Once they are set, move to an airtight container in the fridge - or freezer. And that’s it for recipe notes – grab your food processor and let’s get to it! https://sareenasfood.com/2020/03/mint-chocolate-energy-balls-gluten-free Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Transfer the dough to a mixing bowl and stir in the chopped dark chocolate and puffed rice. Other than that, it’s the usual suspects: dates, almonds (or another nut if you prefer), cacao powder, chopped dark chocolate, and peppermint essential oil. Divide the mixture into 12 equal portions - approximately 30g in weight each. It's free. Number two, they are so incredibly simple to make! Refrigerate until they are firm. 4 tsp cacao powder Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Prep Time. If batter is too … We hope you enjoy this blog post, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media – we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Hi friends! We are in the process of designing flyers and recipe cards so if you email us directly on sayhello@eatdrinklivewell.com we can let you know when they will be ready. These energy balls are special because they have crisped rice in them. I hope you’re doing well. Sign up to receive our newsletter and be the first to see new recipes and excellent healthy tips. By hand: Add all ingredients (except the water) to a bowl and stir to combine. ( Log Out /  ¾ cup almonds Yield: 20 1-inch balls Time: 15 minutes. If you like the energy balls on … You can use a spoon or your hands for this part – personally I think it works best to mash the mixture against the side of the bowl with the palm of my hand to really get it mixed evenly. Finally the coconut oil adds a creamy sweetness but also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, helping to support the immune system – if you’ve made our homemade coconut milk, use your remaining dessicated coconut or coconut flour to dust! Servings: Prep Time: 30 balls: 10 minutes: Servings: Prep Time: 30 balls: 10 minutes: Ingredients. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Using your hands roll … Ingredients. Chocolate Mint Energy Balls are here to save the day! Hi yes pitted dates would work equally well – but as they’re not as moist, you may need to soak them in just a little warm water for around 20 minutes to soften them up. I package a set of two of these in those snack-sized Ziploc bags and keep them in a bin in the fridge. Required fields are marked *. 34g. You simply combine everything together and pulse it! Chickpea Shells with Creamy Peanut-Sesame Sauce. Pit the dates, then add dates, cacao, and peppermint oil to the food processor and pulse again until the dates are completely blended and a sticky dough forms. A mouth watering treat that's perfect for on the go. Process until the mixture comes together in a ball, Take large teaspoon sized chunks of the mixture and quickly and vigorously roll into balls - if you take too long the mixture heats up and becomes sticky, Put the dessicated coconut on a plate and roll each ball through, before laying on a plate or baking tray and store in the fridge. Which is really important if, like me, you’re a busy person and have other things on the list but still want to have a healthy snack in the fridge for emergencies. 25 min . Process until the nuts … Add the cashews and almonds to a food processor outfitted with an S blade. ( Log Out /  What is yours? And don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive a monthly update of our recipes, nutrition tips and expert advice. We combine them with sunflower seeds – the richest seed source of vitamin E as well as high fibre and antioxidant prunes and dates for sweetness. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Pulse the almonds in a food processor until coarsely chopped. Total Time. Scoop into 1 inch balls, and place on a parchment lined sheet. Next you roll them into one inch balls and place them on a parchment lined baking tray. Mint Chocolate Energy Balls. Pulse the pecans in the food processor until they are ground in small chunks. My youngest is allergic to nuts and I have found recipes similar to this all packed with nuts so it was refreshing to find one that is based on seeds and I absolutely love the addition of the mint. Small, healthy and portable snackettes that take just 10 minutes to make. If batter is too thick, add a tablespoon of milk of choice, until a thick batter is formed. Form 1" balls with your hands and place on a parchment-lined plate. Peanut Butter Pretzel Fudge (Gluten Free), Lemon Poppyseed Overnight Oats (Gluten Free), Chocolate Cranberry Overnight Oats (Gluten Free), Earl Grey & Lavender Overnight Oats (Gluten Free), Banana Cream Pie Overnight Oats (Gluten Free). Save Recipe. No baking, and you’re done in under 20 minutes. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Like I said, it’s all about having that healthy alternative! 1 drop peppermint essential oil Prep Time. Small, healthy and portable snackettes that take just 10 minutes to make. Mint Chocolate Energy Balls Easy Grab and Go Snack. I not only want to share these recipes with you, my goal is to help you enjoy your food journey through them. Glad they are going down so well, I’ve been making all sorts of variations of these but the mint really does help bring out the flavour. I’m Hannah, a student and lover of all things food and health. I hope you’ll stay awhile and explore! If you can’t find this specific almond butter, substitute regular almond butter, and add more peppermint oil to the mixture to give it the pleasant minty flavor. *, CLINICAL NUTRITION AND FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE: GIVING YOU ALL THE TOOLS TO BRING YOU TO OPTIMUM HEALTH |. ⅓-½ cup chopped dark chocolate 12. Roll into balls about 1 inch in diameter. I like to make a double or even triple batch of these chocolate mint balls. We make a few different types – but these mint chocolate energy balls are definitely among our favourites; they taste great but are also nut-free, so if you have children, they can include them in a lunchbox. Your email address will not be published. Energy balls are literally so simple to make – just throw a bunch of ingredients in the food processor and then roll the resulting dough into balls.