In the decades following the cancellation of the original book, the fictional group has returned in many forms. The next incarnation of the Secret Society appeared in 1981, headquartered in a new Sinister Citadel in Nepal, and was created by the Ultra-Humanite, who organized foes of both Earth-One's Justice League and Earth-Two's Justice Society. Warp | Libra | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In my time at DC in Carmine’s years, this was the most significant change in an issue I recall his asking for at that late stage. While traveling between dimensions, back on Earth-1 the Silver Ghost, the Mirror Master and the Copperhead formed yet another team and fought the Freedom Fighters. For example, the Quizmaster's underground connections allowed him to interfere with the supplies needed by the Crime Syndicate for various operations, such as the speed serum that Johnny Quick requires to maintain his super speed. Goldface | DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Secret Society defeated the Justice League the first time, but The Secret Society was defeated by the Justice League in the second battle while Clayface was killed in the mutiny. Key | Roulette | Queen Bee | [4], Jack C. Harris took over as editor, and Conway returned as writer only with issue #8, but artists on the series rotated nearly as often as the lineup of the titular supergroup, with Rich Buckler, Mike Vosburg, and Dick Ayers all contributing short stints as pencilers, while inkers changed from issue to issue. Ibac | Warp | Secret Society of Super Villains | Captain Cold | Anti-Justice League | When the engine he is stuck in is activated (and it has just been) Chronos causes a temporal neutral field to envelope the manor, causing it to freeze in place throughout time, while Earth turns...which means Earth moves, not the manor. In Young Justice, a group of villains called The Light have motives like the Secret Society of Super Villains as they implement plans to make the people of Earth "see the light." Upon her home's invasion, Lady Sonar was successful in defeating Johnny Quick (the antimatter Flash) by temporarily shifting his body out of phase with reality. The Society had several water-based villains attack San Diego. When the Secret Society reaches the site of Brainiac's defeat, Luthor used Tala's magic to restore Brainiac, despite a sudden warning from the New God, Metron. Renee manages to grab the Spear and use its powers to restore the world and Crispus' life. [3], Starting from the second issue, the comic's standard hero is Captain Comet. They kidnapped Firestorm (Jason Rusch) and Breach, placing Firestorm in a large machine located in a lab in South America. Demolition Team | In "Revelation," Batman claims that the villains responsible for the villain activities are a "Secret Society of Super Villains." The Secret Society of Super-Villains is a name that has been used by several groups in the DC Universe. Multiplex | With "Luthor's" approval, he ordered the Brotherhood of Evil to drop Chemo on Bludhaven. Secret Society of Super Villains (SSoSV) is a DC Comics title that debuted in May–June 1976. Atomic Skull | While pursuing Professor Ivo, the Green Arrow finds him in a room with the captive A.R.G.U.S. Killer Moth | I think there was a ‘sameness’ to my ideas which might have hurt the title in that casual readers might have missed buying an issue because they thought they’d already seen it". Rainbow Raider | Matter Master | Solomon Grundy | It separates the Spectre from host Crispus Allen as Renee Montoya and Radiant carry his body into the church. MagicWeather WitchMembers turned into JustifiersGorilla GroddHuman FlameKiller CrocMan-BatSilver Swan (Vanessa Kapatelis)TyphoonCheetah's SocietyCrime Doctor (Anica Balcescu)Doctor Poison (Unknown)Felix FaustFireflyGenocideMammothPhobiaProfessor IvoRed VolcanoShrapnelT.O. Prime Earth He teased her with the news that she was actually a native of a destroyed alternate Earth. Steppenwolf | Injustice Society | Lobo | Cain then seeks out the Spectre and easily overwhelms him, followed by Cain impaling the Spectre with the Spear of Destiny.