Ovenbirds, Cape May Warblers, Magnolia Warblers, Swainson’s Thrushes, and Veeries were also common sightings. Normally, that system would move off the east coast in a day or two, but Arthur is blocking its movement. Our hummingbird arrived back on the same day.” (05/18/2020) After studying the bird’s habits over that time, Heckscher discovered that when the veery breeding season was longer, hurricane season tended to be less severe. Is it the deep dish pizza??). E-bird recently created some fascinating animated visualizations of bird migrations, combining observations submitted by nearly 200,000 bird watchers, including many of us. At the same time, the western breeding Veeries may have been an isolated population at some point during glaciations. Common Loons are visiting West Virginia waterways and have been sighted as far north as Lakeland No 521, SK. Along the east coast, Baltimore Orioles have reached Maine and Quebec — but no sightings yet reported in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. March 8, 2020. What’s with those birds arriving the first week in April when there are almost no other Palm Warblers in the state? Other migrants Doug mentioned were Mourning, Connecticut, and Blackburnian Warblers. Henslow's Sparrow is also incredibly hard to detect during migration, and that shows on the map, too. So I'm watching Connected on Netflix and I was wondering if anyone knew how early the Veeries started to migrate. Rails are generally known as better walkers (and decent swimmers) rather than skilled flyers, so it's impressive to see just how far they can travel during migration.”, Josh Engel, Red Hill Birding: “The Henslow's Sparrow abundance animation map is striking to me, for a couple of reasons. Im interested in how bad hurricane season might be! Most warblers don’t like those ag fields either). March 8, 2020. Baltimore Orioles continue to advance northward and are being spotted in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. This bird is so common for us - we hear it in every woodland, all summer long. From Granby, QC: Louise shared, “I was getting anxious because it is much later this year [Baltimore Oriole arrival] than it was the two previous years. All rights reserved. What’s interesting to you? Can we finish the season with one more big round of migration? So bird divination is science again. In particular, there were many Blackpoll Warblers, Black-throated-Blue Warblers, and American Redstarts seen in the Florida panhandle and Alabama. “Warblers are still arriving. After the second storm system I mentioned last week moved out, the improving weather allowed for an influx of Ash-throated Fylcatchers, Yellow Warblers, and Bullock’s Orioles in central and northern California. We used this as an excuse to reach out to some local bird experts for their thoughts. Take a deep dive into this new tool with us. It shows that Henslow's Sparrows have not adapted to urban environments. You will receive notification of our events and articles of interest. 96% Upvoted. Veery's breeding range extends west to the Rockies, but the entire species moves eastward in the Fall and then makes the jump to the Yucatan and South America. From St Andrews No 287, SK: Craig noted, “first pair [Barn Swallows] this year checking out their new shelters.” (05/17/2020). This is the highest number we’ve ever had at 1 time.” (05/09/2020). In late October, after they have completely departed their breeding grounds and before they have arrived on their wintering grounds, the map is entirely blank!”. Please add cas@chicagoaudubon.org to your contacts to let your email provider know we are not spam. © 1997 – 2020 Journey North. Even though Tropical Storm Arthur will be weakening, its effects will still be felt for another few days. Are they emerging from hibernation??! It goes to show just how important Chicago area wetlands seem to be for marsh birds like Sora at the population level, especially during migration - and how greatly wetland restoration here can benefit species that really depend on high quality wetlands for stopover habitat as well as breeding areas.