I tried two well-known, ready-to-bake cookie dough brands to find out which is better. This will help prevent the candy or sprinkles from burning. How to bake frozen cookie dough. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. https://www.pillsbury.com/products/cookies/holiday-shape-cookies Yes, making cookies from scratch is great, and we probably did that once in a while. There weren't a lot of chocolate chips in these cookies, but it was totally fine because that meant more dough. I poked a hole in both packages with my knife and was easily able to slice the Toll House plastic. Both ready-to-bake logs of dough are sealed using metal twists, so the way I've come to open them is by cutting off one end. Like Annie's, Sweet Loren's contained enough dough for 12 cookies. But if you're looking for pretty cookies, you'll want to look elsewhere — the dough didn't break cleanly or easily, so the cookies come out in all different sizes. If your dough is not formed and needs to be scooped or shaped, let it defrost in the refrigerator for 24 hours before using. As the holiday season approaches, visions of baked goods start dancing in our heads. When I’m in need of a sweet treat, nothing hits the spot like a freshly baked cookie! I tried 4 kinds of instant mac and cheese and thought Kraft's Easy Mac was the tastiest, I tried Krispy Kreme's new Butterfinger doughnuts and found the chocolate and peanut butter treats perfectly sweet and salty, NYC's trendiest chicken chain has released a new chicken sandwich to rival Popeyes', and it completely destroys its competition. But if you love a crispy cookie, these could be for you. That’s plenty for you to share with friends and still have plenty to keep for yourself. The least expensive of the doughs, Walmart's store brand stacked up pretty nicely against its name-brand competitors. However, just because something is organic doesn't mean it's necessarily good for you, seeing as Annie's had the highest calorie count of any of the cookie dough with 140 calories per cookie. Milk chocolate has added milk fats, so it’s creamy and smooth when melted. Remember, your cookies will continue to set after you pull them from the oven, so as soon as the edges start to brown, remove them from the heat. After baking, make sure your cookies are completely cooled before storing. Who said you needed to leave your couch to eat gourmet? Let us know in the comments below! If you prefer a crunchier cookie that's got some texture on the surface and chocolate chips that are still intact, I think the Pillsbury ready-to-bake dough is for you. Even though they looked different, I wasn't able to taste a major difference when it came to flavor. No wonder it's so popular. In terms of flavor, Soozie's dough produced some of the tastiest cookies. And of course, trying out lots of new recipes on her family and friends! $42.50 (19) Free Standard S&H. Because of this, they had fewer calories: only 80 calories per cookie. They had bigger chocolate chips and better cookie flavor than some other brands we tried. I had to make several incisions in the Pillsbury package in order to get it open. The real difference lies in the texture of the two cookies. Our ready-to-eat Félix & Norton cookies are baked fresh on demand and shipped right to your front door. And Pillsbury's dough was really, really delicious. I thought the raw Pillsbury dough had more of a grainy texture to it than Nestlé's dough. ​Looking for some delicious cookie recipes? Home-baked cookies never came easier. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. You can also freeze them for several months. I found that the texture of the Toll House dough was softer than Pillsbury's, but I didn't think it had as much flavor. Plus, the cookies maintained their chewiness, even a day after baking. Stored this way, your dough should last several months. At just 80 calories per cookie, the Nestle Toll House dough tasted the best after baking. This really comes down to a matter of taste, but for a gooey, sweet cookie, we suggest milk chocolate. Available for 3 Easy Payments. Oat milk came in dead last. Ready-to-bake cookie dough is convenient, affordable, and tasty. They usually come in small tubes that might make two dozen cookies — if you’re lucky and no one takes a few bites of the raw dough. The non-stick coating provides better release and makes the pan easier to clean! In my opinion, the chocolate chips did have more flavor than those in the Pillsbury mixture, though. Granulated white sugar is great for thin, crispy cookies, as it helps your dough spread on the pan. Nestlé's cookies melted outward, flattened, and became visibly smoother as they cooked. If you’re planning to keep them longer than 3 days, store them in the freezer to help them maintain their freshness! The package yields 144 cookies. If the edges of your cookies are firm and don’t make an indent when lightly pushed, they’re done. We tasted and ranked 7 different types of dairy and non-dairy milks. What other cookie tips and tricks do you have? When baked, the cookies were also a little bit smaller than other brands. When it comes to pans, bake your cookies on a non-stick cookie sheet (unless the recipe says otherwise). If you prefer a crunchier cookie that's got some texture on the surface and chocolate chips that are still intact, I think the Pillsbury ready-to-bake … They were also the crunchiest, so if you're looking for a soft, homemade cookie, this isn't it. The Nestle Toll House cookies stayed chewier for longer while I found that the Pillsbury cookies hardened and got crunchy throughout more quickly. Wrap them in plastic wrap, then aluminum foil, and freeze until ready to eat. Bake time for your cookies will depend on your recipe. So, make some room in the freezer and stock up on some cookie dough before the holidays! The Test Kitchen Team is responsible for recipe development and product testing. Cookie Scoop: Cookie scoops are great for getting uniform cookies that bake evenly. But Sam’s Club is all about buying in bulk, and now they even have huge cases of cookie dough for sale! The thoughts expressed are those of the author(s). $42.50 (19) Free Standard S&H. These oatmeal raisin cookies look like the ones Grandma may have made, but you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cranking them out. For drop cookies, like chocolate chip cookies, form cookie dough into small balls and place in a reusable freezer bag. We tried cookies baked from six different brands of ready-to-bake dough. Fourteen minutes was the sweet spot for my experiment, but it's important to note that all ovens are different. Fortunately for those with dietary restrictions, these convenient cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. since. They were both supposed to be baked on a cookie sheet at around 350 degrees for a minimum of 12 minutes. It's worth noting that these cookies were a bit smaller and less round than some other cookies since they retained part of their square dough shape even after baking.