At this stage, you can leave food around its nest, and it will eat it. Will a robin leave a nest if you touch the eggs? How do I take care of a baby bird after it has just hatched? Call the Humane Society if you have trouble locating one. Make sure the bottle does not touch the bird, as this could burn it, or leak, as this could chill the bird even further. As well, giving the bird water could be a drowning hazard. These are very young birds who should remain in the nest, as they are still highly dependent on their parents for nurturing and food. The parent should then locate the new nest and the baby bird. Bear in mind that all foods must be softened before being offered to baby birds. By using our site, you agree to our. However, there are hand-feeding baby bird foods you can feed your baby house sparrow. "Helped me to determine the age of the bird (whether it is a nestling or a fledgling). Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. Some people object to feeding baby birds with cat and dog food because they may not be able to handle it. Observe the mother and the other baby birds to figure out if the baby actually fell out of the nest or if the bird is a fledgling, that is, learning to fly. Great article! If you find a baby sparrow around your environment, make sure you decipher if the baby bird is a fledgling or not. These are the most preferred foods in case you don’t know what to feed a baby bird without feathers. Hang the nest with duct tape to a branch near the old nest. to fly. When the baby bird is able to get out of the nest and hop around, you can relax its feeding to once an hour. Well, it does not take so much to raise a baby sparrow. Do not try to feed the fledgling, as birds have specific and unique diets. Baby birds can naturally look weak, but if you see blood or other obvious damage, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Use a small basket or a small tupperware container. You should limit your contact with the baby bird so you do not make its injury or illness worse. Then What To Feed Baby Birds. Reading related articles will help you handle things better. Usually mother birds will come back for their babies, but just to be sure, you could watch at a discreet distance away from the nest. It may be learning how to fly. I picked the other one up and put it in a nest, will the mom come back for it, and if not what do I do? Offer food that is soft in texture, not necessarily soaked in water for it can lead to choking or drowning. It does not cost much to take care of a baby sparrow. You can have a vet check them up routinely. Will cardinal parents attack me if I try to handle their fledgling? If it is a seed-eating bird, you'll have to incorporate some seeds into the diet, as in the case of the baby sparrow. You can feed a baby house sparrow baby bird food. This calls for some important information, including knowing what to feed the baby sparrow. This article has been viewed 675,373 times. You can give it bird food or other edibles. A fledgling is older than a nestling and they will usually have lots of feathers on their bodies. Determine whether or not the bird is a fledgling. With the growth of the babies, feeding may also be less common, and one parent bird may be attending many offspring in various locations, so feeding may be irregular. You should also wash any items the bird was in contact with, like towels, blankets or jackets. You should also call a rehabilitator if you know a cat attacked a bird; felines transmit deadly bacterial infections with even mild scratches. You may need to observe the fledgling for at least an hour to determine if the parents are nearby or to spot the baby bird interacting with it’s parents. A professional writer and a passionate wildlife enthusiast, who is mostly found hooked to his laptop or in libraries researching about the wildlife. Nonetheless, there are many types of food that can serve as urgent rations when required. If you do not know what species it is, do not risk it.