Also, only available on their website. It’s worth noting that I’ve only competed in SBD Knee Sleeves over the last three years and plan to compete in the Sling Shot sleeves later this year, so I cannot speak to their performance in a meet setting…yet. The next category I compared these knee sleeves in was competition. BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting. Right off the bat, if you’re on a budget, then I’d recommend looking into more cost efficient sleeves, however, both options will last for a while, so they could be well worth the investment. or make 4 interest-free payments of Some knee sleeves can be worn around the hamstrings and calves as well. There are different levels of thickness knee sleeves provide for athletes, and their thickness is often dependent on an athlete’s sport and needs. The sleeve offers a tight and stable fit and is a solid balance of snug versus versatility. The sizing chart of these sleeves fit true to the actual size of my leg. When it comes to our knees, we often times neglect just how much of a beating they take each and every day. All are sold as a pair and are designed to minimize the risk of injury by adding compression to increase blood flow and keep the muscle warm in efforts to aid in overall strength and performance. I didn’t sense any immediate durability issues with these sleeves throughout my gym sessions. There is always this skepticism among knee sleeves users about which is best to choose between 5mm vs 7mm knee sleeve. If you’re a serious strength athlete, then I think investing in either of these pairs would be a good bet for ensuring solid performance and long-term durability. More info. For this reason, I’m going to award both sleeves with the win here. Check out their prices below. New York, NY 10001 Second, I really liked how it snaps back to it’s original shape when bent. You get a uniform compression around the knee, no part of your knee will be left out. Both of these knee sleeves are comfortable and neither felt off putting to wear for longer workouts, however, I do think SBD has a slight edge here. First, I really liked how the material isn’t sponge-like, so it didn’t absorb sweat and stain easily. Thankfully, knee sleeves exist and SBD as a company works to provide the best workout equipment to keep you as effective as possible. With 7mm knee sleeve, you feel better in terms of safety, it boosts your confidence, squatting becomes safer. Also, they provide a strong, stable feeling, which a lot of lifters prefer when moving maximal loads. The ends are tapered nicely to keep that edge firm and intact. This cloth is stitched with a triangular stitching pattern, which was a cool feature that I haven’t seen on a lot of sleeves. The tapered edges were also a positive feature of this sleeve because they provide both the upper and lower leg with support. Just recently, SBD launched the weightlifting knee sleeves. One great thing about this knee sleeve is that it goes perfectly for almost all sports like running, powerlifting, volleyball, football, CrossFit and every other workout exercise. Though 5mm knee sleeve can be used for powerlifting or weight lifting, they do not have the required thickness to make then last longer especially for active weight lifters. In respect to price, both knee sleeves are pretty similar. They have knee sleeves in various thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs perfectly (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm knee sleeves). Designed for weight lifters, the sleeves hug the knees comfortably and provide consistent support. [Check out our best knee sleeves round-up for our top knee sleeve picks]. There are a lot of different knee sleeve options on the market and it can be overwhelming at times finding the perfect pair for your needs. They’re a bit less expensive than Stoic knee sleeves, running about $50, and are still excellent knee sleeves. What are you looking for? Perhaps these would be even better for me, so I’m saving up for them and maybe one day I can leave a review of them here too. They are referred to as intermediate knee sleeve, not as thin as 3mm knee sleeve and not so thick like 7mm knee sleeve. Stable and durable neoprene is comfortable with reinforced stitching. Over the last few months, we took the time to test and compare these knee sleeves in a variety of categories to help you decide if the Sling Shot Extreme “X” or SBD Knee Sleeves would be the better pick for your needs. If we want to be factual, 5mm is not better than 7mm knee sleeve and vice versa but in some situations, a 5mm knee sleeve will more suit the situation than 7mm sleeve. Check out the video below for more details. Rick Collins Esq. They’re based in the United Kingdom and have become widely known in the powerlifting and strongman communities. This taper helped provide a little pop out of the hole of the squat, which is a feature that most look for in a stable knee sleeve. Built to last and provide for all of the above benefits, your lifts just got a whole lot bigger with SBD knee sleeves. SBD has three great options for knee sleeves depending on what your goals may be. 3mm is good for athletes that engage in a sport that tests more endurance. Cons: They are definitely on the higher side with price and may be too snug for some depending on your comfort level. For the serious strength athlete who needs a stiff sleeve that’s competition approved and stands the test of time, then the SBD Knee Sleeves may be a solid investment. The Inferno Knee Sleeves are another top pick when it comes to best value knee sleeves. Made from 7mm or 5mm high grade neoprene, the reinforced seam construction allows for durability in efforts to maximize longevity. Excess heat is removed duly and sweat is also removed as well keeping your skin cool and dry to allow you to wear them for a very long period of time. When this happens, it could lead to a loss in stamina and support, as well as muscle imbalances and injury. For example, some lifters prefer tighter sleeves, while others care more for sleeves that have a focus on the calve and quad taper. SBD knee sleeves are made with a 7mm high-end neoprene, which is on the thicker end for knee sleeves. Copyright (c) Finding your right size is key. Athletes who rely on SBD products know exactly what they are getting and that the quality is high. The compression from a knee sleeve, in particular SBD knee sleeves, can increase blood flow to help reduce lactic acid build-up, thus bringing more blood and oxygen to the muscle to enhance recovery (1). Sold in pairs. Also, the tapered ends have a piece of cloth that prevents early fraying. What you are really getting are top tier knee sleeves from a professional and reputable company with the promise of more effective lifts. Related: Check out our best knee sleeves round-up for more options! See Also: Best Orthopedic Back Stretcher for Back Pain. Like every other knee sleeve, it also supplies warmth and compression which improves blood flow to the knee joint thereby enhancing fast recovery from injury. The benefit to this is that it goes right back to the original fit and although you may continuously stretch it, that tightness and comfort won’t leave. Provides maximum support and warmth for your knees during training. Similar to stability, both knee sleeves performed really well. While knee sleeves are not the same thing as a brace, they are designed to prevent the knee from being injured. Lifting knee sleeves help safeguard your knees against injuries. However, I tried to base a few training sessions with a “meet” style flow to get an idea for how the Sling Shot sleeves performed, and to no surprise, they were great. “Effect of lower limb compression on blood flow and performance in elite wheelchair rugby athletes”.