As time has passed both Vegeta and Goku have become more alike, but there is certainly a case to be made for why Vegeta has come out ahead as a nicer guy and a better hero now. Goku has always been motivated to become stronger whenever his friends' (or any other person's) lives were at stake (Example: Goku goes SSJ when Krillin dies). Let's not forget that Vegeta killed (or at least, forced to regenerate) Fat Buu. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber makes that happen. No one can call Goku's morals into question, but that's actually not an aspect of his life that he had a lot of control over at first. Arrogance ends up being Vegeta’s real downfall in the Saiyan arc. Here there is simply no data for comparison, except to say that Vegeta fought (and presumably gained power) while Goku lied in bed recovering. Vegeta gets one of his best moments in Dragon Ball during Battle of Gods. The Cell saga offered another big breakthrough when he even apologized to Gohan for not being able to stop Cell. It’s not often, nor is it ever permanent, but Dragon Ball has given the Prince of All Saiyans his due respect more than once. By the events of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta learned his lesson. Goku was perplexed by this, saying it’s not like Vegeta was the one who had to go through it, so why should it bother him. After Future Trunks warns Goku of the Android attack, everyone goes their separate ways to train. Just a few main points here, since there's an issue with the cannonity of this series. Yamu and Spopovich were given far, far greater strength. Instead, he uses it as motivation to train with Whis and start mastering God Ki. He also gained a Zenkai after recovering from when Captain Ginyu stole his body. If it isn't Goku saving the day, it's his son(s). He explicitly says "you were born with so much natural talent that no matter how much I trained, you were always a step above me" or something like that. Once again, Vegeta loses focus and his pride becomes a weakness when he sees just how strong Cell has become by absorbing the last android. During the Frieza saga, Vegeta was able to gain multiple Zenkais due to battles against Zarbon, Recoome etc. [[Category:{{{1}}}|Why is goku stronger than vegeta?]]. However, thinking about it, the Super Saiyan 3 form has never really accomplished anything. If Vegeta got anything from Babidi, it was simply this: An excuse. Goku reached super saiyan 3 before Vegeta did. ’s Vegeta isn’t ready to let the rivalry go quite yet. Despite how romanticized it is by the greater fan base, Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is a rather one-sided affair– even in Dragon Ball Z.It’s true that Vegeta starts out stronger than Goku, but the Saiyan arc makes it very clear that the Elite Saiyan is playing with fire. Perhaps, by saying he was only using a small fraction of his true power, he meant he was putting the rest into defense, which goes back to the previous point about turtling. Yet another case of Goku's repitoire of techniques tipping the scales in his favour. has given the Prince of All Saiyans his due respect more than once. I guess this should explain why Goku is stronger than Vegeta. Even one attack should have killed him. Only the enraged, Supersaiyan 2 Gohan (who "did it right" for the first time) was stronger than Perfect Cell. So here goes: Vegeta's stronger. While casting the spell on vegeta babidi did say something about Restoring your power to the way it was before you decided to resist your dark nature . Frieza did increase his power to fight Goku, but the question is, how much? Frieza had the added advantage of having known Vegeta from a child. While Vegeta wasn't a match for Frieza at this stage, the reason should be considered. But by the end of the series they are equal from their base forms through Super Saiyan 2. One of the biggest reasons Goku turned out decent was he developed amnesia upon arriving on Earth, so he forgot the killer instinct he naturally would have had. Or what about when Vegeta unveils his Super Vegeta transformation? It can be assumed that Goku was able to gain a Zenkai or two while training under the gravity. Goku had just watched Frieza kill Vegeta and Krillin, and knew what an evil tyrant he was, but was still naive enough to believe someone that bad could change. But one of the most intriguing things about Dragon Ball Z was watching Vegeta evolve and shake loose from his arrogance. (heh). 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Proper motivation is key. When he was sent to Earth, he was set to grow into a conqueror who would take over the planet. Not until he achieved Supersaiyan. Other characters falter and fall because they plainly get beat up. He got an excuse to be evil. That wasn't what happened in the Vegeta/Goku fight, proving that this was not an exponential increase. Despite Goku getting along better with most people, he’s really just as addicted to getting stronger as Vegeta. The most significant point to consider here is Vegeta's intense training at 300x gravity, while Goku is forced to waste time on trying to obtain his driver's license.