It has been used for cleansing and purifying incenses since ancient times. The flowers, originally white, … Some associate the rosary beads with roses, partly because the Latin word for a rosary means a garland of roses, and others connect the roses with the Virgin Mary. Rosemary is also associated with the goddess Aphrodite–Greek artwork depicting this goddess of love sometimes includes images of a plant believed to be rosemary. Stuff a healing poppet with dried rosemary to take advantage of its medicinal properties, or mix with juniper berries and burn in a sickroom to promote healthy recovery. Rosemary was worn by medieval brides and carried by wedding guests as a token of love and virtue. Its Latin name is “dew of the sea.” A Rosemary bush in your garden is a good companion plant for cabbage, beans, sage, and carrots. (because it was first discovered growing along hillsides close to the ocean), one explanation can be traced back to England where the plant was a sign for remembering the Virgin Mary. A tradition English rhyme says, “Rosemary is for remembrance Between us day and night Wishing I may always have you in my sight.” For remembrance, this was often used at funerals. Rosemary officinalis was a common and relatively large shrubby herb found throughout the Middle East during the time of Mary and Joseph. An old saying has it, “Where Rosemary grows, the woman rules.” It was said that Rosemary would only flourish in a garden where the lady of the house wore the pants. Occult properties of herbs are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. The purple of Advent and Lent is the color that bookends the life of Jesus. Place Rosemary leaves into a spell bag made of muslin and place in your bath for cleansing, blessing, and purification. A shrubby evergreen bush, native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary is now cultivated worldwide. Rosemary was once grown in kitchen gardens and was said to represent the dominance of the lady of the house. ← Older Post The heat of the sun against the clothing drew the oils into the cloth to freshen and again protect. The purple of Advent and Lent is the color that bookends the life of Jesus. Rosemary’s piney, medicinal fragrance brightens the flavor of roasted meat, soups, and breads. The name derives from two Latin terms “Ros” meaning ‘dew’ and “Marinus” “meaning “of the sea”. Create a garland using fresh Rosemary sprigs to hang near the entrance of your home to protect from negative energies, to keep thieves away, and/or to keep your partner faithful. Here again rosemary was used. The name Rosemary is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "dew of the sea, or rosemary (herb)".. The Question and Answer section for Rosemary’s Baby is a great (Citing Rosemary’s early Goddess lore, some writers go with Venus.). ). It can grow up to 2 meters high and has lush green, needle-shaped leaves and when flowering has pale blue flowers. Rosemary Spiritual And Magical Properties. The essential oil of the rosemary plant is great for cleansing your magical tools, such as athames and wands. The Craft of the Old Ones: Six excellent witchcraft books from the 80s and 90s, Honoring Pagan elders: Five simple ways to show your love. It helpeth the brain, strengtheneth the memorie, and is very medicinable for the head. Native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves. The Bramford itself has a storied history involving actors and theatrical professionals. Some Christian folklore claims that rosemary can live up to thirty-three years. Love, lust, memory and mourning can all be argued as strong themes attached to the plant and are generally dependent upon the country or religion being talked about. Although Rosemary is generally now counted as a Masculine/Solar herb, the feminine association was stronger once upon a time. It only takes a minute. Use rosemary for purification and other magical needs. In this inverted Biblical tale, Rosemary/The Virgin Mary gives birth not to Jesus, but to Adrian, the son of the devil, leading Roman to exclaim "God is dead!". The name derives from two Latin terms “Ros” meaning ‘dew’ and “Marinus” “meaning “of the sea”. This woody plant was also known to provide delicious flavoring for game and poultry. The film ironically exploits the fact that the coven is able to invade the Woodhouses' apartment even after Rosemary has locked and chained the only door. Rosemary and Guy have not yet fallen prey to the clutches of The Bramford's satanic coven. Another property of the rosemary is, it affects the heart.". Especially in Old World witchcraft, Rosemary is burned to purify a room or ritual space before magickal workings. In the language of flowers this herb symbolizes remembrance. Language of Flowers, Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Include it in sun magick rituals. The scent of rosemary is believed to enhance a sharp memory. Rosemary, Although you may not have noticed, rosemary does grow a small purple or white flower towards the end of wintertime and because of this, the herb has become associated with its own symbolic floral meaning. Interestingly, for an herb plant, rosemary is surprisingly hardy. The plant’s fragrance is its claim to fame since the needles are used to infuse scents found in shampoos, lotions, soaps and several aromatic healing elixirs. Rosemary's Baby essays are academic essays for citation. It is also an excellent flavoring for potato dishes and other root vegetables. Rosemary is used as a symbol of love and to bless weddings with fidelity, honesty, longevity, and wisdom. Rosemary was once grown in kitchen gardens and was said to represent the dominance of the lady of the house. Roman reveals his father was a theatrical producer and mentions stage legends like Minnie Maddern Fiske, after whom Minnie seems to have been named. Magickal Uses of Rosemary Rosemary is one of the most important Old World magickal herbs.