But, once you dig into the crazy canon of Trek, and the myriad narrators who might be telling us their stories, it's easy to see how Spock might be wrong. Once there, the crew witnesses what 930 years of Starfleet upgrades looks like for new starships. The Caitians however do appear, as they were included in later movies. Het canon van Star Trek is superbelangrijk voor fans. Die Artikel geben einen Überblick über historische Ereignisse im Zusammenhang mit Star Trek Online (siehe auch 22. Lees meer over: Star Trek Lower Decks, Star Trek, Mike McMahan, © 2020 Serietotaal - Alle rechten voorbehouden. Ohne Zweifel ziehen es viele Spieler zu Star Trek Online, weil sie das Universum, seine Charaktere, das Setting und die Vielzahl der erzählten Geschichten schätzen über die Spanne von mehr als 700 TV-Folgen und dreizehn Filmen kennen. The below three feature films (and any soft-canon stories derived from them) are the only elements to exist in the Kelvin Timeline. Mariner is attempting to goof off and sneaks Tendi onto the holodeck, despite Boimler's protests. Die erste Aufnahme von Discovery in Star Trek Online war das Set Discovery-Uniform, das ursprünglich als kostenlose Werbung für die Premiere von Discovery im September 2017 veröffentlicht wurde. (The off-screen reason was simple: The Excelsior no longer had an experimental transwarp drive, and thus, was no longer an experimental ship, so, they ditched the "x."). Netflix komt weer met een hele rits nieuwe series in zijn aanbod, en wij zetten het voor je op een rij. Dies ist in Star Trek Onlines Kanon enthalten, und auf Spocks Verschwinden wird mehrmals verwiesen. It includes three films which exist in a different continuity of Star Trek called the Kelvin Timeline (also referred to as the "Alternate Universe"). Die Ereignisse des Films werden jedes Jahr mit einem Tag des ersten Kontakts Ereignis erwähnt, welche seit 2017 eine “Tag des ersten Kontakts Nachstellung” mit dem Bau eines Phoenix-Model in Montana. Now, in real life, some of the scenes from The Undiscovered Country were reshot to match-up with the filming style of Voyager and to create a seamless transition between the scenes with Tuvok and Sulu. The first instance of a character established in soft-canon becoming a central part of Star Trek: Online is J'Ula, T'Kuvma's sister who debuted in the Discovery comics Das Licht des Kahless before being introduced as the main antagonist in Age of Discovery. Cerritos, to their new teammate Ensign Tendi. Or is this the same starship commanded by Captain Janeway back in the 2370s? Even though Kirk and the crew look ten years older and dress in '70s bell-bottoms, the film is supposed to be right after the original series. Netflix heeft met het vierde seizoen van The Crown toch best wat kritiek te pakken. Lower Decks decided to clear up the matter once and for all when Ensigns Mariner and Boimler are giving the tour of their ship, the U.S.S. After hitting up Earth and realizing Starfleet and the Federation no longer lived there, the crew of the USS Discovery obtained an algorithm from Adira Tal, based on the memories of their former Trill host, the Starfleet Admiral Senna Tal. Her alternate timeline was a dark, grim and militaristic version of the Federation, one that has seen decades of war. Star Trek: Discovery mag dan wel ver in de toekomst zitten nu, maar verandert nu alsnog zo nu en dan iets aan het canon van de franchise. Khan and Kirk never meet face-to-face in The Wrath of Khan, meaning, you could argue that their experiences in their individual scenes are told from their own points-of-view, which could allow for all kinds of canon to not match-up, even within the same movie. Much of the Romulan backstory from Path to 2409 and elaborated with Season Seven also draws from the Rihannsu line of novels. Scotty's Engineer's Vest und die phasers from the film sind ebenfalls für Spieler verfügbar. When an incompetent and cocky young officer says "Have you lost your sense of reality," Uhura busts out a phaser and says "This isn't reality, this is fantasy!" This means that Lower Decks sneaked in a reference that made one of the silliest concepts from The Next Generation as explicitly canon in the main timeline. Is this the 11th Federation Starship to have the name "Voyager'" or is this the same ship that Janeway commanded in the 2370s, but with 11 generations of upgrades? For Star Trek, canon is defined as anything that has appeared "on screen" - the television series movies. Für Details). Featuring Spock's beard, bald Klingons and Michael Burnham's entire existence. De series Star Trek: Discovery en Star Trek: Picard wijzigden het canon natuurlijk al, maar dat gaat niet gebeuren in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Well, this case could be made fairly easily by just saying: They are already canon. Granted, in some Trek episodes and movies, this would require several point-of-view changes, but the point still stands. Outside of what we know about Starfleet's policies in other parts of the canon, based on the dialogue and visual evidence, it really seems like we're meant to think this is the same ship from Star Trek: Voyager, but with a ton of upgrades. Let's dig-in. Es gibt eine Gedenktafel auf der Sternenflottenakademie welche sich auf die Wale in der Bucht von San Franzisko bezieht. This retcon is so deep that Khan's necklace in The Wrath of Khan kind of requires you to believe that that specific style of Starfleet buckle was in use during the time of TOS, but we just never actually saw it, and it just happens to match up with the new style of Starfleet buckle from the movie era.