The pasteurization stops the vital activity of pathogenic forms of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, brucellosis and heat-resistant bacteria. *In-Store Pick up is between 10am and 4pm (Please Call First). We had been using a 15 gal regular pasteurizing vat, which was too small for our operation, too time consuming and just obsolete. | Pasteurizer will hold necessary temperature as long as you need. Suitable for countries with voltage from 110V to 120V. We had looked at several other pasteurizing machines but the LiLi is just what we needed. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 | Milk Pasteurizer--220V FREE SHIPPING! So, it’s very easy to pour out the milk and clean without lifting the full unit. If you choose the LiLi B, you will receive $15k off the purchase of either Bottle Filler Capper! The pasteurisation unit includes all the necessary equipment for automatic pasteurisation of milk, as well as an automatic control system and an integrated temperature recorder. In addition, it can easily handle higher viscosity liquids such as cream, ice cream mix, and fruit nectars. The milk is gently heated indirectly by the heating system using hot water. You don’t need to lift the full unit. Small dairy milk pasteurizer machine, mini milk pasteurizer machine , 50L pasteurization of milk machine Feature: Components: compressor, water tank, milk tank, circulating water pump, foundation. We also supply all the parts you may need for your pasteurizer, please call and ask if you don't see a part you need. All rights reserved © 2020 Dion Engineering. 2. This small pasteurizer milky machine has electronic control panel; there you can set: Temperature and Time, effortlessly. Taobao Global 90%. ~Steve Judge. REUSABLE Cattle Guard Concrete Forms - The Patented CowStop! The milk and the heating circuit are equipped with stainless steel pumps. Find here Batch Milk Pasteurizer, Milk Pasteurizer Machine manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. LiLi-B: the next generation of pasteurization. No more struggling to get the old-style clamps on and off. "My goal with the LiLi was to expand the opportunity for micro-dairy farmers to produce and sell fresh milk and other dairy products locally. Lazada, Browse Alphabetically: We hope you enjoy shopping at Farm and Ranch Depot, NEW!! To learn more about the LiLi Pasteurizer, email: Receive regular updates on the LiLi Pasteurizer and Bob-White Systems on Facebook: The semi-automated cleaning provision makes the full system preparation and cleaning incredibly easy, saving you valuable time. How many days per week do you want to work ? Automated “Clean-in-Place” System Requires very little monitoring while in use, Modular Construction – simplifies maintenance and future upgrades. When you purchase one of our LiLi HTST pasteurizers, you will receive a significant discount toward the purchase of our Bottle Filler Capper as well! PLANING AND PRODUCTION OF SMALL-SCALE DAIRY EQUIPMENT | PASTEURIZERS | FILLING MACHINES. Compact design for minimum workshop space. DairyNPack is a company which deals in Dairy Equipments like Mini Dairy Plants and Milk Processing plants, Yogurt Cup Filling Machines,Milk Cooling Tanks,Cream Separators,Milk Cooling Tanks. manual. SMALL. Brand new July 9 2010. Raw milk is gently pulled through the machine, is taken up to needed temperature, and when it comes out of the machine it is around 53 degrees. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the models! Requires a 2-gallon/minute water supply (only requires cold! The basic unit contains all pumps, heat exchanger, Lekage change-over valve, stainless steel frame, complete piping, heat holder and flow tank, as well as the german certificate of the PAW-200 complete unit. The heat exchanger plates and frame are made of stainless steel. All rights reserved. Multifunctional Device: Easy to operate, with this smart and small milk pasteurization machine, you can pasteurize any kind of milk, or probably make natural products like cheese, juice or yogurt in very easy way! Milk Pasteurizer 3+ Gallon Stainless Steel Single Function 230 volts. - Removable container. All you have to do is... Dreams change ! "We purchased the LiLi pasteurizer from Bob White Systems for our cow, camel and goat dairy in November of 2015. Thanksgiving Hours: We will be closed Thursday the 26th, and Friday the 27th, Sold Out The Wonder Clamp makes work in the milk house easy! They are all very easy to use and constructed from the best materials with the highest standards. Milk Pasteurizer FREE SHIPPING. Alarm system with optical and acoustical signals for temperature and pressure differences. Requires water, power, and air supplies. Regenerative Heating – returns 85% of process heat for a highly efficient operation. As a result, the milk will not burn inside and be wasted. 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P-3000 SafGard 2 Gal. 'Simple' Bucket Milker Package with Vacuum Pump for 1 or 2 Cows, Returns, Exchanges, and Shipping Policies. Compact – the pasteurizer is 88” X 32” X 84" and weighs approx. | Country Search We are proud to introduce ourselves as a top notch company holding a field of … Maximum capacity of 3.5 gallons and is perfect for your home tabletop. Call for more information: 802-763-2777. Ecommerce Software by Shopify. HTST Pasteurizers - Fluid Milk Processing Packages, Returns, Exchanges, and Shipping Policies. How many eggs do you want to break per day ? - Not able to make a big purchase all at once? This device has a removable milk container. Chart recorder, multi-channel, with memory card for data storage. Product, Gentle Pumping Action – does not damage flavor or consistency of milk, Compact design for efficient use of space, Inline pasteurization at five gallons per minute of milk viscosity fluids and two gallons per minute of thicker fluids (cream, ice cream mix, etc.). Space-saving, with 0.7 x 0.7 m floor space, with 200 L / h capacity, on request with night automatic, CIP control ,wireless data transmission or remote control. 5 mm  solid partical sizes. Milky, KleenFlo and SafGard pasteurizers ranging from 2 gallons to 12 gallons. will come out only 20°F warmer than the temp at which it went in! The choice is easy, choose a LiLi. A second thermometer for the product is provided so that you can check on it along the way. This is determined by the temperature of the water jacket. - - 7.6 gallons or 29 liters capacity. Add to Cart. Capacity. SS Cover for P3030 P3020. | CERTIFIED. Don't be the only one missing out! Two product pumps: one delivers the product from (included) receiver tank through the heat recovery section, while the second pump is used as security overpressure pump through the pasteurizer, causing a high security pressure difference between outgoing (=pasteurized) and incoming (=raw) product. Milk PasteurizersWe carry only the best brands of pasteurizers! ... Calf milk pasteurizer for pasteurization of waste milk and colostrum Read more; HTST milk pasteurizer (Flow pasteurizer) Flash pasteurizers with a capacity of 400 up to 5000 ltr/hour for drinking milk, cream, yogurt as … How to Make Yogurt in a Pasteurizer - from our supplier Milky Day! All you need is to put the inlet hose on the tap. Product will come out only 20°F warmer than the temp at which it went in. 72 ºC. For continuous pasteurization of milk. Sign up now and receive exclusive savings every 2 weeks! Walk through these 5 steps to determine which model is right for your dairy. Maximum capacity of 3.5 gallons and is perfect for your home tabletop. Please note: This pasteurizer does not meet the requirements for Grade A use and is only intended for homestead personal use. We also carry stainless steel pasteurizers for an economical price! CERTIFIED. GOOD VALUE. P-3000 SafGard 2 Gal. There you can easily set: 1. All you need is to put the inlet hose of this small pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 on the tap.