While it bakes, it will soak up all the good stuff from your lovely sauce and eliminate a step in the process. Opt out or, 4 servings, plus leftover pasta and sauce, 28-ounce can peeled Roma or San Marzano tomatoes in their juices, teaspoon dried oregano or 12 basil leaves, torn into large pieces, Fine sea salt or kosher salt, preferably Diamond Crystal. The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. Drop 48 tortellini into the water and stir. 18 %, ounces cheese tortellini (using a 20 oz pkg will make it less saucy and stretch this meal to feed an extra person) or 16 -20 ounces meat-filled tortellini, cooked & drained (using a 20 oz pkg will make it less saucy and stretch this meal to feed an extra person), cups pasta sauce (Bertolli tomato & basil). Remove the pan from the oven, discard the foil, and sprinkle the remaining cheese evenly over the top. Come join me in my kitchen! Keep that in mind as your roll, stuff and fold these little dumplings, whose recipe is adapted from the "true and authentic" version codified by the Confraternita del Tortellino and notarized by the Bologna Chamber of Commerce. Chiffonade 16 leaves of basil and add to sauce. The great weeknight meal. Like what you see here? Preheat oven to 350F. If you’re working with circles, you’ll be left with a half-moon shape. It will be…, My all-time favorite homemade pizza dough recipe, this recipe has been tried…, Hearty and filling with just the right amount of spice, this Bean,…. Set the jar of sun-dried tomatoes aside and place the skillet over medium high heat. 3 – I have to be sure that at least 2 of my family members will eat it. EVERY single member of the family went bonkers for it and it’s not hard to see why. In fact, I personally think they often taste better than fresh tomatoes you buy in the grocery store. Heck, if tortellini isn’t your thing, you could sub in another filled fresh pasta like ravioli or a lovely shaped fresh pasta like farfalle. Make sure you are following Taste and Tell for more recipes and ideas! Cook until heated through, then reduce the heat to medium-low. To make the sauce, place the oil, tomato and oregano in a frying pan and cook over high heat for 10 minutes. Few ingredients – check! This post has been sponsored by Hunt’s tomatoes. How to make tortellini from Culinary Institute of Bologna. I am kind of obsessed with the idea now. You use a little of the oil from the jar to sauté the chicken, but the rest goes right into the sauce, making it rich and exploding with summery garlic and tomato flavour. ), Samin Nosrat, Michael Solomonov, Steven Cook. Total Carbohydrate One at a time, pick up a piece of pasta and fold in half over the filling, squeezing out air bubbles as you press the dough around the filling with dry fingers to seal the tortellino. Stir in the parmesan. Preheat oven to 350F. Add 16 oz. Read More. Follow package directions for cooking tortellini. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I’m pinning! I didn’t dissuade them. Spoon about ½ teaspoon of filling into the centre of each round. hen you're done for a comforting meal in the days and weeks to come. Crumble in ground beef and pork and reduce heat to medium. Visit Taste and Tell’s profile on Pinterest. Spoon on top of the tortellini and cheese. Bake for 30 minutes or until bubbly. Dinner in under 30 minutes! 4. Set a small Dutch oven or similar pot over medium-high heat and add 3 tablespoons olive oil. Roll out dough very thinly on a lightly floured surface. Make the tomato sauce: Pour tomatoes and their juices into a medium bowl and use your hands to crush them. Pour the remaining sun-dried tomatoes and oil into a blender or food processor with the roasted red pepper, diced tomatoes, Greek yogurt, chicken broth, garlic, and basil to the blender and process until smooth.