See our Bed Area Calculator. recurvus) is a rare and unique flower, with large white petals and a single splash of yellow and red in the center. [28] The plant has naturalized throughout the eastern half of the United States and Canada, along with some western states and provinces. J. Linn. Other pollinators, Toxic to [17][18][19] The fragrant Narcissus poeticus has also been recognized as the flower that Persephone and her companions were gathering when Hades abducted her into the Underworld, according to Hellmut Baumann in The Greek Plant World in Myth, Art, and Literature. Flora of Great Britain and Ireland 5: 363, as, Dulac, Joseph. It is the type species of the genus Narcissus and is widely naturalized in North America. Poets Narcissus is a beautiful white and yellow spring-flowering perennial bulbous herb that grows up to 1'5". Flowers are scapose, horizontal to ascending, fragrant, 2-3" in diameter, and is subtended by a one-valved membranous spathe. recurvus is classified as a wild species (Division X). They can be planted upon receipt. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates. The shoots often curl around the bulbs, pointing opposite gravity. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [12][13], The earliest mention of poet's daffodil is likely in the Historia Plantarum (VI.6.9), the main botanical writing of Theophrastus (371 – c. 287 BCE), who wrote about a spring-blooming narcissus that the Loeb Classical Library editors identify as Narcissus poeticus. [21], In medicine, it was described by Dioscorides in his Materia Medica as "Being laid on with Loliacean meal, & honey it draws out splinters". Want Garden Inspiration? [22] James Sutherland also mentioned it in his Hortus Medicus Edinburgensis. Please note: Amaryllis bulbs may start growing before they are potted. Flora of Turkey and the east Aegean islands. [14] According to Theophrastus, the narcissus (νάρκισσος), also called leirion (λείριον), has a leafless stem, with the flower at the top. Birds, No reported toxicity to Narcissus poeticus var. Spring-flowering bulbs must be planted in the fall. It's not unusual for paperwhites to begin to sprout while in storage. Plant them where they will get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, even after they have finished flowering and the trees have leafed out. Plant 6 weeks before the first freeze, 4-5" below the soil surface. 1992 (Dict Gard). Auflage. & T. F. Vining Flora of Maine: a manual for identification of native and naturalized vascular plants of Maine. Sur la phylogénie des espéces du genre:Narcissus L. Bol. 2. Item # 3402: Botanical Name: Narcissus poeticus var. 1993 (Flower Oils), Pignatti, S. Flora d'Italia. Common Name(s): Narcissus Recurvus; Old Pheasant's Eye; Pheasant's Eye Daffodil; Poet's Narcissus; Phonetic Spelling nar-SIS-us po-ET-ih-kus This plant has low severity poison characteristics. This plant is tolerant of heat and drought. 1996. First mentioned in European gardens in 1831 (but native to Turkey), Narcissus poeticus var recurvus is a very late-blooming variety with a large, rounded perianth and a tiny center of lime green ringed with a … N.C. Flowers have a sweet fragrance. 1952- (F Afr Nord) 75. As long as the ground is not frozen, you can still plant. [31], N. poeticus var. Flowers have a sweet fragrance. [20] Linnaeus, who gave the flower its name, quite possibly did so because he believed it was the one that inspired the tale of Narcissus, handed down by poets since ancient times. ",, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Webster's third new international dictionary. Strongly scented, award-winner Narcissus poeticus var. Narcissus yellow stripe virus is an infrequent problem. See below Description. People, No reported toxicity to Genus: Narcissus Species: poeticus var. Narcissus oil is used as a principal ingredient in 11% of modern quality perfumes—including 'Fatale' and 'Samsara'—as a floral concrete or absolute. recurvus (poeticus Daffodil), Great Plant Combination Ideas with Narcissus - Daffodils. Use our interactive toolsto design your dream garden. If bloom quality and quantity decline over time, clumps may be divided by digging just after the foliage dies back. 1976- (F Libya), Botanical Society of the British Isles BSBI taxon database (on-line resource). Herbs, spices, and medicinal plants, 2 vols. It rises 12-14” tall in spring. Bees, Does not attract recurvus: Synonym: Pheasant's Eye: Bulb Size: 14–16cm: Catalog Page (2020) 107 1995 (L USSR), Davis, P. H., ed. Avoid areas where water stands after a rainstorm. Each flower features recurved white petals (perianth segments) and a small yellow cup (corona) with a distinctive red rim. Leaves are basal, strap-like, entire, erect, green to blue-green and glaucous, and less than an inch wide. 1964-1980 (F Eur), Walters, S. M. et al., eds. Cats, Toxic to Paperwhites can be potted upon receipt. In 4 easy steps! A bunch of the cut flowers will easily scent a room indoors. They mix well with other spring-flowering bulbs.