Our strategic priorities are to extend our competitive advantage and improve returns. “The key area for us was around security,” he affirms. Shoyinka Shodunke is Director of Technology for Vodafone Ghana explained: “We’re a unique telco and are currently going through a transformation with a flavour and uniqueness of the Ghanaian market.”. “Through the exploitation of digital technologies, we’ve defined a new way of working to deliver value in an agile way,” says Chris. See how IT transformation is enabling the company strategy: best customer experience, short time to market, excellent service quality, and simplified IT operation and hear about Vodafone’s IT strategy and high level roadmap and transformation delivery plans. Shodunke recognises the value in an ecosystem of partners to ensure everyone can play a key role. “The pandemic has accelerated everyone’s planning to fully embrace digitalisation across all verticals from planning to operation, and it came at a time when we needed some sound check or simulation in terms of the practices we already had in place. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ‘‘Not only are customers saying the service has got better, but they are also saying that we’ve got the professional credibility to go in and advise them, and consult on how to go through that journey we have just gone through. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Managing the change. Ready?” from the earlier “Power to you”. Fortunately for us, we were already on that journey and being on that journey meant we could introduce the My Vodafone app to drive conversations and mitigate the pressure during those critical periods. Customer operations: ‑30% “net reduction”. Vodafone IT Strategy 2020 Learn about Vodafone’s upcoming 5 year strategy and the key deliverables in the IT domain. Source: Vodafone. Vodafone owns a number of commercial platforms with world-leading scale, making us a partner of choice in each of these areas. It’s the to-do list that never gets done! Vodafone has achieved its current global scale, reach and market-leading position through a focused acquisition strategy, combined with its strength in integrating new businesses into the global organisation. We were driving a shift in consumer behaviour before the outbreak. We’ve redefined our strategy and objectives. The first TVC – ‘More fun to you’ sought to create rapid awareness for SuperHour. Please choose your local Vodafone website. With insight from customers and staff, it became clear that to remain current, competitive and to succeed in the market place, Vodafone Business needed to improve service by introducing digital workspaces and a more streamlined customer experience. From Asha Bala to Look Up to the revival of ZooZoo, the Vodafone Digital Strategy is indeed colourful. Retail: ‑15% “reduction”. If so, you’re not alone. Our products and services go far beyond the native telco products of voice and services,” explains Shodunke. 363 Look Up played an integral role in the Vodafone Digital Strategy. Secondly, we have to ensure that we’re building platforms that are transformative. The company positioned itself as a modern contemporary, inspiring and future-fit brand, using the new tagline, “The Future is exciting. “We do this by blending the best of digital and human interaction in a personal, instant and easy way,” she says. Commercial. “Innovation is a critical success factor to us. Vodafone IT Strategy 2020 Learn about Vodafone’s upcoming 5 year strategy and the key deliverables in the IT domain. The Registrar-General will this morning have an investor class meeting with customers of defunct Fund Management Companies. The new visual identity put greater emphasis on Vodafone’s iconic ‘Speech Mark’ logo – marked as one of the biggest changes to one of the most recognized logos of Vodafone since it was created in 1998. A total of six TVCs were released mapping their 6 days full of adventure in Goa. Collaborate with our members to develop tools to overcome the challenges of digital disruption, Contact us and see how you can become an active advisory board member. The digital film showcased the story of a grandmother and her grandkid shedding light on how in a world of forwards, personalized greetings bring people closer. It’s really about providing convenience, and different channels for customers to interact with us.” Other features include intelligent alarming, which enables diagnostics and correlated alarms, so agents have more information on customer incidents. “And service is the only way we can sustainably differentiate ourselves from our competition.” Using an agile development approach, the creation of EVE means customers can self-serve some of their requirements, through a single portal. Around the globe, our network reaches 182 countries. And with this, we conclude our 3-part story of Vodafone India’s advertising and marketing Brand Saga. Our strategy is supported by our responsible approach to sustainable business, governance, risk management, people and culture. The digital video encouraged people to #LookUp again and celebrate Diwali with their families by keeping down their devices. Our ability to transform our call centres and a move from traditional bricks and mortar customer service was testament to our digital journey and what we’re trying to do.”. Driving innovation, rather than previous transactional models. The idea was to bring alive the key proposition of enjoying internet browsing worry-free. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The movie was a breakthrough in the Vodafone Digital Strategy. This model ensures a win-win. Send an email to invite your friends to the Open ROADS Community. Brand Saga: Gits - selling instant food with well-cooked ads! We have a host of digital-led platforms, which include a machine learning chatbot and self-service app.”. Shankar Mahadevan and his son Siddharth Mahadevan collaborated with the brand for the background score. Such ecosystems require everyone to contribute and work to its success and to continuously innovate to keep it so. Hey @Geeta_Basra, don’t know who does this more… me or you? Registered Office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN. One of the ads also featured famous Indian pop and playback singer, Usha Uthup, enjoying a hearty meal at Asha’s Kitchen. Reviving its ‘real conversations’ insight, this Friendship Day, Vodafone through a social initiative urged people to disconnect from social media and connect with their friends in real life. Vodafone Business enables a digital workplace and empowers the digital customer. Shodunke acknowledges the importance of adopting an innovative approach with involvement of ecosystem partnerships and believes it’s a key driver to success. “When you transform to the digital space, your services move from the traditional protection received from bricks and mortar, to everyone having access whatever platform they need to get the job done. With 32 million views on YouTube currently, the film touched many hearts and is a personal favorite too. Whether it is fining their pony-tailed driver on the platform with the help of their daughter over a video call or Bala getting Asha’s name tattooed, this elderly couple somehow shared the popularity of IPL matches and garnered millions of views. This unique app allows customers access to Vodafone services and is designed with the objective of empowering the customer to do more and manage their accounts on the go. We see a significant opportunity to grow in digital and financial services in Africa. https://t.co/IOsHwt60FI. It’s a revolutionary new way of providing a better service to Vodafone's Enterprise customers through a blend of digital workplace, human Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Stanbic Bank Ghana was awarded Best Bank in Cocoa Financing at the Ghana Cocoa Awards, held at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra.... Student beneficiaries of the just ended Huawei Seeds for the Future, Ghana 2020 have relished the experience and knowledge gained from the week long... REAL ESTATE MINUTE: With Cyril Nii Ayitey Tetteh |    Back to Home. There is zero value add in that activity, so the ideal thing is to move that part of the process to an online portal, where the customer can type their own request, which can then be automatically fed into our systems.” With legacy systems and agents using up to 23 different applications to complete a customer interaction, Vodafone Business embarked on a transformational journey. In this world of easy access to internet and busy lives, people have become habituated to forwards rather than personal wishes. Hi there, reach out to us anytime and we’ll happily answer your questions. Please fill in your Type of Industry and Field of Interest in the Account panel for us to get to know you better. have downloaded this. I would consider Vodafone Ghana as the top digital company in Ghana. Vodafone Corporate Digital Marketing Strategy 1. Enabling a digital workplace - introducing tools and converged communications so employees can collaborate more effectively, and speed up decision making. Vodafone Business’s ambition is to be the leader in Customer Experience Excellence, and with increased demand from Enterprise customers and a dramatic shift in the market landscape, they are expected to provide this experience in more digital ways.