So, it won’t be as hard wearing! When you click on OK, you give permission to place all these cookies. I bought one last night and although it's a real good improvement in sound from my SM58, I'm not 100% convinced it was worth the price but I … The Beta 87A though is a completely different microphone altogether. We take a look at our top 6 best small diaphragm condenser microphones ideal for professionals and home recording enthusiasts alike. Has anyone used this mic? One thing that you’ll definitely notice is the difference in output volume between the Shure SM58 and Shure Beta 58. Find out here. The Shure SM58 is an industry standard microphone which, thankfully, doesn’t cost the earth. Read our best wireless microphone systems guide and make tripping over wires a thing of the past! Shure SM58 vs Shure Beta58A Two legendary shure microphones. Compared to the SM58, the Beta 58A has a wider frequency response in the high and mid range – or in other words: the SM58 is better in handing mid tones. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The increased sensitivity and wide frequency response means it’ll be a bit more prone to feedback on loud stages, so it’s probably not the best choice if you’re in a metal band. If you choose to collect from one of our stores, no extra costs are involved. Is my shure sm58 fake or real? In terms of visual aesthetics and design, the Beta mics are easily identifiable because of blue band around the grill. After all, it's a matter of taste and situation. Here are 11 of the best podcast microphones to get the best vocal performance for your show. This means there is always one nearby. Originally published on Tue November 25, 2008 This is not merely a cosmetic design but a piece of engineering genius. It uses the Beta 58 capsule. Enter code BF10 at checkout and get an extra 10% off orders over £149, Posted on: 7 Dec 2018 I think the Super 55 uses the Beta 58 capsule, making it super cardioid. We are trying to resolve this quickly. Our apologies for the inconvenience. The Shure Beta 87A is a Supercardioid Condenser Microphone designed for hand held application. This means less feedback - when monitors are placed correctly. Obviously, as it’s a condenser it will need +48 Phantom power. This is more suited to professional vocalists who need superior vocal representation, field recording and reporting as well as broadcasting applications. In large part, the pattern determines how and in which situation the microphone should be used. (I took it apart yesterday and looked) It's a super cardioid mic. And what does microphone sensitivity mean? If you’re looking for the differences between the Shure Sm58 vs Beta 58A vs Beta 87A, we’ve got you covered here as we pit each mic against each other and show you the differences, benefits and performance qualities within each microphone. It sounds very much like the Shure Beta 58a and the reason for the similarity is that it uses the same capsule, which is more crisp and modern sounding than the older SM58 and with a hotter output. Receive exclusive news, reviews & savings delivered direct to your inbox. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email. Keymusic has 20 music stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. Shure Beta 87A is a Supercardioid Condenser Microphone, Promotions, Competitions, Events & Offers, Differences Between Shure Sm58 vs Beta 58A vs Beta 87A, Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff, Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise output, Advanced pneumatic shock mount system to stop mechanical noise and vibration, Electronic low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect, Reduced susceptibility to RFI and electromagnetic hum. Overall this increased sensitivity and an extended frequency range generally offers a cleaner, more detailed reproduction of your voice. The SM58 has a cardioid (apple-shaped) polar pattern, while the Beta 58A features a super-cardioid pattern. Shure’s SM58 and Beta 58A are two distinguished microphones which are renowned all over the globe – the SM58 bears its name "The Reference" for a good reason. When you’re deciding between the Shure Sm58 vs Beta 58A vs Beta 87A read our handy guide first so you can get the correct microphone the first time around! Watch the video below first to get a deeper understanding of the sonic differences courtesy of Sam and Meg: Before we talk about the sonic qualities and sound differences between the Shure Sm58, Beta 58A and Beta 87A, we need to talk about the construction. The SM85 is extremely sturdy and the grill can certainly take a hammering, but for added security the Beta mics have hardened steel grills making them more difficult to dent. As mentioned earlier, it’s a condenser mic so it’s easily the most detailed sounding mic of the 3, with its super smooth frequency response and wide dynamic range.