed to the Microsoft SharePoint App Catalog using a simple drag and drop. Social Squared contains it’s own forum search allowing topics and replies to topics to be searched. Social Squared provides information workers the ability to post questions within relevant forums, and receive answers from their team. Topic views give you access to posts from your team members. On the lower-left corner of the screen, the default language and region is English. Click the Create button. ASP.NET Forum. ocial Squared for Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft Teams Discussion Board App that allows Discussion Forums to be easily created within Microsoft Teams Channels or as a Microsoft Teams Personal App. The Forum is compatible with MS SQL Server, MySQL and even Access database engines. Why not arrange a short 30 minute demonstration to see if we can address your needs? Social Squared supports all three display modes within Microsoft Teams. This allows for discussion boards to span bigger audiences that span multiple Teams and provide organization wide topics. Possible Windows-integrated authentication - integrate this message board with your existing Active Directory users catalog. Users can also benefit from the rich Social Squared mobile phone app available for IOS and Android devices. OpenID is also supported - log in with a Google/Yahoo/ account. Source codes license available. However, with the content also stored within SharePoint lists, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint searches will also return security trimmed Topics. Easily view topics, reply to topics, subscribe to topics, and Add new topics. Microsoft Teams Members benefit from a structured discussion forum tool allowing questions to be asked and responded to. (50 ratings), Email activation, spam protection and more, 101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, UK. These tags help with finding content relevant to your questions or needs. Check the forum online demo. Create user-groups, assign posting and reading permissions to users, moderate messages, activate user-accounts by email and more. Type a name for the discussion board in the Name text box. Congratulations! Easily customize the look-and-feel for your forum, configure the forum to accept your existing users (via ASP.NET authentication or built-in Auth-API"). We understand that you may not have time to trial our software. Some discussion boards require that you become a member, with a username, and sign in before you can post. For each channel within the Team, a different Forum Group can optionally be selected allowing for more focused forums within each channel. The Forum software is built with the C# language, you can have the source code version if you want. Our forum easily integrates into existing ASP.NET-based websites, optionally offering a "single-sign-on" functionality for your existing users.