It is unsurprising, then, that Spain was not part of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community. This is reflected in Spanish immigration laws, which are also among the most liberal in all of Europe. In municipal, regional, and European elections in May, the PP’s downward trajectory continued, the party averting complete disaster only because of strong results in Madrid. Wait a minute! The shocking entry into the lower house of parliament of the far-right nationalist party Vox appeared to augur a potential new threat to liberal democracy in a country long considered immune to right-wing populism after 40 years under the rule of fascist dictator Francisco Franco. William Chislett, an analyst at Elcano Royal Institute, Spain’s leading think tank, notes that “Spanish families have relatives who migrated to Europe during the 1950s and 1960s, which has helped them to view today’s immigrants with understanding and sympathy.”. Articles - definite and indefinite define the status of the noun. La torre - the tower. Why U.S. Security Depends on Alliances—Now More Than Ever, COVID-19 Could Linger for Years—Just as Influenza Did a Century Ago, Get in-depth analysis delivered right to your inbox, From the (He runs every day). Although much of the West has been shaken by right-wing populist rebellions—from the stunning victory of President Donald Trump in the United States to the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union—one country seems curiously immune from it all: Spain. The recording, revealed in 2009 after the first of a string of high-profile arrests of PP figures, detailed a secret party slush fund that collected large donations from business and used the funds to finance campaign events. They are welcomed because of their contributions to the economy, especially in the poorer parts of Spain, such as the southern region of Andalusia. Automating Mental Health: The Global Promise and Peril. It would be foolish for any Spanish politician to adopt a slogan like “Make Spain more Spanish,” as Le Pen did with her “Make France more French.” Also advising against such rhetoric is Spain’s highly fractured sense of nationalism, a legacy of Franco’s attempt to homogenize Spanish identity by repressing separatist groups in the Basque Country and Catalonia. Cierre los ojos tres veces lentamente. Trump, France’s Marine Le Pen, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, and the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders have each used this issue to rally supporters around the notion that immigrants are eroding their respective national “identities,” dragging down their economies, and threatening national security. And we say 'mostly' because there are a few exceptions (more on that later). © 2020 Lawless Spanish. H In time for the 1977 general elections, Spain’s first free elections in nearly four decades, the PSOE shed its decades-old Marxist label and wholeheartedly embraced democracy. Spain’s apparent imperviousness to these trends is intriguing because the nation has been anything but immune to the challenges that have elsewhere stoked a populist right-wing backlash. Above all, embracing moderation meant avoiding extreme policies on either end of the political spectrum. La perífrasis - the periphrase 36 The preterite tense in Spanish grammar, 38 Verbs that change meaning in preterite, 40 Preterite verbs with orthographic changes, Contact Us La mente - the mind Rather, Vox voters are largely male, educated, and middle-class. Un médico " " " " " médico F Here are the exceptions to … El avestruz - the ostrich--male and female La amalgama - the amalgamation Albert Gea / REUTERS. A 2010 New York Times headline notes that, at a time when France was deporting thousands of Roma, the Spanish government’s decades of effort to improve Romas’ lives were showing success. La estratagema - the stratagem A third and final catalyst of populist trends elsewhere in the West is the perception of political corruption by an entrenched elite; but Spain is no paragon of political virtue. Most of the time, we can deduce the gender of a word by looking at the ending of the noun. J Many are former PP voters. Vox has tried to whip up anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment, but immigration is still a fairly marginal issue in Spanish public opinion, as are opposition to globalization and skepticism toward the EU. The case, known in Spain as el caso Gürtel, was the most visible of a series of graft scandals that revealed systematic corruption within the party. Memories of Franco are fading fast; entire generations of Spaniards have been raised without any direct exposure to the old dictatorship. Remember that in Spanish nouns need to carry the gender and number. La mies - the crop The PP won 66 seats in the 350-seat parliament, losing more than six million votes since 2011. All rights reserved. El vecino, la vecina - the neighbour, _masc._ and _fem._, Un abogado makes in the fem. Learning with your own live Spanish teacher is the best way to master the language! Officials refused to apologize for the Gürtel scandal, choosing to blame only “a few shameless individuals who betrayed the party.” Instead, the PP sought to dispense with the old guard by appointing 37-year-old Pablo Casado as its leader.