If it's good hidden torso articulation. No STar Trek series 2. 90 Special Price HK$ 149. All of our fingers are crossed for a Swamp Thing in the not too distant future. We love film, TV shows, merchandise, comic books, novels, anything and everything to do with entire DC world . Mattel DC Comics Multiverse Signature Collection Wonder Woman Tv Series Wonde... DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee 11 inch Genius Action Figure Toy Doll. McFarlane Toys has been on a tear as of late announcing new products, and now it’s time for a new assortment of DC Multiverse. The Drowned is actually a female, Bryce Wayne from Dark Earth 11 and has an Aquaman connection similar to the others taking on Justice League traits. This is the last major Metals character needed to complete the line up of evil Batmans. 85... Hasbro G.I. The Drowned and Death Metal Batcycle. Ab cuts are streamlined. Kinda psyched by this line-up, and that Deathstroke looks rad as well. evil female Batman as Aquaman. That aside, I said in an earlier post that got deleted for some reason (I think because I might've used the incorrect pronoun), It seems to me that these figures have been scaled down a bit by the way they fit into the window of the McFarlane packaging. McFarlane Toys has been on a tear as of late announcing new products, and now it's time for a new assortment of DC Multiverse. The Rebirth(?) The newest wave of DC Multiverse figures from McFarlane Toys has been revealed, and there are some stellar pieces here. This is the last major Metals character needed to complete the line up of evil Batmans. So come in, sit down, and let’s talk about DC! I just hope Robin comes with the Merceless head, I don't need extra torsos Also , I don't wanna say Rebirth Bats is looking Puffy??? When it comes to classic looks. Nice job Todd, keep it up! With the Drowned on the way, Todd essentially finished one whole team already, so props to him. So buying those two packs. The big take away was the reveal for DC Multiverse Dark Nights Metal The Drowned . McFarlane Toys Reveals Next Wave of DC Multiverse Figures, Watchmen Becomes First Comic Book Adaptation To Earn Top Emmy Award, Featured Review: Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 | Comics Valley, Review: Batman/Superman Annual #1 – DC Comics News | Comics Valley, “Black Lightning” Spinoff Spun as Backdoor Pilot, Black Lightning Will End With Its Fourth Season On CW, Justice League: The Snyder Cut Will Only Have Four Minutes of New Footage, Review: Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #2. Neck might be a bit beefy. Joe Classified Series Gung Ho Action... 7 Pcs DC Justice League 7" Action Figure Toy Superman/Batman/Flash/Wonder woman, DC Comics 12-Inch The Flash Action Figure BRAND NEW, DC Comics Retro 8 Inch Action Figure Series: Swamp Thing, New DC Comics 12 Inch Wonder Woman Figure Batman Unlimited Series, DC Multiverse- SUPERGIRL TV SERIES ACTION FIGURE NEW 52 DOOMSDAY MINT SHAPE, DC Collectibles BATMAN Animated Adventures Continue RED HOOD 7in Figure, 7Pcs/Set DC Comic Justice League Superman Wonder Woman Batman Action Figure Toy, Spin Master Wave 1-4 DC Batman Caped Crusader 1st Edition 39 Figures 11/21/2020. Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but if he did try to sneak that past us without saying anything I wouldn't even be mad. Metal line up getting complete along with others. Mcfarlane is basically doing Dark Knights ........and some think it's a surprise he'd do The Drowned? The AK Batman also looks nice if not for the bent ears. Star Wars The Black Series Speeder Bike Scout... Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Toys 6-Inch... Hasbro Marvel Design and 13 Accessories Legends... Hasbro Marvel X-Men Series 6-inch Collectible... McFarlane - DC Multiverse Build-a 7 Action Figure... McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Earth -52 Batman (Red... DC Multiverse Animated CyborgDC Multiverse... Tamashi Nations - Avengers: Infinity War - Doctor... Tamashi Nations - Avengers: Endgame - Thanos Final... TAMASHII NATIONS Batman 1989 S.H. Last week we told you how it looked like McFarlane Toys was going to be releasing a wave of 7" DC Multiverse figures that included figures of DC Metals The Drowned, Red Sun Superman and Damien Robin.We saw the prototype for The Drowned figure revealed by Todd McFarlane during the DC Fandome event. It doesn't look bad at all but it's the nth batman figure we've gotten. But I really hope they do other stuff.I'm kind of getting sick of it also, and they know people are sick of Batman but they don't care. First up is The Drowned, a.k.a. 90 Special Price HK$ 149. Both of these look like they don't have it unless it's a flexible material covering them. McFarlane Toys has revealed yet another wave of DC Multiverse 7″ Scale Figures. Bryce Wayne came from earth-11 and harbored a deep hatred of the atlanteans for their role in the Death of her beloved, Sylvester Kyle. Again I'd like a swivel on the legs so we have more options for turning. This time around we’ll see Dark Nights Death Metal – Batman, Dark Nights Metal – The Drowned, and a Damian Wayne Robin. For me personally I don't need another BWL. Whoops, sorry got busy for a sec. Updated above and front page. By using this site you accept our policies -, Found McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse on Ebay, Fans Unite To Pay Tribute To DC Direct And All The Great DC Product They Have Put Out Over The Years, DC Multiverse 7" Flashpoint Batman Figure Video Review And Images, DC Rebirth DC Multiverse The Flash Figure Video Review And Images, Batman: Curse of the White Knight DC Multiverse Azrael Batman Armor Figure Video Review And Images, 1989 Batman S.H.Figuarts Michael Keaton Batman Figure Video Review And Images, Contact us about any infringements right away - CLICK HERE. Included are: Dark Nights Metal – The Drowned; Damian Wayne – Robin; Red Son Superman; Dark Nights Death Metal – Batman Not only is it 90% Batman, it's the most stereotypically edgy Batman-centric story arc, with several DC heroes Batmanitized and with a penchant for violence and murder. The Toyark › DC Toy News › Flashpoint Batman from McFarlane Toys. These figures make Mattel�s stuff look like McDonald�s happy meal toys. Data has been shared for news reporting purposes only. Figuarts Action... TAMASHII NATIONS Bardock Dragonball Z, Bandai... Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo The Proud Namekian - Bandai... TAMASHII NATIONS S.H.