His story has been filled with tragedy. During the battle, Wally West had a "temporal seizure". If it's not applicable to them then there shouldn't be a correlation with abstracts. The time and distance and amount of people saved were all things the writer intended to happen, too, so why does the "less than lightspeed" part of the feat get special treatment, whereas everything else is ignored? However, his speed has been put to the test in a big way. The Flash must run around 5.6 times the speed of light, but keep in mind that even though that is his top speed, he chooses not to run at that speed due to keeping care of the risks of harming anyone and anything. But the feat is perfectly quantifiable. After these events Wally placed his fate in the Justice League and realized that the only way is up now. The team went on multiple adventures together and bonded as friends. @dredeuced: friend, can you tell me the name of the comic book that this happened? Slade then made Wally realize that speed was his main advantage, and now that the playing-field was evened, he didn't stand a chance, since Slade was a trained killer with superior combat-skills. So, even Wally's greatest light speed feats pale next to his time travel feats. It came out from fans via calculations. There just isn't anything faster (unless we are talking Zoom, who is always out of sync with time...which why he is usually portrayed as faster than Wally). The student has become the master! Francine and Wally lived in Keystone City, where Wally started participating in street races and gained a reputation as a winner. Will trying to fix things cause more damage? Saving people frm a nuke in 100 picoseconds. But Flash uses that one relative second to gain speed and time travel. I don't need to show crap, no point in the comic does it show the gamblers stopping to think about using the teleportation. Our precious Wally has done so much growing, and he’s no longer the rebellious street-racer we met back in season two. Yeah, it’s been a rough decade for a hero who was running strong for so long prior to that. 5) our objective is speed not distance and time. Speed Force Conduit: Wally is the fastest of All Flashes perhaps rivaled only by his mentor, Barry Allen. If you can't grasp time travel then I don't know what to tell you. Don't piss Wally off. I am not saying that flash can't go beyond light speed, i am saying that he was not beyond lightspeed in this case. Wally traveled from the 64th century where Flashes are treated like gods to the 30th century where he met Don and Dawn Allen, the children of the second Flash Barry Allen and Iris West. Deadpool Stole One of Shaun of the Dead's Funniest Moments, Captain America is About to Fight an Immortal Hulk, The Avengers Are Fighting Each Other For Marvel's Ultimate Power, Darth Vader: Anakin Knows Slaughtering The Younglings Was His Darkest Act, Black Lightning Confirms Batman Is DC's Scariest Hero. One day, while visiting Iris at her friend Barry Allen's CSI lab at the Central City Police Department, Wally was struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals just like the Flash was, which infused Wally with the power of a mysterious energy force called the Speed Force like his hero. 5) you should have focussed more on my point rather than an insult LOL, you prefer speed calculation via distance time statement cuz of his other feats, i prefer speed statement cuz it is direct statement telling his speed and obviously for a speed type hero writer would focus mostly on speed and would write correct speed. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Writer wants to show him lightspeed thus he wrote light speed. Specific things are said and the writer even gives us a measurement of time, which is what makes it so easy to quantify. You and I both know that clearly does not apply to The Flash or really any character with super human reaction speed. I've never read anything that specified how many times the speed of light. And my post limit is over so if you want this to end quickly you can send me pm, otherwise it will take long time. 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Hobson, Former Marvel Comics Executive Vice President, Dies at 83. That's just kind of a logical quandary with instantaneous teleportation (something that doesn't exist in real life so it's not worth thinking about) but it's not really relevant. [15], While imprisoned for his actions at Sanctuary, Wally was recruited by Tempus Fuginaut to protect the Multiverse from the encroaching Dark Matter that had emerged from the Dark Multiverse. Wally has the chance to do make things right in the multiverse and has to take on his own nightmares to do so.