Perfect consistency and very good colour saturation. All surfaces will need to be correctly prepared before using with oil colour to ensure the paint grips to the surface, as well as avoid any risk of the oil base of the paint seeping through the surface. Haven't checked any quality difference yet. great although it would be helpful if the description stated whether each colour was transparent or opaque, Everything alright with the packaging, product came secure and in good quality. Good paint, good variety of colours. Order through our standard Click & Collect service or contact the store teams directly to shop the full in-store range.Please visit the store pages for more details. Great for learners and professionals alike. The quality of the paint is very good and a cheaper option. Jerry's Artarama has been proudly serving artists since 1968 with only the finest art materials & supplies. Kensington and Hampstead – available Monday – Sunday. Very good quality product for a very reasonable price. Oil colour is produced by the combination of a pigment with a natural oil binder, such as linseed, walnut and poppy oils. Nothing wrong with it. For the price, ***' paints are very good. The slow drying properties of oil colour means they are excellent for creating subtle blends, affording the artist smooth transitions in their painting. The quality is really good and I recomend that paint to anyone who wants to create both professional artists and beginners, just go for it! Mixes better than the water mixable oils with water! We use cookies to deliver a brilliant shopping experience. I would recommend to this brand for beginners and intermediates; great quality, affordable, with nice pigmented tones. Oil Colour painting requires the brush to have stiff bristles, with enough resilience to control and manipulate the colour. I like the paint , it’s vibrant colours & quality. They are priced well for the amount of pigment and also make a great choice if you need a high volume of color. The coarse hair used for hog brushes is firm and springy, and lends the brush the strength it needs to manage the weight and thickness of oil paint. An artist quality could go over if a richer depth of colour is required but I am perfectly happy with what I have used. This oil colour is good quality and mixes well. I have recommended your paints & service to members of that group.. Good product. Site Map Privacy Policy About Jerry's Website Features. I use it for my oil paintings, the artists quality ones are of better quality, would recommend to people of higher painting skill. or  Brushes for Priming, Varnishing & Gilding. Retired art student. I can’t afford the more expensive oils and have always used these paints lovely colours and yummy consistency. I have to say that I am pleased with the quality of the colours and the coverage. Designed to closely resemble the spectrum of natural oil colour pigments, “Hue” oil colour offers a quality, affordable alternative. For the price, these colors exhibit a good creamy consistency and provide permanent…. I always buy Black & White in 200ml tubes as I use these colours a lot. JOANN’s has a huge selection of oil paint colors online. Winsor and newton always deliver quality products no matter where you are you can always count on them. Excellent quality. while still using artist *** while I can. ", "I am a constant customer and "recommender". *** is a good quality, well priced oil paint and is suitable for artists of all levels. For oil painting use.I use this. Out of Stock . Much depends on how the artist prefers to work, and the effects they wish to create. Highly recommend product to everyone who uses artist oul paints. High quality paint, although still very expensive. loyalty points. ", "I draw, paint, sculpt & carve. Can be extended with medium, good for thin washes, wet into wet and impasto paintingand is good value for money when bought in this quantity. Excellent product. don't use oils but you made it so difficult for me to get the Acrylic type as I couldn't fill your too complicated system instead of sending a free and when the virus situation ends I would have sent it back refused, Really great quality and very opaque and nice to work with. all artists painting in oils. I am currently using it for an oil on canvas piece during a 12 week beginners art class. £10.95RRP: £21.00 Was: £12.95 £10.95From £10.95. This was mainly getting something for a good price. First time oil painting. Oil colour dries slowly, offering artists flexibility and time to make modifications. Created by Winsor & Newton, leading British colour-makers for over 180 years, it has been formulated to produce excellent results across the colour spectrum, with high permanence and lightfastness and good covering power and tinting strength. Amazing quality and consistency and very vibrant colours, Haven’t tried this one yet but looks amazing. I like the pigmentation. Video Playlist: Winsor & Newton Winton Oils, One of the five Winsor & Newton oil colour ranges, Winton Oil Colour offers quality at an affordable price. I use oils for personal hobby, friends also , very pleased with product !! 5 In Stock . Pinterest. As described, and at a great price which couldn't be matched. Collect+ Free on orders over £50 From your choice of 7,000 Collect+ points across the UK. I think the Winton oils are good quality and well priced. Fine tube of paint. Created by Winsor & Newton, leading British colour-makers for over 180 years, it has been formulated to produce excellent results across the colour spectrum, with high permanence and lightfastness and good covering power and tinting strength. I paint at a couple of art clubs & produce typical landscape paintings. Oil painting on canvas and of a decent quality. At first I didn't think Winton colours would be as good as the Artist quality but I have been using them for alla prima technique and they are absolutely wonderful. I use this for my oil painting, very pleased with it and would recommend! Winsor & Newton provide further information on Understanding The Drying Times For Oil Colour.There are a number of ways that the drying times of oil colours may be altered. High quality product. You can ensure that your surface is safe to use with oil paint is by priming it beforehand with gesso. I am a happy, returning customer! High-quality paint. Excellent grade of oil paint for decorative painting. I also buy the very large tubes, good value and last for a while. All colors become touch-dry in thin films within 2 … Brushes occasionally shed hairs, which is irritating. Just the colours i was looking for and they are same as showing on the screen . Cotton or Linen canvas is ideal for studio work, whereas a Canvas Board or Canvas Pad may be more suitable when working outdoors. I buy this product not first time and for my artworks it suits really well. However, every pigment reacts differently when mixed with oil, resulting in varying drying times. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. all artists painting in oils. Winton Oil Colours are known for how mixable they are, and they're a nice introduction to oils if you are switching from acrylics. *** is a little darker than displayed on the internet, that’s it. Cancel, Call us on 01303 290 550 First class product from a Well known company. Great website to find for my painting needs. ", "Jerry's makes my love for painting possible.,, Winsor & Newton Professional Art Supplies at Cass Art/Sale, Winsor & Newton Professional Art Supplies at Cass Art/Oil Colour, Winsor & Newton Professional Art Supplies at Cass Art/Winton Oil Paint, Winsor & Newton Professional Art Supplies at Cass Art/Winsor & Newton Save up to 75% off RRP, Winsor & Newton Professional Art Supplies at Cass Art. great application and colour, ideal for all styles... colours and quality adequate for my purposes as a hobby artist.