Thankfully though, the rear footpegs aren’t very high, so you don’t sit too knees-up. Although I would never recommend anyone trying to go for reckless speeds in India at least, the R15 has higher top speeds than the RS200. Anda bisa mencoba dengan melakukan cek nomor plat, serta nomor rangka. Cipto Mangunkusumo No. Great Riding Quality , Excellent Bike and Powerful Performance for Rides, No words to say about this beast, Already you are all known about this bike, Very happy to rating this bike, I owned this bike before 1 year since i have no problem to notify, Milege low ,i am short rider so bike is over hieight and colr is dull and look is very beautiful and color is dull, Having a bike was a childhood dream for me. The clutch lever feel is light and positive, thanks to the slipper clutch, and the gearbox too is smooth and precise as expected of a Japanese unit. Especially on right hand U-turns, it’s rather difficult to open the throttle as your wrist is resting on the tank at full lock. The previous-gen R15 was a bit down on low-rev grunt. Why touring in a sports bike bro?points 1 Not much comfort to ride2. Yes u can go 500 kms around without discomfort by staying 30 minutes for every 100 to 120 Km On average i have a great experience go 1000 Km, height is below 5'9 - 5.5 its preferably otherwise it will be uncomfortable for long ride. Classic lines. Check On Road Price of R15 V3. Yamaha R15 V3 VVA 2019, SEPERTI BARU Km 3 Ribu,MUHSHI MOTOR. First of all its not about distance,its about time...i have ridden r15v3 for 6hrs with 5mts break for stretching every 2hrs...2hrs continues ride on r15v3 is doable if you Know how to sit on it, There are 2 types of speeds in the bike world1) speedometer speed2)gps speed (accurate n correct) if a bike shows its going 100kmphin gps speed it will be around 90kmph,this measure is the actual speed the error of speedometer increases with speedeg:for 10kmph the error will be 1kmph and for 100kmph it will be around 10kmphthis error is due to the fact speedometer uses bike's tire rotation to calculate speed and hence as rotation increases the small error will accumulate and will result in large difference in readingin gps the speed is directly calculated as distance traveled divided by time hence resulting in more accurate measure at all speeds#the speedometer speeds of almost all bikes are almost identical..if a rs 200 travels at 90kmph and shows 100kmph the same is happening with ns 200,r15v3,rc200, people don't mind gps speed and speedometer errors as all bikes have almost same magnitude of error#now to the fact "155 cc can go 160"let me just tell udon't compare cc with speed, especially in the case of Yamaha's 155cc vva enginethis engine combined with r15 v3' transmissioncan result in speeds over 155kmph( speedometer)or 135kmph+(gps)to be simple r15 v3 can do 160kmph on speedometer (140kmph on gps) in conditions where wind is not present or is inthe direction of the movement of the bikeif the wind is against you then the r15 v3 can only do around 140 on speedometer (120+on gps)just for funn...if you race against a bs4 pulsar rs 200 with a r15 v3 in the following conditions1) on a highway...the chances that you win are 50/50 because of wind 2)in a road surrounded by tall trees...the chance that you will win is 100%.. because wind won't be a problem and the rs200 will stop accelerating when it reaches 150kmph on its speedometerwhile R15 continues to accelerate till 160kmph on its speedometerHOPE YOU LIKED MY REALLY LONG ANSWERim just a bike addict , Wrong dude... R u joking 125 cc Normally r15 v3 orginal spped is 140 to148 balance is speedo.. Error not like error it is digital lu designed like that in 150cc segment this bike jas high speed, Speed depends on horse power and bore and stroke of engine...its all about designing and tuning the engine for sports use or track performance. Namun, dealer biasanya akan menawarkan perlindungan atau jaminan yang belum tentu bisa diberikan oleh perorangan.