Sonic throws a punch, but Goku teleports onto his back. How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Sonic vs Dragon Ball' themed Death Battles,, Super Saiyan - 50 times stronger then Base Form, Super Saiyan 2 - 100 times stronger then Base Form, Super Saiyan 3 - 400 times stronger then Base Form, Super Saiyan God - 5000 times stronger then Base Form, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) - 50,000 times stronger then Base Form, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken - 500,000 times stronger then Base Form and 10 times stronger then Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken X 20 - 20 times stronger then Super Saiyan Blue, Could boost his power with a energy of the sun. Add to Favourites. HE'S THE FASTEST THING ALLLLLIIIIVEEEEEE! Two speedy, heroic and crazy haired 90's mascots are about to fight! Sonic: Dude, sweet! Wiz: Thunder Guard, Sonic creates a Thunder Shield. Death Battle doors close and open for Goku's analysis. Goku dodge all tornadoes. It probably would have been longer if his brother hadn't come by and forced Goku to get himself killed. YOU ARE DEAD!” declared Son Goku. The last part of it was totally insane, because Goku was gettin assaulted by pretty much a thousands of Sonics from different times in different forms to Super to Darkspine Sonic. Will it be Superman and Goku or the mascot of Nintendo and the Blue Blur? He sent a powerful thunderclap towards the onrushing hero, sending the Kryptonian whizzing backwards once more. However, it is debatable whether the latter's power comes from his speed, strength, or a combination of both. You see, Superman was much MUCH faster than Sonic. And Goku eat a Senzu Beans and give Sonic another. If this is your attitude to being proven wrong. Temporal: Or you could just turn it into something funny, hilarious, and just plain ridiculous, like these two! The Ice Flower will freeze Superman, but he can use his heat vision to burst out. Or bring back his friends Nate Morgan and Tommy the Turtle. And doing the Light Speed Dash or the Light Speed Attack. While the spin attack and the spin dash have been emulated by many other members in the cast, they have not been able to recreate the Super Peel-Out move, in which Sonic builds up even more momentum while standing, his legs moving so fast they become a figure 8 to the naked eye. It slammed into the back of Sonic's head with heavy force, almost knocking him out. Two speedy, heroic and crazy haired 90's mascots are about to fight! “No one will see this as my defeat. Archie Sonic still has better feats. Likewise after he was freed from being sealed in a Chaos Emerald he one-shot all the Freedom Fighters including Sonic. The first hint of his Saiyan biology was when he killed his Grampa Gohan when not being able to control his Great Ape State. Or turn his father back into an organic? Goku soars right back up and the two dish it out once more.The man of steel lands a punch on his foe’s chest while Goku striked his opponent into the air. Hence, INSTANT Transmission. Superman: He’s not b... bad for a rat. The Hedgehog summons Orange rocket but Superman dodged and punched Hyper Sonic. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Then, Superman blocked a punch and hurls Goku by the arm into the ground. The Chaos Blasts caused a massive damage to Earth and almost turned him into two pieces! When both of them landed, Goku ran at Sonic at blinding speeds, then ran around Sonic enough for several afterimages to form, surprising Sonic slightly. Goku transform into Super Saijan God. Sonic created tornadoes and now Spin Attack. Suddenly, the Super Emeralds came out of Sonic and went around him, causing Sonic to power up in a blinding light. Hulk falls to the ground, but the descent hardly fazes him. The Hedgehog is sent flying back through a building. Boomstick: While training on King Kai's Planet not only did Goku get stronger and faster he also learned the Kaio-Ken and one of the strongest moves in the series, the Spirit Bomb. So Mario is one of the strongest characters out there. He is an incredible investigator, a terrific leader and an expert in hand to hand combat, having a style that directly compliments his superpowers. It seems that the beacon of undying hope has fallen…. He even was able to contain a black hole with just his hands! Wiz: Oh... that's not good. Even Hyper Sonic kills Goku in all. Two speedy, heroic and crazy haired 90's mascots are about to fight! Superman: Now you can do all of your crap without KILLING PEOPLE! Boomstick: Oh yeah, and win Segata Sanshiro in Martial Art Tournaument. 0 Kudos Sonic vs Goku is confirmed. Kenny: Now that was a little extreme. I will say I do feel the way Sonic was composited felt a little off but I can get behind your reasoning for why Sonic won. Because my stopped being useful, so I uploaded the fight into my gallery. As Sonic looked at Goku, who was on the ground, he noticed that Goku started to get up, then Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 2, startling Sonic. No I’m not doing that. Superman throws a punch, But SS3 Goku dodged and teleported behind Superman before punching him at the jaw. Man, that's one badass little boy. He then went to train with King Kai in the afterlife, when he learned the Spirit Bomb, a move that can build up large aounts of energy from resources and the Kaio-Ken, which can multiply his power. Superman decided to stop being polite. Anyway, it's nice to see that you finished your first season of Death Battle, vh. Boomstick: Unfortunately, Destructo Disk is often considered to be one of the weakest moves. Sonic asked mockingly, only for Goku to fly in at speeds Sonic could hardly follow, then punch and kick him several times before dodging several punches and kicks from Sonic, enabling Goku to blast him repeatedly and kick him across the field, though Sonic managed to recover and float in the air, Sonic flew at Goku, but Goku punched Sonic in the stomach so hard, he was knocked out of his super form, then did a double axe handle, sending Sonic crashing to the ground. It was Son Goku who teleported towards the two fighters and smashed their head before kicking them. Then came dragon ball gt …. Boomstick: Mach Speed initiates an increased Speed Boost. Super Saiyan God Son Goku used his speed, delivering multiple punches to the face and body, but Sonic dodged with his endless speed, landing powerful blows at every opening he got. Despite his boy scout appearance, Superman can be sometimes quick to anger if the situation calls for it, especially when Magic is involved, although this rarely interferes with his objective thinking. Superman recovered and flew to the sky. Sega vs Shonen Jump! Superman followed like a jet, landing two heavy blows to the fighter's face, before a firm headbutt sent him flying in the opposite direction.