Nothing will promote your bar better than being the venue of an artistic event. These bar and restaurant promotion ideas tap into every guest’s need for a little friendly competition. Bars and singles have a special bond; you can target them. Not to mention that video is the new buzzword for sharable content. I’d to play again in teams to add the combative element! You can promote your bar through the blog and get people to love the blog by making it casual and fun. Use the emojis on your phone to create emoji challenges and then save to Google Docs. Name the event, players guess the date. You can add humorous stories that happened in the bar, talk about a new dish, tell your customers about gastronomy, and whatnot. Thanks for sharing these tips. The Top 64 Shelving Ideas – Interior Home and Design November 21, 2020; The Top 20 Country Kitchen Ideas – Interior Home and Design November 20, 2020; The Top 54 Kitchen Window Ideas – Interior Home and Design November 19, 2020; The Top 36 Laundry Closet Ideas – Interior Home and Design November 15, 2020 Ever thought how well you can use sports for the publicity of your bar? Looking to try a few new pub quiz round ideas and keep your pals on their toes? What better way to start your weekend than getting drunk in some fun bar game? From the sofa scene in Friends to Winterfell, challenge your teams to name the correct show’s set. See more ideas about pub, pub signs, british pub. How I make money You can post about this on your social media pages to create a hype and even send personal messages to your regulars to act as reminders to visit you. Marketing and promotion strategies are must for every kind of business and for bars, it is even more crucial due to the high competition. Now I have Bucks Fizz’s Eurovision song in my head. A blog for a bar may sound like a bizarre idea, but the fact that you are a bar allows you to add elements that you might not normally see in a blog. Be known for something, then that dish or drink will automatically promote your bar. You can have competitions like ”Ultimate Gaming Showdown” or ”Dart King”. Match the food product with the celeb endorsement. Aug 20, 2016 - Explore Wendy Parker's board "Funny pub names" on Pinterest. Your email address will not be published. Here is a list of innovative bar promotion ideas for you to look at when you are in a tight spot but want to increase your bar rush! Next time, the very mention of the dish will remind people of your bar. If you want to cool the pressure, you can remove the 40-minute time limit. Work with us Given that they have a huge fan base and people take their word as true, they can go a long way in promoting your bar. Take a story or an event and make it into a rap. Guess the song title and the artist name. Guess the movies, books or ads by their famous straplines. Draw or say the instructions to famous dances, players guess the dance and song. Examples – Pinky and the Brain, Narcos and X Files. You could keep different discounts on your drinks that go with these theme nights, and thereby ensure an increase in restaurant sales in spite of discounts offered. Log into Instagram, choose the Stories circle at the top, scroll until you find the green screen filter. Letting them on the other side of the bar, getting your team, and the workings of your bar on their channel and giving them the best of experience would mean, by extension, letting their entire fanbase understand how your bar is. Several couples and people on first dates will love to be a part of this fun. Provide your email for instructions and puzzles. With global trends merging, Karaoke is one of the best bar promotion ideas. Consider: Marge Simpson, Walter White, Jennifer Aniston and Grace Jones. Worried about Declining Restaurant Sales? Freaking tough I tell you. [Disclaimer] [Privacy], Plan a trip You can run an online campaign and generate a hashtag for the competition. Bloggers have the power to make your brand when promotions come. This guide outlines fun quiz rounds for general knowledge, picture rounds, music and the unusual so you can plan your trivia night quickly and successfully. A recommendation from a food blogger will create the buzz that your bar needs. Alternatively, give the players the password to sign on and see the puzzles on the secret website. Find famous people in hats, cancel out the celeb and guess the hat. Never underestimate the power of micro-influencers. Letting them on the other side of the bar, getting your team, and the workings of your bar on their channel and giving them the best of experience would mean, by extension, letting their entire fanbase understand how your bar is. Be mindful of who is taking part as some quiz shows will look different around the world. Fun Games You Can Play on Zoom + Other Video Platforms, The best virtual tours with guides online, You’ll never go in the water again (Jaws). Celeb pets, book covers, record sleeves, movie posters, sports stadiums, epic dance scenes, waterfalls, historic castles, cereal boxes, the list is endless. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, enter the quirky pubs with rooms that have just about the most flamboyant furnishings you’ve ever seen. Customer service is quick to respond so if you have any issues on the run-up to the game just give them an email as I did. The reason is the promotional message may not be relevant to your customers! Use them to upsell your brand by giving them the incentive to bring new people in. We did this for my brother’s birthday quiz using images of Scotty Oh through the ages. A bit of competition is healthy for your bar, especially when it attracts people and boosts sales. Not only will it bring in huge crowds of people, but it will also feature your bar on the social media handles of the event and initiate word of mouth marketing. Check out this list of Welsh towns for starters. A blog for your bar can get you, regular readers, and patrons, for your bar, create a dialogue among your patrons and improve your online discoverability beyond social media pages and online delivery channels. You can give them extra points on your loyalty program for referrals. Go plastic-free Millennials hunt for places offering this experience, and so having karaoke nights will undoubtedly give your bar the publicity and the edge that it requires. If you are targeting a growing customer base that visits your bar frequently but does not spend much, you should consider running a visit-based loyalty rewards program. The prize can be vouchers for your bar, a free drink for the winner for a month, or even a feature on all your social media pages. Restaurant Times is an online publication for everyone who is interested in Restaurants and Food & Business Industry. Everything Edinburgh has created a puzzle pack which you can download here. Heads to consider: Aladdin, Sherlock Holmes, Blossom and Queen Elizabeth. The list of bar promotion ideas will be incomplete if Happy Hours is not mentioned. 14 Quiz Round Ideas To Take Your Virtual Quiz Game From Same Old To Next Level. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, enter the quirky pubs with rooms that have just about the most flamboyant furnishings you’ve ever seen. For instance, if you are hosting a Ladies’Ladies’ Night at your pub, you should be sending an SMS or email about the same to your female customers, and not to the entire database. Get yourself a signature dish or drink and publicize yourself as the house of that item on all your social media pages. Place landmarks, countries, political leaders etc into a correct timeline. One of the most tried and tested ways to promote your bar and rope in several people on slow nights or even daytime is to run a happy hour or one on one scheme. I played The Puzzle a little differently since we only had six friends getting involved. Famous eyes to consider: Bowie, Elton John, Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany flicks), Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We include a professionally recorded audio round and handouts with each trivia night package on our site. Here are 4 Strategies to Generate... How To Start A Restaurant Business In India – A Step... 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