Its something one would expect her to say but still. I used to be late for recaps but this time I'm too early! “You were only my mother for seven years and three months!” Insurance money isn’t going to cut it. Seriously, you guys at dramabeans provide the best and most thorough and thoughtful recaps that I have been able to compare. If they weren’t loved, they could get sent back like Dong-baek had been. Goodness. But thankfully DB came to discover these insecure thoughts that was sprouting more in Pilgu’s head. I had at times my issues with DB's characterization, but now looking back I can apreciate that this was always a drama about flawed, ordinary people who each had their own lessons to learn in order to grow. Yong-shik takes the glasses with him when he leaves. My heart can't take kang haneul's sad and teary puppy eyes :(((((, Nooo!!! Jung-sook is floored when Dong-baek shares she dumped Yong-shik. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Awards & Events. Yong-shik tells him, despite making Heung-shik look guilty and refusing to confess, Heung-shik still considers him a father. There’s no way she’s unlucky enough to have the disease. News of Jessica’s previous marriage is splashed all over the internet, even overtaking the Joker news. (Sidenote: why is her motel room lit like a noraebang?) window.fbAsyncInit = function() { - Hyang-mi for having a mother who works in a bar She finds Yong-shik and Chief Byun outside looking somber. Heartless mothers both selfish and dogmatic. Her mom is talking some sense into her. Jung-sook still staunchly refuses Dong-baek’s kidney. In the present, Dong-baek cries that Hyang-mi should’ve taken off with the money and lived happily. But Jung-sook was horrified to learn the disease was hereditary with a fifty percent chance of inheritance. For the sake of their daughter, he’ll take care of things. - DB’s mom for being poor He assured her he’d wait for Dong-baek even if she tries to break up with him. Just look at how much Pil-gu has given up because he feels responsible for his mother’s happiness. She started working at a bar and entertained men while they drank. I was sure the impending death of Jung-sook would make her get together with Yong-shik again but I had hoped that she would take matters into her own hands for once. I don’t know if it was show’s purpose but it has in general been very good about displaying issues that Korean women face on the daily. But she never had a chance to learn to do this. Jung-sook approached the woman, asking why she sent back the first child. I am can not remember her name or where I have seen her. Drama: When the Camellia Blooms (English & literal title) Revised romanization: Dongbaekkkot Pil Mooryeob Hangul: 동백꽃 필 무렵 Director: Cha Young-Hoon, Kang Min-Kyung Writer: Im Sang-Choon Network: KBS2 Episodes: 40 Release Date: September 18 - November 21, 2019 Runtime: Weds. They smiled as they held hands. After hearing Jung-sook could die if she keeps missing dialysis appointments, Dong-baek confronts her mom. However, that doesn’t mean you just go, “Oh well. They narrate that unlike TV breakups, life goes on and you can’t just wallow in sadness. Dong-baek nods. }); Great great episode and amazing acting from both Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Jung-eun in particular. Also on your question “So what was the point of that time jump last week if we were going right back where we started?”, That scene to me was definitely more like a teaser at the end of Episode 36. Pilgu was delighted when his mom came to Seoul to take him home, because once she corrected him, he knew he was still his mom’s number one. or It's so nice that they dedicated this episode to Jung-sook. The details of the Joker’s crimes come to light and it’s… underwhelming. (So, his defense is… tinnitus?) It’s baffling to me that Dong-baek never sat down with Pil-gu and discussed her relationship with Yong-shik and what it could mean for their family. Jung-sook comments he seems excited to be home and tries to convince Dong-baek to go out and have fun with Yong-shik—she’ll watch Pil-gu. I had hoped the Joker’s motivations would at least prove interesting, but they went the generic they-disrespected-me route. Jung-sook argues she has the right to die. But he’ll retire if they refuse. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 DB grew up feeling that she wasn't important to the adults in her life, that she was expendable. or And they know very well how to hold back important information just to make one instantly change their mind :(, (And then puppy haneul at the end..not sure if I forgot something -.-). Oh this episode!! Inside the room, Yong-shik insists the cameras be turned off. Yong-shik can’t shake the feeling something is off. Seok-yong answers she kept annoying him. Jung-sook thought, then, that she’d made the right choice and even met with the woman to thank her. Jung-sook had bought her a meal and told her to say she was seven and wanted to go to school next year. In a surprising show of sensitivity, Jong-ryeol agrees and says he already knew, so she doesn’t need to feel bad. Before leaving the orphanage, Dong-baek had asked if people who can’t ride taxis can ride airplanes. To Jung-sook’s annoyance, Dong-baek tags along to the hospital and nags her about the transplant. He goes to visit Heung-shik who tells him he’s leaving Ongsan. When they’re alone, he tells Seok-yong that Heung-shik is leaving Ongsan. Seok-yong had expected Dong-baek to make the delivery but got Hyang-mi instead. Now that he’s confessed, Yong-shik tells Seok-yong he’ll make sure he’s punished for everything. If you want him to be okay with you dating, you need to include him and make him feel safe with this new person in your lives. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, She started working as a cook in a nightclub, but it broke her heart to hear Dong-baek refer to the men who frequented as “oppa.”.