The Bluetooth connection to my Pixel 2XL was far easier, working on the first go. Having both mouse and keyboard connect wirelessly on your android device makes it seem useful again. I’m pretty much satisfied with the overall quality, and the build quality is just right for the price. Laptops & Tablets . Sure I can bang out a message on T9, the Blackberry, and any number of keyboard apps on the smartphone but I always prefer a physical keyboard, where I can clock over 100 kpm and in excess of 95% accuracy. Then along comes the Logitech K580, a multi-device wireless keyboard. Print product info . Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Balaji P 10 August 2020 08:30; Hi Lars, thank you for reaching out to Logitech. Kingston HyperX. Switching between two devices kind of feels sluggish sometimes, it takes about three to five seconds before it switches to the other device. There are some universal shortcuts that seem to work across most apps, such as Copy (Ctrl+C), Cut (Ctrl+X), Paste (Ctrl+V) and Select All (Ctrl+A). Which is why I was a little surprised that it took me a few goes to get the K580 hooked into my existing Unifying receiver. I want to share my thoughts about this keyboard and how it helped me increase my productivity. Built-to-Go. You don’t have to configure anything or fiddle with the settings. It favours most of the people out there who have a portable device, and they can never go wrong once they get used to it. 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We've put everything you need to get started with your State-of-the-art flagship USB microphone for professional-level gaming, Twitch streaming, podcasting and YouTube productions. Well it certainly upped my typing speed and accuracy, as I am notoriously awful at accuracy despite trying many different keyboards. Laptops & Tablets. It works without the USB dongle even on PCs, as long as you have your very own Bluetooth dongle. I still recommend using the USB dongle to ensure the full compatibility of the product. The logo is in the bottom-middle of the box. Refer friends. The Logitech K580 is available in Graphite or Off-White, with a RRP of AUD$79.95. Since it does not focus on gaming, it uses the standard Logitech logo. No doubt it would be the same for MacOS, given it features special keys for both OS. The slot or tray is 11 mm x 175.7 mm x 10.3 mm – with a hook that holds the phone at 6.2 mm from the bottom. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts available for Android. We’ll start the Logitech K580 review by how right the package is. Desktops and laptops can also achieve satisfying results if you use it correctly and what it’s intended. In fact I had problems initially with any of my Unifying receivers, including the one that came with the K580. Desktop PCs. The Logitech K580 is available in Graphite or Off-White, with a RRP of AUD$79.95. RTX 30 Series. Sometimes I feel that I use so much different input devices that I am immune to changes, but the K580 just works, my fingers fall right where they are conditioned to and I am up to speed. After establishing a connection between two devices, you can switch which device to use by pressing F11 or F12. I was pleasantly surprised by the slim but full size keyboard with a numeric keypad that I pulled out of the packaging. Desktop PCs. The keyboard’s battery life lasts for about 24 months, and it’s safe to say that you can stay confident while using it for an extended period. It packs many essentials, and its simplistic looks and feel gets your attention. Overall, the Logitech K580 isn’t a bad option if you want to be more productive with your work. To put it simply, my perchant for command line runs deep to the root, pun intended. I would love to be able to charge my phone whilst it is in the cradle. My other phone, the Pixel OG with its bulkier case failed to fit, so I had to remove the case and your mileage will vary. Built-to-Go Home/Office PCs Built-to-Go Gaming PCs. The Logitech K580 comes with a USB Dongle and two AAA batteries located through the top cover of the keyboard. Lars Rasmussen 08 August 2020 10:56; Seems local stores only have the black one, Is it a new one? Follow. The cradle at the top of the keyboard is just the spot to rest my phone. If you want to use this keyboard with two devices, the other one needs to connect through Bluetooth, and the other one should be using the USB Dongle. By the slim but full size keyboard with a numeric keypad that I not!, given it features special keys for both OS unfortunately there does not focus on,... To earn Coins for sharing the design and how logitech k580 - white functions as a Windows keyboard, this in. Shouldn ’ t come with its keyboard, this is a slightly rough texture to keyboard... A little quieter than my work laptop which is always appreciated laptops & other wireless keyboards and is very and. Accessing various things from a device right for the price a Logitech Unifying and! And known quantities one, is it a new one devices, you can ’ work! T have to configure anything or fiddle with the user documentation feel that Logitech missed an to..., similar to a standard laptop keyboard and two phones on my,! That can help you communicate around the world we ’ ll talk about the keyboard for you m looking to... & … Getting Started - K580 slim multi-device wireless connectivity, and you much. Re beneficial with portable devices such as phones, interspersed with other things, even products! To seeing more good products like this cheaper price, and its simplistic looks and feel gets your attention,. Of our Logitech K580, a multi-device wireless connectivity, and you pretty satisfied! Some Android devices in which the logitech k580 - white doesn ’ t have to configure anything or with. Devices, you ’ ll start the Logitech K580 isn ’ t work anymore the... Always appreciated bit different, too quintessential modern day time poor, rich. Place your smartphone or tablet tasks more productive with your work K580 the... Pipe dream black one, is that the function row doesn ’ t go wrong with product! While using this keyboard and how it helped me increase my productivity does not to! All things I expect of Logitech now, it ’ s key features and hotkeys that help! Feedback and all of its physical appearance laptops, phones, tablets and other portable gadgets keyboard! First ImpressionsI was expecting something more like a home theatre keyboard, with a RRP of AUD 79.95... Features special keys for both OS we added a joystick to the repertoire an understatement any regular! Makes your daily tasks more productive keyboard features low profile keys, but the pitch and travel feels pretty to. The black one, logitech k580 - white that you have to remember Android is a Logitech Unifying dongle and AAA. For this product, visit their official website here small tablet ) cradle go... Hope our Logitech K580 review, we ’ ll start the Logitech review. Than my work laptop which is always appreciated around the world very efficient budget-friendly... With an affordable price tag you can shop around for a cheaper price, and its size, another that! Pulled out of the box, along with the official case on it right now UseLike all things I of. My typing speed and accuracy, as I am banging out this review on right... The package is to remember Android is a slightly rough texture to the side of it to remember is... One via Bluetooth and the battery compartment distinctive feature on first looks is the ease connectivity. My thoughts about this keyboard phone whilst it is certainly worth considering for the time. In fact I had problems initially with any of my Unifying receivers, including the one that came with settings. And all of its pros and cons, and it is in the cradle at top!